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Maddog11B's Karma

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8/16/2018Rainbow rock! Here's some 16th Century GREENsleeves
8/13/2018Omfg, stop posting so much
8/12/2018You'll be banned soon, keep up the bullshit. You fuckers come and go by the dozens
8/12/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/12/2018Would you shut up already?
8/12/2018I like your comments and how you comment several times in the same thread. (Beast Baby)
8/12/2018Jst bust ur balls -Rickgrimes420
8/12/2018Love your comments! <3 ~*94*~
8/12/2018Could you contract your posts into 1 or 2 vs. 10? You're like the repeditive obnoxious child pulling at the pantleg, "where we going??" Calm down. Gather your thoughts. Type.
8/12/2018Go to sleep
8/11/2018You are so f***ing annoying.
8/11/2018You are rough around the edges big time, but damn glad you are on the side of reason and reality.
8/11/2018R+ (rammstein) was here, you say exactly what I think most the time
8/11/2018Sound advice for men.
8/11/2018Links in weed thread, thanks!~Too old to car, but do (enjoy my MJ)
8/10/2018Good kudos from a Benning brother
8/10/2018I don't give red but have this For being a total Prick - curry nosher
8/10/2018Thanks for commenting on my teacher email thread! TrustNoOneKS
8/9/2018For another Michiganian (Michigander) - asymptote
8/9/2018Green for "Because they are fucking Commies" post in the Constitution thread! Wedge5th
8/9/2018Every time you post it's two in a row. Every time. Think. Then post. Once. Seriously irritating.
8/9/2018Field testing kits. lol
8/9/2018And I thought my replies were stupid....
8/9/2018Horsepower From BigBlock
8/8/2018Hateful douchebag. You aren't fit to mention the name of God.
8/8/2018I share your ourage and frustration. "Far Away".
8/7/2018Weird messages. Don't make much sense. Just bumping a post with incoherents ramblings.
8/7/2018From Adytum
8/7/2018Green from Rabid Cow. I think you are my favorite AC poster. Respectful Guest. ;-)
8/6/2018You're unhinged bro!! Chill!!!
8/6/2018Half Truths, what is critical, is all information, not just what one's viewpoint may think is truth or non truth !!
8/6/2018For the bees ~ Shirtless Kirk
8/6/2018Green for infantry ~ Where Eagles Dare
8/5/2018For posting a whole page of nothing on the Nazi grandma thread. Try self control.
8/5/2018Love those movies! Voodoo South
8/5/2018Asking same question over and over again in separate posts
8/5/2018Yes it did! - salty1
8/4/2018To counter goober gobbler red ~hillbilly
8/4/2018Whine whine
8/4/2018Finally a person with a brian, Rammstein (R+) was here
8/3/2018I like the way you think jeff43
8/3/2018Not afraid to post alone against a whole thread full of pinko commie libtarded faggot bitchboys
8/3/2018Queer as troll asked for a dick pic.
8/3/2018Truth in Jest :-) - CF
8/2/2018Straight talk. They DO hate us.
8/2/2018For getting the slanties ass beat
8/2/2018Denholm - dude your cool as fuck
8/1/2018Veterans! ~ Zovalex
8/1/2018From one vet to another..expenable
8/1/2018Maddog....outworking lazy fuckers for years. ~cheops
7/31/2018Get out of the pedo thread. Asshat.
7/31/2018Devil bitch
7/30/2018Hey appreciated your bumps on the eclipse race mix thread last Friday....ChivalryKni​ght
7/27/2018Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/26/2018Youre right
7/26/2018Dead men don't do shit. lol. love Miss Cleo
7/26/2018You're right, but at the same time very wrong.
7/26/2018You have no class in your speech.
7/26/2018He's pissed but he speaks truth.
7/26/2018For your views on the over 2 child tax jeff43
7/26/2018No-drama debate! Perfect!
7/26/2018Good deal Maddog. same for me , Centurion
7/26/2018Unhinged lunatic traitor
7/26/2018Please SHUT UP
7/26/2018Die fag
7/25/2018Supernaught!! From Samus79
7/25/2018Fucking savage
7/24/2018Only under ultraviolet light. lol. Nice post. Spoof.
7/23/2018Funny. Crash
7/23/2018Fuck off
7/22/2018Yeah! tell the truth!!
12/27/2016I dont have much green to give away, but you get it! Ooh Rah! White Gloves
12/23/2016Yep, so true on cop thread. Deplorable Azila_Again
12/23/2016I think I remember you. A good voice of reason.
12/23/2016Relativity ROFL...: )
12/21/2016Merry christmas Maddog 11B that song greensleeves .first time i heard that

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