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11/7/2011For the awesome pics! ~BlueMind
11/7/2011Great job with glp telescope.
11/7/2011For using big words.
11/7/2011Great pics from the telescope.. wonderful job...My2centsworth
11/7/2011For hard work on getting 20" scope dialed in with Mut
11/6/20111 daddioooo
11/6/2011Karma bump :)
11/5/20111 ~^PropHeTic^~
11/5/2011Shit man, I gotta give you karma just because your effing Trinity. Nick®
11/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
11/4/2011For showin the anti scope tards whats up ,,,,hitndahedfred
11/4/2011Thank you!!!
11/3/2011For awakening the sheeple ~ yamaniac
11/3/2011Because your total was 666...kinda freaky man...lol... PaceMaker
10/31/2011I appreciate this site and how it's handled. Thank You!
10/31/2011Because i gave you a bad karma and had given myself a rule that i wouldn't give out bad karma. Peace.
10/31/2011Hahahaaaa....my thoughts exactly....enjoy....D​r. know..
10/31/2011You just got caught up in a drive-by Karma attack by Doommincus Maximus
10/31/2011Stupid occupy image.
10/31/2011Knows how shit on the internet works
10/30/2011There is a right way and a wrong way and you're seeing the right
10/30/2011Some green....Tango
10/30/2011For being an ass to me . Why place judgement on folks haveing a hard time .If more men would take care of there kids like me this would be a better place to live brother
10/30/2011Wrong! Jesus commands that we feed the poor. Read your Bible!
10/30/2011The world is full of em...
10/30/2011Obammer the bammy mamma
10/30/2011The bait n switch game
10/30/2011You're not an asshole for pointing out someone elses agenda. Even a blind man could see
10/30/2011Can smell your vagina from here
10/30/2011Jesus loves you! - Lisa:)
10/30/20111 for the Tea Party
10/29/2011Bashing Combat veterans, what keyboard a pussy.
10/29/2011Some pretty good god damn research skills!
10/28/2011Right on
10/28/2011Too cold
10/28/2011Most of the protestors are just normal people who are being screwed by the system, a war veteran was murdered by the police and you still blame the protestors, a war vet doesn't exactly fit with
10/28/2011Support from OM
10/28/2011OWS, you are telling people to get jobs and TPTB are shipping those over seas. You need a more balanced viewpoint.
10/28/2011Booo! Most of the people in the protest have the best interests of all of us at heart... only a few provocatuers are leading this. Keep this in mind.
10/28/2011Hahaha youre funny
10/28/2011It wouldnt be a protest if people just dispersed he was well within his rights to stand there harmlessly observing the chaos the police put him in harms way not his own free will
10/25/2011Glenn Beck back his shit with proof. He makes you think and see for yourself! Too many too blind to see! Thanks for the thread!
10/25/2011Yes yes yes keeping us updated!!!!
10/25/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/25/2011For the Glenn Beck videos thread - took balls to make this stand - WalkersEverywhere
10/25/2011For supporting Glenn Beck.. who exposes real History
10/24/2011I like u
10/24/2011Thanks for keeping us updated
10/24/20114 Making GLP Possible - RoXY
10/24/2011For your time and effort! great job
10/24/2011Awesome pics and telescope
10/24/2011Great work Boss!!!
10/24/2011For allowing the propagation of necrophilic sodomistic media. There should be no form of tolerance, no matter how real.
10/24/2011Thanks for keeping us up to date---on the 'TRUTH!"
10/24/2011Because i say so
10/24/2011Too cool
10/24/2011Good job Trin....Beautiful....​Dr. know.
10/24/2011Can't wait to see everything up there.
10/24/2011From Marax for the Meade Porn!!!!
10/24/201120" telescope awesomeness! Amazing pictures Trinity! I'm pretty excited! -SaveTheLivingEntitie​s
10/24/2011For not giving up on the scope.
10/24/2011Right on
10/24/2011Good stuff
10/23/2011Why not?
10/23/2011The man chooses God!!! Nothing more can be said! :-) jdb
10/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/23/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/23/2011Strangely, I am banned and yet I can still give out karma. Have some random green on me. Mr Snafu :-)
10/23/2011This is the picture of the week. Speaks volumes. Unreal but so accurate
10/23/2011We all know what's coming, we know how bad it will be. God will help us through it. Have faith in him and yourself. - momma coop
10/23/2011For all your OWC and Lybia posts. Great job! God bless you. me777
10/23/2011Libyan wall street poster, spot on....Tango
10/23/2011Deer and Racoon video..and thread.. just phenominal.. My2centsworth
10/23/2011Not truth.
10/23/2011Trolling again. fool
10/23/2011X-celent MODERATOR
10/23/2011You're 100% right!
10/23/2011Time is short - don not be fooled - agree - samanthasunflower
10/23/2011Just paying homage to the leader of the club and prolific poster!
10/23/2011Deer and racoon video
10/23/2011Seeing through the many layers of BS
10/23/2011Love from Earth420!
10/23/2011Hahaha! Great post... As Bryon Gysin once said: "Man, is a bad animal"
10/23/2011Eye Opener
10/23/2011Great post in the Mark Dice thread! :) TitianWaves
10/23/2011Good topic, many people simply do NOT deserve a life.
10/23/2011Cool firebird photo -jz
10/22/2011As a credit union depositor, I have read the dispatches from my CU and heartily agree with Trinity's conclusion
10/22/2011Love you, trin
10/22/2011Have a good weekend!
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