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10/8/2011For having such a good website for us; thank you very much Trinity! GLP Angel
10/8/2011Professional proxy trolling. Assclown
10/8/2011For making GLP possible - RoXY
10/8/2011For making this forum possible
10/8/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/7/2011Good poll
10/7/2011Thanks for this site, truly the best on the net!
10/7/2011For being so ON TOP OF IT and giving wonderful info...TY ..good job!
10/7/2011Your the one starting to look like a shill around here with your comments about Governor Ventura. Get informed.
10/7/2011Ass clown
10/6/2011Smoke more crack
10/6/2011Obama Just Admitted He Sides With The Protestors & They Are Going To Take The Country By Force! EPIC!
10/6/2011For trying to make them see how fucking stupid these protestors are.
10/6/2011Good post trin
10/6/2011For Obama siding with WS protesters thread. Thank you for posting! me777
10/6/2011Horrible advise to back down
10/6/2011Best thing u could do is just ignore the freakin' protests. Ranting is feeding it.
10/6/2011For being an idiot and not commenting on the article but ranting about pointless political banter.
10/6/2011It seems as if you
10/6/2011I love the focus. pool.
10/6/2011Well Said !!!!
10/6/2011Cowardice in the face of the enemy...
10/6/2011Dont protest because you'll ruin your chances in the future? Who the fuck are you?-Semantics
10/6/2011Because rioting is no way for civilized people to solve problems
10/6/2011Think~!! I like
10/6/2011Best description i've heard on Capitalism. Thanks for letting me be apart of GLP!
10/6/2011100% agree re: occupywallstreet
10/6/2011Deluded in left right
10/5/2011Great stuff lately. TG4T
10/5/2011Thanks for glp
10/5/2011Do not like when people that actually try to do something get bashed by a keyboard hero that doing nothing.
10/5/2011Right wing shill
10/5/2011You are so right on about the protestors. Seen this happen many times over many years. Mahala
10/5/2011Because you are you
10/4/2011Glp +1
10/4/2011The system they want would be far worse!! I soo agree with that!!
10/4/2011Support ows!
10/4/2011LOL @ your own thread being MEGAPINNED and recieving 3 karma's. LOL SAD
10/4/2011Thamks for post The End of America
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
10/4/2011Supporting The rule of Law, even in desent(sp) we must have order
10/4/2011Because you understand, so few do.
10/4/2011Great share.
10/3/20111 for seeing the psyops of the "revolution". They are trying so hard. Take care. -- Borian
10/3/2011Amazing as always
10/3/2011Keen sense of the obvious
10/3/2011Pointing out a much needed truth, I agree with everything trinity says, I wish the rest of the kids would stop and think
10/3/2011Constitutional love.
10/3/2011Just got mad respect from me for this: "well I'm seeing a lot of talk from foreigners mainly of this occupy wall street bullshit amounting to the great american revolution and spurring it on
10/3/2011Thanks for coming thru with the great information. ChvyV8Bldr
10/3/2011You rock, Trinity!!!! THANK YOU for GLP! ~ Juju
10/3/2011A great Administrator!
10/3/2011Its for Trinity ~ nuff said..!
10/3/2011For killing the revolution propaganda.
10/3/2011You're onto something.
10/3/2011Good for you for stopping revolution hype. My2centsworth
10/3/2011Important wisdom trinity thanks
10/3/2011Because of (fguck of you british fuck) we all got alot to learn trin lets help each other yeah?:)peace.
10/3/2011Being rude and arrogant in a thread that is full of shit in the first place
10/3/2011GLP should not be used to promote revolution but i see that in your thread all of them are promoting .... foolish ppl ... i think you should delete their comments
10/3/2011Because it's a good thing to remember. :)
10/3/2011For standing firm on that stupid Wall St revo. Well done, Trin.
10/3/2011For knowing the difference between simple protests and a communist revolution against America
10/3/2011Protecting America
10/3/2011Good call.
10/3/2011How about you worry about your own country you british fuck - profound, insightful, intelligent ... the anti of all of those
10/3/2011Thanks Trinity. Thug Cat.
10/3/2011I agree with Trin that GLP should not be used to promote revolution.
10/3/2011Just wow! Get an education ffs.
10/2/2011You called it!
10/2/2011Speaks truth regadless of the haters and tolls! LoVeLiGHT420
10/2/2011Not everythings a conspiracy
10/2/2011Good Thread... glad to see you recognize the protests in wallsteet for what they really are. Michael Moore? Was obvious from the start... Frankenstein
10/2/2011Trying to wake people up and tell them the truth
10/2/2011Finally someone speak the truth
10/2/2011For caring about a child, even though at 15 she should have a measure of personal responsibility...Pare​nts failed her
10/2/2011Nice Thread!! Way to go exposing these scumbags!! WakeUp ;)
10/2/2011Occupy wallstreet IS a scam - thanks trinity -from samanthasunflower
10/2/2011Most recent post
10/2/2011Wallstreet vote, they are commies
10/2/2011Foolish words
10/2/2011Absolute idiot
10/2/2011Good K for the Bossman! ;-)
10/2/2011Thanks for an eye opening thread. I too was having doubts, glad to see this thread!
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