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3/14/2020Me too
3/14/2020The coolest
3/14/2020Saturday Night Boogie Green! ~ Cartel
3/14/2020Just a thanks from Ohio chic. Things are going to get crazy
3/14/202011bpatriot I have some things for you.
3/13/2020Yes, priceless indeed
3/13/2020Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator (burnt...so much change)
3/13/2020I believe you. in all the years you never acted like this. tyvm 4 the heads up
3/13/2020The toilet paper post made my night. @Chirp
3/13/2020Funny begining. Reminds me of the Movie that had Brando it what plants need.
3/13/2020For real!
3/12/2020For the funny title on the triggers of the apocalypse... KAN DAEK
3/12/2020We may not agree, especially right now but at least people are free to express their differences here - I appreciate this place.
3/12/2020Deletes Red Karma
3/12/2020Defends their position regardless of popularity
3/12/2020Got rid of some reds X
3/12/2020Couldn’t agree more!
3/12/2020Mongrel cur
3/11/2020Keep on Keeping on
3/11/2020Trumo 2020
3/11/2020Stay strong Trin! -JossWV
3/11/2020Have a good week!
3/11/2020Eternal Gratitude for providng us with the best forum of the web for truth seekers. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
3/10/2020Dumb ass.
3/10/20201up.... madmurdoch
3/9/2020All is vanity under the sun
3/9/2020Good statement to start a good participation thread.
3/9/2020Stay safe!! eekers
3/9/2020Truff, you rock
3/9/2020Your retarded
3/9/2020You are correct
3/9/2020Funny, always love your posts!
3/8/2020Thanks for all the hard work!
3/8/2020You da man. Adytum
3/7/2020Congrats on the groupies bro! :thumbs: [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/7/2020Saturday green - enemabandit
3/6/2020Thank you. VQC
3/6/2020I love GLP!! thank you!!!
3/6/2020How is your roleplay of me going so far?
3/5/2020I love Trump!
3/5/2020Bought clear lungs last night and just showed up - thank you so much!!!! ~hugs Paul Drake
3/5/2020Right!? - McDOOMY
3/5/2020Shakey like kincade.
3/5/2020I like GLP. It's fun, you're fun. Thanks for years of entertainment and reading. The end is upon us.. take care ~Sizzling Pot
3/5/2020Hit nail on head....as usual!
3/5/2020Thanks for info- Holymeerkat
3/5/2020Amen to that
3/5/2020Spot on
3/5/2020Thanks trin
3/4/2020Thanks for the advise, used it. God bless you sir, be well.
3/4/2020I'm honestly just trying to help....we know you are Trin. Thanks
3/4/2020Lol even Trinity got a mask. I started a trend. HAHA Diabolical
3/4/2020Now i get it, the potato does explain it right -theomnicapitalist
3/4/2020Kudos to the big Kahuna of GLP, your weekly green fron Red Hot Chilean Pepe is here, thanks for keeping the best web forum on Earth running!!!
3/3/2020Good content
3/3/2020Good post
3/3/2020Best wishes!
3/3/2020Markets will tank more....house of cards
3/3/2020Appreciate the good info
3/3/2020Doesn't need the Karm, it's the Admin, but...it's a feeling of being home, and the Admin has humor.
3/2/2020Idiot - back atcha!
3/2/2020You're a vindictive ass.
3/2/2020I can never thank you and obviously the owners enough for uploding this platform
3/2/2020I like that my ban was lifted
3/2/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
3/2/2020Agreed hopefully you will have exact change BUT your right it’s currently less risk
3/2/2020For having a platform of Free speech,But cmonTrin,lay off Trump,There is no other that Comes even close,to him,Leourx~ TRUMP 2040..HEH!
3/1/20201 for supporting free speech
3/1/2020Thank you. GLP is a community service.
3/1/2020I just farted.
3/1/2020Posted a thread that was pinned
2/29/2020Thank you!
2/29/2020Green for engaging .... still disagre with you tho ~ANP
2/29/2020Your new bitch <3
2/29/2020For encouraging the stupid!
2/29/2020Narrow minded
2/29/2020Great points I hadn't considered
2/29/2020Paid soros shill
2/29/2020Banned zakk tull
2/29/2020You have lost all perspective...
2/29/2020Voting means you play by THEIR shitstem, meaning THEY ALWAYS WIN @ THEIR GAME - stop playing - congrats! - ExTraDimensionaL777
2/29/2020You're right about Trump - This started with his weird behavior at the Superbowl
2/29/2020I just cannot believe you.
2/29/2020At long last
2/29/2020Some green for ya
2/29/2020The voice of reason and rationality
2/29/2020For being a douche
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