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^TrInItY^'s Karma

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8/18/2011Not needed
8/18/20111 for trial upgrade explanation
8/18/2011I agree with reporting glp haters
8/18/2011Don't think you like me very much but you're a cool dude
8/18/2011Generalising Brits on having small brains should get a good karma ...why ?!... thumbs down for hatespeach !
8/17/2011FuCkInG BeCaUsE!
8/17/2011For setting up this whole karma business. +1
8/17/2011Not nice brother. Peoples couches are not to be mocked, lest you give her the money to buy a new one.
8/17/2011Mean about couch- choose battles wisely, Trin!
8/17/2011I like what you have to say
8/17/2011Love the karma system
8/17/2011For being.
8/17/2011Thanks for all your hard work
8/17/2011TOEM nice karma system
8/17/2011Good to see the site working well
8/16/2011Can you get anymore?
8/16/20111 up for history
8/16/2011From Elenin
8/16/2011Cause your the shit !!
8/16/2011For giving me the chance to spread God's word tomany many people over the internet... thank you
8/16/2011First class prick
8/16/2011Your Trinity duhhh, do you need any other explanation?
8/16/2011Kick ass website.
8/16/2011Great work.
8/15/2011Great Post!
8/15/20111 for a fellow dog luver
8/15/2011Pretty callous of you Trinity. Did you read the article? Or just assumed the the officer was at fault and deserved to die ersponding to a domestic violence call?
8/15/2011Because it's true
8/15/2011Always like your posts
8/15/2011Dogs are part of the family
8/15/2011Because you unbanned me- and implemented a self-regulating system b.f.skinner would nod too
8/15/2011How do you give bad karma to the admin? Good and addictive site. Got many ACs to register. ;)
8/15/2011Keep up the hard work Trinity! and thank you forthe great site!
8/15/2011Bubbles up
8/15/2011For making me laugh!
8/15/2011In thanks for the ever so awesome GLP!
8/14/2011For Balance
8/14/2011For calling a member an asshole over a insignificant remark
8/14/2011For effort!
8/14/2011Trinity does a great job at what he does. helping while letting all manners of ideas to abound.
8/14/2011Just keeping your tank topped off :)
8/14/2011Because, why not?
8/14/2011For sust being awesome- thanks for the support!
8/14/2011What can you say but just positive Karma bro!!!!
8/14/2011I really don't see this working the way it is intended. Awards for getting the most likes? Remember when 'Comedian' had that fiasco? And centrist77?!? I am all for giving this a shot b
8/13/2011Thanks for your help. Regards, Dept. of Homeland Security.
8/13/2011Absolute truth!
8/13/2011Cause I admire your awesomeness! thanks for the great site!
8/13/2011Cause you need balance
8/13/2011For changing my life through your forum in more ways than one..and for your wonderful spirituality
8/13/2011Thanks for GLP : From Artlicious :)
8/13/2011Love the forums :)
8/13/2011Because you are doing the whole karma thing and that's nice of you!
8/13/2011Coz you ROCK! You're prolly good-lookin', too ~ right?? Yep, I knew it...you're smart, industrious AND hot! mmmmWAH! ; )
8/13/2011For the site!
8/13/2011For always coming up with new ideas to keep it interesting
8/13/2011Scrodiddles for President!!!!
8/13/2011Because GLP is sick!
8/13/2011Because he does great selfless deeds, love to you Trin!
8/13/2011The boss man. Without him we would not have this great site.
8/13/2011Best website admin ever :D
8/13/2011He's helping improve the site :)
8/13/2011Nice work
8/13/2011I wanna smother you in mustard and do a Kobiashi. Srsy pm me
8/13/2011I Like it
8/12/2011Nice op
8/12/2011Trinity just created Karma and I appreciate it.
8/12/2011Great thread
8/12/2011Thanks for the site Trin - grateful for you and it!
8/12/2011GLP is awesome!
8/12/2011Trin Rocks!
8/12/2011Doing a great job!
8/12/2011For being nice.
8/12/2011Because today is 13th
8/12/2011Trinity is the master
8/12/2011Cool name
8/12/2011Carma test
8/12/2011This feels good
8/12/2011Karma like a wheel. Ka-tet.
8/12/2011You only used 2 periods in your ellipsis.
8/12/2011Its trinity, how could i not give a good karma vote!
8/12/2011Cause you like it!
8/12/2011Karma Feature
8/12/2011Trins made me lol
8/12/2011Greasing the wheels :D
8/12/2011Loving the new Karma system, thus a thumbs up for you!
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