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9/8/2011GREAT work!!!
9/8/2011Good work
9/8/2011Because you like it
9/8/2011100k again the site is making leeps forward...Pat Sergio's back too!
9/8/2011Love the new features being added - thanks - DoorBert
9/8/2011Round #2.... and, right on with the new features you keep adding daily.. thanks Trin
9/8/2011Karma for the similar thread idea - Anubis
9/8/2011This has been needed for a while....nice work ;-)
9/8/2011Thank you for keeping GLP available to us for all these years.
9/8/2011So I can be # 329 of all your +K's great work,,,,,,Arnie
9/8/2011For providing an awesome place where like minded people can agree, disagree, and learn more about the world around them. More importantly, for not giving up on GLP- Thanks, starrynytes
9/8/2011Awesome wave of enhancements
9/8/2011For all the new tweaks to GLP. Thanks Trinity.
9/8/2011Just coz trin's the shit
9/8/2011Awesome new changes
9/8/2011Because you are awesome
9/8/2011Great Stuff here
9/8/2011For the similar thread already exists thing.
9/8/2011For all your excellent site changes!
9/8/2011For a great web site!
9/8/2011Thanks, im upgrading today.
9/8/2011Well done!
9/8/2011I hate them too!
9/8/2011For the new related threads feature.
9/7/2011Thanks ;-)
9/7/2011Speaks the truth
9/7/2011Trin, you are a nin fan? wow, are you single lol?
9/7/2011I loved the video and humor. I especially appreciate the list for people to donate to animal causes.
9/7/2011What is up with the top karmas and all the copyright violation reports? R they real?
9/7/2011Great new feature - LOVE it! :)
9/7/2011Thanx 4 All U DO Trinity-.longlive GLP. GodBlessUSA
9/7/2011Funny Post!
9/7/2011Funnay Cat Thread
9/7/2011Sheer coolness
9/7/2011For helping our furry friends - LJ :)
9/7/2011Bestiality animalporn. ewwwwwwwww
9/6/2011This will surely show how flimsy the veil is. Sorry You're not the same person I knew 5 years ago. I tried.
9/6/2011Related threads yay!
9/6/2011For recognizing those who help to improve the site
9/6/2011Da Man! Thanks for all the hard work Trin!
9/6/2011Thank you!!!!Meat.
9/6/2011Thanks Trin for putting in all the effort to make this work
9/6/2011The boss always gets good karma for being a good boss
9/6/2011Great new feature
9/6/2011The truth
9/5/2011Great IDEA!
9/5/2011Back at ya!
9/5/2011No reason
9/5/2011Provideing a great service
9/5/2011External Link Top List, this information can be useful to do not miss something obvious.
9/4/2011Love External Links!!!!
9/4/2011You da boss.
9/4/2011Just cuz you are awesome...:) scarbedazzles...
9/4/2011Full of good original ideas.
9/4/2011For listening to your members and always improving GLP
9/4/2011Dude ou fucking rock...your a fucking rock star..that is so coool
9/4/2011Thanks for doing a great job mate :)
9/4/2011Because I'm from Alabama & it ticks me off when ppl call us slow
9/4/2011For the Don't talk shit about the south post
9/4/2011For speaking up on the south! :) (thread on Lee not moving) Kristine Tammy Marie
9/4/2011I didnt bang my bros bird tnite and instead ended up on GLP,THX....LOST_ONE
9/3/2011Shoulda done this a coupla days ago....I'm just a human bean, Wish you the best in all you do
9/3/20111 for the one and only - A.
9/2/2011I'm a proud Texas red neck!
9/1/2011Thank you for helping me more info!
9/1/2011Why not, thats cause why.
8/31/2011Have a really good rest of the week and Labor Day, Trinity! :)
8/31/2011Amen to that!
8/31/2011Luv you honey ~Aphrodite~
8/31/2011It is good Karma when you help someone
8/30/2011Know the Law
8/30/2011More Green.
8/30/2011I looooooove Trinity x3
8/30/2011For sticking with it
8/29/2011For the truth
8/29/2011You are the man :-) from EleKtroN
8/29/2011He is an AI but he really deserves this good karma, hehe
8/29/2011Balancing Your Karma Trin
8/29/2011For working so hard for the site
8/29/2011Im tired of these cops lately 2
8/29/2011For making this site possible xx
8/29/2011And you deserve good karma too TrInItY
8/29/2011Because we never give up!
8/28/2011Seeing as you are the creator I'd say you need more karma lol
8/27/20111 for the man
8/27/2011You posted Nina Simone...ya...big karma your way!
8/27/2011Greatest site on the web! 'The Spice Extends Life, Expands Consciousness
8/27/2011You tha boss.
8/27/2011Yes sirr, fuck kevin!
8/26/2011GLP Rocks Baby!
8/25/2011Glad you pinned the NYC looting thread Trin. TY
8/25/2011A great post that summed up the best philosophy to have. Thanks
8/25/2011Thank you for hanging in there so we can be here
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