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10/22/2011Thanks for everything
10/22/2011Keep it locked down
10/21/2011Great idea!
10/21/2011For having the site on lock down mode, keep those scumbags outta here
10/21/2011Yes, lock down mode!!! Good idea!!! ....Danly
10/21/2011Keep out all the shills you can. We have to be more concerned about the future of this world then them.
10/21/2011Against ows
10/21/2011For locking out the punks!
10/21/2011For creating GLP
10/21/2011Greek Power :)
10/21/2011For all your work here IWTB
10/21/2011Good thing
10/21/2011For working on the scope!
10/21/2011For blocking the shills~Jane Smith
10/21/2011For gettin the telescope fixed - yamaniac
10/21/2011ABSOLUTELY AGREE with your post. This is very bad. Libya will never be the same.
10/20/2011Thanks 4 giving numnuts like myself a place to enjoy likeminds while kicked out of work,Jbomb
10/20/2011This is an extremely negative thread, devoid of even a vestige of humanity of civility.
10/19/2011Petty instigator!
10/19/2011Trinity, you and the OWS are two sides to the same coin.
10/19/2011Thanks for the OWS Lolz...
10/18/2011Please keep up the good work!-Rabid_Wolf
10/18/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/18/2011Can't think of many stuff worse than buying people's idealistic support
10/18/2011So no more aliens, no muslims, no asteroids, no sun flares,... now you found communists to be scared off LOL
10/17/2011For making OWS supporters butthurt
10/17/2011Your awesome trinity, fuck them scum bag, lazy fucks, communist wall street protesters.
10/17/2011Your the best (for deleting my emailadres in that post) - T-Man
10/17/2011You sound like the 1%
10/17/2011I know it doesn't mean much giving YOU karma, but here it is anyway
10/17/2011Occupy Wall Street Graphics / trample
10/17/20114 making GLP possible - RoXY
10/17/2011Piss off
10/17/2011Talking too much shit
10/16/2011You're kidding, right?
10/16/2011Statistacaly InSignificant Sorry dude. FAIL
10/16/2011Karma ,for repeating good innovative ideas.
10/16/2011You never worked for a bank or wall street institution have you? This has nothing to do with Communisim and all to do with Love, but they just have not figured that out yet.
10/16/2011Is against OWS...go eat fuck Trin
10/16/2011Go suck some more corporate dick
10/16/2011For being a coward (again) and deleteing my contrary posts..
10/16/2011Cool thread!!!!
10/16/2011Good information.
10/15/2011Down with these OWS commie bastards!
10/15/2011Talking like a true bankerelite
10/15/2011For your stand against porn ( and the commie fucks @ OWS) Rickster58
10/15/2011It ain't over 'til you sing
10/15/2011Extreme pomposity
10/15/2011Just because people have forgotten how to speak w/out fear anymore, and you give us some hope. :-)
10/15/2011Redistributing some karma wealth
10/14/2011Never thought I'd do this
10/14/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2011Great work on that footer!
10/13/2011Youre a funny bastard trin
10/13/2011Lol - occupy a job -- Borian
10/13/2011Occupy small !
10/13/2011You must be a closet Christian, or at least very perceptive - WalkersEverywhere
10/13/2011Lol love the footer
10/13/2011Poor fucking taste as usual.
10/13/2011Pushing your ideas
10/13/2011For having GLP video to save the evidence
10/13/2011Blessings! - Lisa:)
10/13/2011You're so right
10/12/2011Now you're just being stupid
10/12/2011Best idea ever!!!!
10/12/2011For "Dear protesters.... Occupy My Ball Sack...."
10/12/2011Super pin this
10/12/2011Paul lost my support for this and his stance on defense~Cheops
10/12/2011For truth NUTRAMAC
10/12/2011I come here for the latest underground news and now for two weeks this site has been a shitastrophy
10/12/2011For talking openly about your ball sack, which seems a little bit blatently vulgar, but gets the point across. Fiery Sky
10/12/2011Nasty language...grow up!
10/12/2011Occupy My Ball Sack? LOL AWESOME!
10/12/2011You Mad ??? Lol
10/12/2011Fuck The Occubaggers
10/12/2011Great find.
10/10/2011Felony indeed
10/9/2011Wtf spamming come on man power abuse bs smfh
10/9/2011Great job you are doing Trin.... Tango
10/9/2011"there is always fresh doom on glp"..couldn't agree more!! *aiyanna
10/9/2011Very good point
10/9/2011Too obsessed with communism perhaps you need a good exorcist
10/9/2011Thanks for the site, Trinity. Thank You for not letting the obvious trolls on the Protester Poll stop you from standing your ground. ~Jane Smith
10/9/2011For the Subversion lecture! Thanks!!
10/9/2011Calling people communist fucks.. Seriously, I think you could me more respectful no matter how much you disagree
10/9/2011You deserve it!
10/9/2011Thanks for starting the discussion +1
10/9/2011I appreciate how you are helping to expose the occupy w.s. deceptions.
10/9/2011Good thread on subversion
10/8/2011Great post Trin - you nailed the essence of the underlying issue of Occupy X - DoorBert
10/8/2011From Apollo Illuminaughty. Thanks for a Great Site !
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