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9/30/2011Thanks for pointing out the problem with extrajudicial killings
9/26/2011Youtube link with subtitles:
9/26/2011Ty. earth-issues
9/25/2011Even though he's awesome I still think he needs some negative karma to counteract all this good karma. Yin and yang, bitch.
9/25/2011The force is even stronger with this one.
9/25/2011Hey TrInItY, can you please upgrade my account to a full upgrade, I though the "Trial upgrade!" would give me what I need after using my Karma points, and it does not after all, thanks!? ~iN
9/25/2011At first i was blocked from the site and now that i am unblocked i can recieve better news. without that id be stuck with bs all the time lol.
9/21/2011Cool guy
9/21/2011For thinking outside "the box"! and DOING!!!
9/21/2011"sounds like something a muzzie would do"
9/21/2011Kuddos! for all the hard work :)
9/21/2011For giving me a chance.
9/21/2011For observatory efforts
9/21/2011Thanks for the scope, my father would be proud, i
9/21/2011For all the work on GLP's observatory, and for being an awesome forum admin!
9/21/2011A Best of the Best Forum Administrator! Many thanks for all you do.
9/21/2011Caues you guys are champions of humanity. (Doing what you are doing for the Observatory and just GLP appreciation in general).
9/21/2011For making GLP possible - RoXY
9/20/2011Dood is ok i guesss.. :D
9/19/2011For common sense and decency
9/19/2011Thank you Trinity for a great video and more knowledge...
9/19/2011For all you do for us---thank you
9/19/2011Thanks for the Obama Jobs Break down post
9/18/2011Heres one on me,hybrocanuck
9/18/2011Posted a thread that was pinned
9/17/2011Not a dhimmi
9/17/2011Comment on France muzzies. Totally agree ~Daikirai
9/16/2011For putting up with everyones crap.
9/16/2011For all of the effort, time, and money you put into your creation
9/16/2011Wow..about DHS!
9/16/2011Always the badass, with great information
9/16/2011Good detecting.
9/16/2011Exposing DHS
9/16/2011Great forum
9/16/2011Was trying to expose the government corruption you SHILL?maybe that person
9/16/2011Thank you Trin for keeping GLP about freedom of speech, you are greatly appreciated!
9/16/20111 For the BEST WEBSITE ON THE NET!
9/16/2011For truth
9/16/2011Great warning hopefully they will listen
9/16/2011Top bloke!
9/16/20111 for serious digging. thanks man
9/16/2011Always has good and useful info!!!
9/16/2011Good catch on the DHS, that sucks -evanight
9/16/2011For taking care of that dhs pos
9/16/2011Great job!
9/16/2011For busting the shill!
9/16/2011Cause you rock
9/16/2011Lol, good catch on the DHS IP address. keep up the good work
9/16/2011Thanks for detecting the dept. of homeland security
9/15/2011U rock trin. charity begins at home
9/14/2011It's a very good idea TrInItY
9/14/2011Totally cool ....giving from the glp account
9/14/2011Rightist political shill
9/14/2011[email protected]!#ing A!
9/14/2011Love it!
9/14/2011Good karma for caring and donating to NIN...priceless!
9/14/2011For your TRUE comment re: the Obamas. I am heartsick over their disrespect of our country!
9/14/2011You have changed for the worst, and I miss when the 2 of us could hang out all day and joke around.
9/14/2011From ~BlueMind
9/14/2011Good deeds for NIN and all of us for this site! hugs trin!!!!
9/14/2011This Election Is Going To Be Heated.. I Won't Tolerate Political Shills On This Website...thanks - Astrochik
9/14/2011Karma...for being a heart centered hard arse... : - )
9/14/2011For helping NinRez out in a large way - blessed be PNLI
9/14/2011For generosity and charity
9/14/2011Karma for your good deed
9/14/2011For allow the Nin post..
9/14/2011Good heart... =)
9/14/2011For letting us help NIN, thanks man
9/14/2011You tell them Trinity! Without patriots like you...
9/14/2011Great post!
9/14/2011Good to see you on here mate +1
9/13/2011Sound Boss .
9/13/2011I owe u one...drunken bastard lost_one
9/11/2011Love Sway x
9/11/2011Like you haven't got enough green karma already) GOOD MOD, and a dick sometimes ;) good job >>>Archangel-NL<<<
9/10/2011M/walk :)
9/9/2011Karma bump :)
9/9/2011Love the new similar thread already exists notification...not that I've made a thread yet as I'm new, but will be handy for when I do! Wish other sites would think of cool stuff like youguy
9/8/2011You rock NUTRAMAC
9/8/20111up for the Boss!
9/8/2011Excellent new perks & tweaks - love them all! Strong work, Trinity...Strong work! ; )
9/8/2011Good work
9/8/2011For the new similar thread notification. Love ya Trin!
9/8/2011Uneducated dick
9/8/2011Awesome Job!
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