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4/30/2012Fuckin obam bammer
4/30/2012Karma bump
4/30/2012Seems like a cool person
4/29/2012Trinity, I had a problem with my karma, can you check my msg, thanks!
4/29/2012Not that you NEED more Karma, but thanks for keeping GLP up and running. from Eggcellent
4/28/2012Thx for the telescope boss :) RT
4/28/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/28/2012For making the observatory work so that we all can appreciate the universe. Thanks!- starrynytes
4/28/2012<3 you :) This is why I donate to upgrade my membership. Not just to keep this site up and running, but to keep that observatory up and running. You and all of the group who have made that obser
4/28/2012Have a good week. :) 28m
4/27/2012Green from lost in alaska
4/26/2012Is GLP another Lookout Mountain Studios??
4/26/2012Earth420 :)
4/25/2012Thanks for the sun cam!! Joker
4/25/2012FOR GLP MAN!!! :clappa:'s
4/24/2012Thanks for GLP
4/24/2012Brobdingnagian awesomeness! 2342
4/23/2012You and the mods derserve better karma ar15-nut
4/23/2012GLP Observa-karma
4/22/2012For making GLP possible - RoXY
4/20/2012Thx for upgrades/new features.
4/20/2012Awesome observatory!
4/19/2012For the pretty views WindyMind
4/18/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
4/15/2012Christos Anesti !
4/15/2012Green For GLP
4/14/2012I Guess Its About Time I Give You One... WatchmenOnTheWall
4/14/2012Looks brilliant the software. Well done. :D
4/14/2012Glp Obsevatory News
4/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
4/10/2012Karma bump! ~~CF~~
4/9/2012If anyone here likes to get the racial tension rolling, its you.
4/9/2012Black Panther
4/9/2012Just for you
4/8/2012Love GLP
4/8/2012Great BP post Trin. Love your site and love you!!--from So not a Princess
4/8/20124 everGreen - EleKtroN - was here :)
4/5/2012Karma sir... thanks for all you do...
4/4/2012The electric chair was invented by a dentist - RoXY
4/4/2012Nice dude
3/31/2012MegaCombat !!!!
3/30/2012You are the Best, God always with you brother. Bronx NY.
3/30/2012Fellow cracker TDJ
3/30/2012TRUTH- Sleeping Giant
3/30/2012Race Baiting is happening on the National Level now --- DRAGOON
3/30/2012Great post trinity. here is some good karma for you today! ndcstl
3/30/2012For telling the Truth Dmorg4
3/30/2012Go Glp:)
3/28/2012Much thanks for pins and support - DoorBert
3/28/2012Green colossus karma from xen
3/27/2012Karma bump!
3/26/2012Sweet Obsevatory shots cant wait to see more, looks great, Haarp-acane
3/26/2012God bless the moon and TRIN-I-TY xoxo
3/26/2012The GLP Obervatory is great for everyone, thank you for the opportunity
3/26/2012Nice work there on the view of the sun Trin!....saved
3/26/2012The boss should always have full karma
3/25/2012I want to have your babies
3/25/2012Brilliant suggestion for ttowngirl - you are the master
3/25/2012For pinning ttowngirl's racist ghetto thread just so she'd get fucking pummled. You're twisted in a pretty awesome way Trinity. Nickadeemus®
3/25/2012Love to you too :)!!!! Thank You.
3/20/2012Nice joke !
3/19/2012Thanks Trinity!~Luna
3/19/2012Hens man.. get hens! heh ;) -LG
3/19/2012Green to you from lost in alaska
3/19/2012Best Website Ever!
3/19/2012Good thread and no I'm not ready no one is!!!
3/19/2012Good thread to get people thinking!---garymule
3/18/2012You are Master over the Words you didn't Speak, & a Slave of the Things you've Said - RoXY
3/17/2012Karma bump!
3/16/2012Love ya Trin ! ~ Juju
3/14/2012Trinity is the King of GLP!
3/14/2012Render unto Ceasar
3/13/20124 ever Green - EleKtroN - was here. :)
3/11/2012Green for all you do from lost in alaaska
3/7/2012The future is already realized and in transformation under the influence of our observations and intentions - RoXY
3/3/2012Thanks for answering my question about re-registering with a different security code on my credit card. Please keep looking into the AB/Arpaio thing. from Eggcellent
3/1/2012In the field goods are called leverage. Let's hope the people get some. - LilacFrost
2/25/2012Greek Room. :)
2/25/2012Only when contact is imminent, there will be disclosure... - RoXY
2/20/2012For all your efforts making GLP great - DoorBert
2/18/2012I love you.
2/18/2012Green for all you do here from lost in alaska
2/16/2012Thank You for keeping GLP in the air - RoXY
2/16/2012Pepper Spray thread. rofl. -Osirus
2/15/2012Love from Greece. :)
2/14/2012Good job
2/14/2012Hi Trin, you have banned me before, but this karma you have earned!! If Master Sergio was here (or I knew who he was) I would give him one too!!! - DDan2
2/14/2012For having your own observatory - Monsoned
2/14/2012Great job Trinity!!
2/14/2012Remote Control Software - epic!
2/14/2012Scope Karma! Way to go ~ and thank you for inspiring so many to get out there & go for it!!
2/13/2012Best website ever! Have a great week!
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