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^TrInItY^'s Karma

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8/31/2011It is good Karma when you help someone
8/30/2011Know the Law
8/30/2011More Green.
8/30/2011I looooooove Trinity x3
8/30/2011For sticking with it
8/29/2011For the truth
8/29/2011You are the man :-) from EleKtroN
8/29/2011He is an AI but he really deserves this good karma, hehe
8/29/2011Balancing Your Karma Trin
8/29/2011For working so hard for the site
8/29/2011Im tired of these cops lately 2
8/29/2011For making this site possible xx
8/29/2011And you deserve good karma too TrInItY
8/29/2011Because we never give up!
8/28/2011Seeing as you are the creator I'd say you need more karma lol
8/27/20111 for the man
8/27/2011You posted Nina Simone...ya...big karma your way!
8/27/2011Greatest site on the web! 'The Spice Extends Life, Expands Consciousness
8/27/2011You tha boss.
8/27/2011Yes sirr, fuck kevin!
8/26/2011GLP Rocks Baby!
8/25/2011Glad you pinned the NYC looting thread Trin. TY
8/25/2011A great post that summed up the best philosophy to have. Thanks
8/25/2011Thank you for hanging in there so we can be here
8/25/2011For looking out for glp nutramac
8/25/2011Dont ever sell this place! This is the best forum/website ever. also a marketing superstar if you ask me. 3+mil views NICE
8/25/201110000 I love this place!
8/25/2011Promoting paranoia over unconditional help when people need it most
8/25/2011For putting up with all the bs on glp
8/25/2011There Can Only be One!!!
8/25/2011Thanks for everything, Trin. :)
8/25/2011Thanks for a much improved site,don't let them get you
8/25/2011A increadibly important piece of the web - thanks for giving us GLP Trin
8/25/2011Why not?
8/25/2011Keep up the great work dude.
8/25/2011Fuckin A
8/24/2011I love GLP
8/24/2011You are a wise man :)
8/24/2011LOL @ Previous Karma Comment
8/24/2011For implementing this stupid karma system
8/24/2011You are a good man Trin. ;)
8/24/2011Love you trin for making this all happen
8/24/2011World is made of the good, bad, ugly and annoying why the personality test.
8/23/2011Trinity rocks
8/23/2011You da man.
8/23/2011Lol! Awesome!
8/23/2011Just plain hilarious!
8/23/2011Nice call back :D
8/23/2011Improvement of the site :) :)
8/23/2011Because your "magic"
8/23/2011Becasue your the one person who should be able to see who sent this
8/22/2011I loooooooove Trinity, redux!!! <3<3<3
8/22/2011Excellent new features
8/22/2011Global unpin feature is possitive karma worthy!
8/22/2011I think that idea is pretty darn cool.
8/22/2011Trinity said to
8/22/2011I Love You
8/22/2011The man is a soldier!
8/22/2011Thank You for GLP
8/22/2011For GLP !!! you rock
8/22/2011Informative and helpful
8/22/2011For giving Sol-Magmatard a free 90 day upgrade. Very classy
8/22/2011For being such a great forum admin :)
8/21/2011Birbe... Shin my Pit
8/21/2011I wouldn't even know where to begin. ;)
8/21/2011Adc Karma
8/21/2011Because Trin rocks and knows how to run a forum. Nuff said.
8/21/20111000 ... ugh, does'nt work o.O
8/21/2011For "reigning in" GLP and making it even better than it was!
8/21/2011For providing an important service to humanity.
8/21/2011He's good for it!
8/21/2011For being a fab mod
8/20/2011For giving me something to do besides playing Pogo. :)
8/20/2011For all the hard work
8/20/2011The boss man.
8/20/2011Because you're still the man!!
8/20/2011For GLP!! Thanks for that!
8/19/2011For not getting your karma by snitching on everyone else, like the 4 assholes above you!
8/19/2011For being patient with a dummy like me:)
8/19/2011For un-banning me. Thanks Trinity!
8/19/2011Trin has helped many people behind the scenes that many are not aware of
8/19/2011For getting in on my democracy/republic thread and telling it like it is.
8/18/2011I love lamp.
8/18/2011Hes awesome :D
8/18/2011Thank you Trinity for all you do here...I truly appreciate it.
8/18/2011Good Idea...
8/18/2011Thank you
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