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2/5/2012Madonna rocked the dome! :)
2/5/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
2/4/2012Love you Trin!! ~ Jujubees
2/4/2012You are always "evident" and a terrific owner/mod of this sie, thats why I come here and like to contribute, if this site waS EVER TO BE LOST IT WOULD BE A MASSIVE LOSS TO HUMANITY...DO NOT
2/3/2012Thanks! Kate :)
2/3/2012For GLP! ClappaGuy
2/2/2012Awsome catch
2/2/2012Because you like sitting in close proximity to other men :P
2/2/2012I remember my first post here when you came to the rescue. Thanks trin.
2/2/2012Soliloquy said you're as tasty as the rainbow!
2/2/2012For helping make GLP great
2/2/2012Get 'em Trin! -m.davidpower
2/2/2012Good advice on about how to beat the ticket - from SuperPan
1/31/2012Because I can,,, keep the faith,,, hitndahedfred
1/31/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
1/30/2012I could agree with you more often, but than both of us would be wrong ;) - RoXY
1/30/2012Thanks for pins - DoorBert
1/28/2012Thx for all your work !!! glp rocks! IWTB76
1/27/2012Just because CP
1/26/2012Ty for GLP
1/25/2012For the GLP Observatory
1/25/2012For keeping the site running. - Voice
1/25/2012That was awesome, thank you Trinity
1/25/2012For telescope
1/24/2012From Uncle Mikey!
1/22/2012Buddy List Karma! ~Chip
1/21/2012Always Green LOVE from Santorini. :)
1/20/2012Green for you,, Cpl. Tunnel
1/20/2012For keeping tabs on von Helton!--Bluebird
1/20/2012Read my post on Page 22, of Dear F*ckin morons, it should be evident
1/20/2012Great mods love glp ar15nut
1/20/2012Get a job pal
1/20/2012Fuck you
1/20/2012For your way with words! (Cyber Crime post) hollyann
1/20/2012You really are disrespectful to ALL GLP'er's
1/20/2012Green thumb! ~~CF~~
1/20/2012Most people are retarded, what can ya do.
1/20/2012Lol good point - Lime
1/20/2012I saw more intelligence before
1/20/2012Cyber attack is good you moron
1/20/2012Thank you! Cybercrime is not a joke and should not be supported here.
1/18/2012This guy is is soooo messed up! Glad to see GLP's reaction!
1/18/2012Impressive telescope goings on, baba
1/18/2012Blackout, Great statement - Roxy
1/18/2012Cause you're awesome like that
1/17/2012I shall call my congressmen ! But romorrow, cause now i'm too lazy cause its late ... even tho I don't live in the USA
1/17/2012You always do the right thing!
1/14/2012Thanks for the update on the sun scopes! Love it!
1/14/2012Helping man kind.
1/14/2012Very cool thanks!
1/12/2012For my un ban....
1/12/2012Love from Santorini. :)
1/10/2012.-- . .-.. .-.. -.. --- -..
1/9/2012Wishing you a Lucky 2012 - RoXY
1/8/2012Karma for your diligence with this site.... even with frustrating people...lol Scar
1/8/2012Ows Love
1/7/2012You are a waste of life
1/7/2012Karma bump ~~CF~~
1/6/2012Nice vibes...:) wildhoney
1/6/2012For exposing that sick individual.
1/4/2012Thank you for great post.
1/4/2012'cause ur spacial.
1/3/2012Rp 2012
1/3/2012Well Said ma friend
1/3/2012Good for posting...People on GLP do not always agree with you but they want to hear what you have to say...Chas
1/3/2012Fox sux
1/3/2012Jus cause!``Bluebird~~
1/3/2012For recognizing the Ron Paul media non-coverage and disinformation.
1/3/2012Ron Paul 2012. In that we eye to eye. Fatalw1shes.
1/3/2012Glad to see you Super Pin Paul! Recondite Thaumaturge
1/2/2012A belated Merry Xmas and a HNY! Your Friend ~RT~
1/2/2012There is no spoon!
1/2/2012Best Wishes for a Happy, Healthy & BLESSED Holiday Season - Cassie :-)
12/31/2011Have a Happy New Year, from Santorini :)
12/30/2011Best wishes for good health and loads of happiness in 2012! -wnb
12/30/2011Happy New Year Karma Bump! ~~CF~~
12/30/2011Just because
12/28/2011I hope this doesnt get me banned. Trinity, what is your belief about Yahweh/Yahuah (God)? I saw your post about 'all being one'. No worries. :)
12/27/2011V :)
12/27/2011Happy New Year!
12/27/2011For the 'We are one vid' !! yey! Blessings
12/27/2011Good vid...happy holidays to you and your loved ones...chas
12/26/2011For your dislike of Newt,,,, way to go,,,,, hitndahedfred,,OH YEA<<< MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU AND YOURS !!
12/25/2011Happy Holidays xxx
12/25/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
12/25/2011Merry Christmas Hugs from Jane Smith
12/25/2011Merry Christmas - DoorBert
12/25/2011For bringing light to the world-ATONTRUTH
12/25/2011Merry Christmas!!!!
12/25/2011Merry Christmas to you ! ~RebeccaLove
12/25/2011Happy Holidays!
12/25/2011And a Happy New Year!
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