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7/29/2014What you fail to grasp is your repugnant faggotry disgusts people. You're gross dude.. Filthy. Disgusting. A spreader of disease. Now go smoke another dick.
5/30/2014Shut up
1/5/2014You don't even know the definition of the word racist...you dumb fuck..weekly red to u
7/22/2013Some green.
5/17/2013Good reply
5/14/2013I'm voting red karma for YOU!
12/15/2012Yawn at your fake shilling
11/28/2012You love to be hated. what a sad life
11/26/2012The phantom red thumb strikes again... BAD KARMA!!
11/24/2012Shutup douche
11/22/2012Returning some green
11/22/2012I loved this post but did not want to mess up your threatening red bar. Excellent post, well played.
11/22/2012Post or don't post but mind your buisness not the OPs...it's called free to move on!
11/21/2012"It's really easy to tell who this is." My thoughts exactly, lol. ~ Ms.Magoo
11/21/2012Dorking around too much
11/21/2012Self centered asswipe
11/21/2012You need more green! ~ Shamar
11/21/2012You're a good soul my friend. /calx
11/21/2012"Just wait until you find out what the ENTIRE RELIGION is actually based upon." - Yes, if only they knew.
11/20/2012Anyday faggot ~ MudMan
11/18/2012Spotted your nonsense from miles away. your posts are all gibberish.
11/17/2012Still hate filled and ignorant
11/16/2012I hope one day you take the time to educate yourself. You are lost
11/14/2012Antichrist socialist NWO satanist
11/13/2012I agree with thecelticcat. You're dumb.
11/7/2012One bad one casue yea!! LMAO
11/7/2012You are two things, A race baiting troll, and, an adult diaper, why you ask?? because you too are FULL OF SHIT, just like a serenity adult diaper.
11/6/2012Thank you so much. I am ktting the impression that good spirited people arent wanted here and they give you negative Karma to pull you down. Take care my friend. - Ohwell
11/6/2012You are a HUGE IDIOT
11/6/2012I like your sarcasm :) ~ Light Under the Door
11/5/2012Pompous self righteous dingdong if you do not vote, you forsake you voice and opinions in life matters so shut up and cringe in your apathy loser.
11/5/2012You are so fucked in the head it's retarded
11/4/2012That is great advice very wise and Christ like
11/4/2012Because ur nice.
11/3/2012Bite me!
11/3/2012Keeping it real
11/3/2012For posting on my thread... person445
11/3/2012For speaking truth to Sickened in Canada. Renaissance Woman
11/2/2012You love to be hated. what a sad life
11/2/2012Race baiting troll. Fuck off!
11/1/2012For having compassion for others and common sense.
11/1/2012Faaaaak you faggot.
11/1/2012Trolls by agreeing with every idiotic post he sees, as he sucks own penis with ankles crossed soundly behind neck.
10/31/2012Cool avatar-acegotflows
10/31/2012Dont be so smug
10/31/2012Retard shit over redistribution.
10/31/2012You know the OP meant impeached; posting to just post.
10/30/2012Come back to real world instead of the dream world you live in
10/30/2012Romney FEMA comment -Vast Deferens
10/30/2012Time for your weekly bad karma tard!
10/30/2012Good karma for "owe president your life"..hopeless
10/29/2012Sure, not like one more negative karma will hurt your already horrible karma...
10/29/2012From the celticcat for making me lol
10/29/2012Don't visit threads your not interested in
10/29/2012Don't visit threads your not interested in
10/28/2012Don't worry,asswipe..I pray that your ass is blown all the way to Hell!
10/28/2012You keep living lives because you are attached by love to humanity.
10/26/2012Comment on nobody cunts in bieber thread was actually pretty hilarious and so true
10/26/2012Apathetic asshole
10/26/2012I REALLY don't like you or yuor smug attitude
10/26/2012No one thinks Romney is a savior!
10/25/2012Calm down a tad.. you're a bit aggresive. I'm only posting my interviews, not my opinions. THX - Russell Scott (person445)
10/23/2012Crazy dude
10/23/2012Nuttier than squirrel turds.. fuckkkk offff!
10/23/2012I don't usually agree with you, but had to give you good karma for your 'rant' on the stock market thread- very well said!! -Ollo
10/23/2012Please crawl back in the hole (Obama's butthole) from which you came. You are so gross.
10/22/2012EVERYONE knows you're taking it up the ass from Oblabla while sucking a jackass penis...go pound a bucket of sand up your ass!
10/22/2012Bullshit factory, great post, niphtrique.
10/21/2012For reminding GLP that politics is a joke. - black calx
10/21/2012Cuz hes such a spammer... and brings bad energy to GLP
10/20/2012Obama scum
10/20/2012EVERYONE knows you're taking it up the ass from Oblabla while sucking a jackass penis...go pound a bucket of sand up your ass!
10/20/2012YOU are the retard!
10/19/2012Here's green for you. I always see you posting good replies.
10/19/2012Thanks for being AWAKE! :) WakeUp
10/18/2012Obviously you dont care cuz your a fucking POS liberal. If it was your daughter you probably would have aborted her you ugly skank!
10/17/2012'get your isms correct' - Pack of Smokes
10/16/2012Libtard. You are to stupid to know how stupid you are!
10/14/2012Ugh. your posts.
10/12/2012For consistently making sense.
10/12/2012More red for your ignorance.
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