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6/15/2020GreenThumbsMatter - Dace : )
6/15/2020Thank you for getting rid of the racist people.
6/15/2020Oh you got a warning from your payment processors, right ?
6/15/2020Thanks Trinity. The last few weeks, I've felt awful reading endless pages of racist rants. The last time I left the site, about 4 years ago, was due to a massive influx of racism. I came back
6/15/2020Racism is a hard subject.
6/15/2020Clean it up Trin!
6/14/2020Green from darkness
6/14/2020Bans people for no legitimate reason. Unethical practice here. DeplorableOldMan
6/13/2020Indeed! well put
6/13/2020Lots of REACTIIONARY MIND in the civil war thread... KAN DAEK
6/13/2020BLM is coming for the telescope. rofl
6/12/2020TRINITY- WHY WAS I BANNED? Help out. BlackOak GreySky
6/12/2020Because it is absolutely 100% the truth.
6/12/2020Green for your posts from Goneviral
6/12/2020Green to the Boss!!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
6/6/2020Can always spot a racist when the start a converstion with "I'm not racist but"...
6/6/2020Sometimes you just need a hug! - We Who Watch.
6/6/2020Spot on!
6/4/2020YEP,Democracy is mob rule
6/4/2020Another green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe to congratulate you for the great job of keeping GLP running.
6/2/2020Right back at you. For working to divide your own forum. I know exactly what you're trying to do New Guy.
6/2/2020Thanks for still being here man!
6/2/2020Police Poll. MARsSPEED
6/2/2020Well said (06/02/2020 09:05 AM)
6/1/2020With paintballs you moron
6/1/2020I love GLP. Thank you! <3
6/1/2020It's all a giant mind fuck designed to get you to do what they want you to do, voluntarily.
6/1/2020Thank you for shields up
6/1/2020Stay safe! eekers
6/1/2020Well boss time I send green.. been on GLP since late 90s. xx.
6/1/2020Your mods are out of control. Ho Lee Fukk had one of my post deleted and me banned in 60 seconds.. We can't say jack shit around here anymore.. Fire every single mod you have and get unbiased one
5/31/2020No, communist democrats stsrted the insurrection
5/31/2020Too many times banned for saying trump is part of the problem, not rude, don't troll but not allowed to call trump a 2 faced liar you have lost control of GLP your mods are controlling the narrat
5/31/2020Thank you no violence
5/31/2020The one
5/31/2020Good Good
5/31/2020Good idea to lock down.
5/31/2020You're absolutely right.
5/31/2020Good idea!!!!
5/31/2020Hugs and prayers.... Da fuck is wrong with the GLP Effect?!?! - clevercreator
5/29/2020Love this post.
5/28/2020DeploraVision Green beyond Light Speed [**]D CHEERS -DV
5/27/2020Hope you are staying safe and happy. Hawk-03
5/27/2020Your Florida Dashboard thread, they sre trying to make people think its over when its just beginning. Hugs! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
5/22/2020Working for truth. pool
5/22/2020You're the dumb fuck DEFENDING a criminal, you wise up
5/19/2020A green to counter the reds the haters give you. Hugs! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
5/19/2020Squad Green - Shawski
5/18/2020Monday green - enemabandit
5/16/2020See you at the JukeBox BAR my friend :thumbs: [**]D CHEERS -DV
5/15/2020You're welcome. Thank you. To think of it, the grass is greener under GLP's skin.
5/13/2020I'M leaving you this red, to see if you'll be man enough to upgrade my account for doing so... Covid19
5/11/2020Green from Red Hot Chilean Pepe! Hugs!!!
5/9/2020Big hug from SoulWinner
5/9/2020"Above all, keep your allegiance to God." Best advice ever - Bobby P
5/8/2020Green for your fantastic Web site. Thank-you….CUB
5/8/2020Always great polls, Trin. Adytum
5/6/2020Thanks man <3
5/6/2020How has rehab been after you went doomtard harder than anyone else on GLP? Did you already smoke all your tomato plants?
5/5/2020For saving someones life by not giving medical advice...NICE JOB!!!! - 1guynAz
5/4/2020Hail to the man!!! Hugs. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
5/3/2020For your medical advice thread.
5/3/2020Thanks for you're medical Opinion! lol Paranoiaaaaa
5/2/2020Many blessings to you. Happy in Nature
5/2/2020Saturday green - enemabandit
5/2/2020Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/2/2020F*cking moron
5/2/2020Now that's truth spoken.
5/2/2020Green from Goneviral for your posts
4/28/2020Healing Elixer Green! Hawj-03
4/26/2020Sunday Green! God Bless ~ Cartel
4/26/2020You have truly jumped the shark
4/26/2020I think we entered a time of chronic doom, not subsiding anytime soon, yet not definitive enough. The water feels very warm, but most frogs will get used to it. We already jumped out tho. Hugs. Red Ho
4/25/2020Stay safe homie! eekers
4/25/2020Thanks for everything you do bro JakeFromStateFarm
4/25/2020Saturday green - enemabandit
4/24/2020Trinity. Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Your Democrat shilling is fucking disgusting. You piece of shit
4/24/2020Point valid
4/24/2020Oh shit you're funny. pool
4/21/2020Do not touch oil right now. just my opinion.
4/19/2020Run the site, don’t give your opinion
4/18/2020Todays thread.. the Pattern KAN DAEK
4/18/2020Thanks for mega pinning the CFR thread. It makes the chimps go nuts but is very important information. Hugs!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
4/18/2020Wishing you helath and happiness. Hawk-03
4/17/2020Squad green from Shawski before im banned again - 0000007
4/15/2020Wednesdy green - enemabandit
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