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10/11/2012Oustanding Response to the Romney now Leads Barry 47% to 44% (Reuters) thread. WakeUp :)
10/11/2012For remembering what a lot f people seem to have forgotten over the last few months.
10/11/2012Nobody can kiss my ass! ;)
10/10/2012Wow. It must be sad being so unliked. Here's another Red to add to your massive collection of BAD Karma. After all, you deserve it!!!
10/9/2012Thanks for trying to wake the masses -KimmieAnnaJones
10/9/2012There is nothing serene about you fucktard....Jarhead
10/9/2012Thank you :-) Rising Son
10/8/2012You need more red karma. Ass hole fuck wad dip shit mother fucking douche bag cum guzzling smart ass piece of shit. There. I feel better.
10/7/2012Posting sick crap all the time
10/7/2012Get Out Then
10/7/2012Right the FUCK on in the Obama the liar thread. Some people are so blinded by their own limitations that they think anyone who thinks differently or criticizes the sacred cow they make of their candid
10/5/2012Be amused at this red karma!
10/5/2012Can I red you again yet?! ***Crosses Fingers
10/4/2012What's it like being a superior being?
10/4/2012You play the poor me victim well, now stand up and become someone.
10/4/2012Give it up and quit living in a bubble where blacks are wonderful
10/4/2012Low IQ
10/4/2012Tell it like it is! chula homa
10/4/2012Because I agree
10/3/2012Fighting on the behalves of their masters thread. -se7en
10/3/2012You might not like Ron Paul, but at least you are cognizant of Obamney.
10/3/2012For speaking the truth!----Kwitty
10/3/2012Go piss on somebody else's parade elsewhere you asshole!
10/3/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/3/2012Shill muzzie fag. Not willing to shag female coworkers.
10/3/2012You really are an idiot, ffs!!
10/3/2012You right about voting. The truth will set us free.
10/3/2012Jedi master of idiocy he is.
10/3/2012Dumb fuck
10/3/2012Oh come on...
10/3/2012Here's some good karma for you my friend!
10/3/2012For being evil
10/3/2012Hey troll, nobody believes the shit that spews from your cock sucker... I can't believe you kiss your moms vagina with that mouth!
10/2/2012Actually Nibiru deniers will have a very easy time with this; when it fails to perturb Mars as it passes close to that planet on its way in, it will prove that it's not "Nibiru"
10/2/2012For the seek of truth, 141
10/2/2012Love your screen name, and I agree with everything you say
9/30/2012Sick shit like this is no laughing matter.
9/29/2012In portland, they walk out in front of the light rail texting away...
9/29/2012Shut the fuck up
9/29/2012Filthy, disgusting, racist troll. You are an UGLY person filled with hate. You are gross. Yuck.
9/29/2012Fucking pussy
9/29/2012It's about time to go fuck yourself again with your stub. LOL I'm funny as fuck moran!
9/27/2012You're right all people have their downfalls.
9/27/2012Lol. sad but true (superstitious)
9/26/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/26/2012Know-it-all douche
9/26/2012Because u could use it. goldenmean
9/26/2012Nice insult
9/24/2012Delusional mouth breather.
9/24/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/23/2012For being a spelling tard
9/22/2012For the badly done satire
9/20/2012Stupidity gets you red karma.
9/20/2012More bad karma for an asshole
9/19/2012He needs it
9/19/2012Dumb as a rock
9/19/2012Your weekly child support
9/18/2012Piece of muzzie muff sniffin shit
9/18/2012Dorkazar, God of Stoopit.
9/16/2012Good reasoning.
9/16/2012Very good response on the Israel thread... and so true...my2centsworth
9/16/2012You deserve bad karma
9/16/2012For having to read your spittle
9/15/2012To a fellow anal lover like me. -sarah
9/15/2012Muzzie lover
9/14/2012Bad karma once a week
9/13/2012Lone nut!!! -Blaze
9/12/2012You fucking love it up the ass and we all know it!
9/12/2012Supporting people
9/11/2012For being a good writer and conveying emotional content.
9/11/2012Your weekly child support
9/10/2012I love your avatar! Carol B.
9/9/2012Eloquent post - without being disrepectful.
9/8/2012Blah blah blah...
9/8/2012Hi from Earth420 :)
9/7/2012Wise Jesus words
9/7/2012You suck at giving head.
9/7/2012You have thoroughly earned this. An archetype
9/5/2012Made me laugh! People take you too seriously!
9/5/2012Assumptions make an Ass of U and ME (ASSUME)
9/4/2012Your weekly child support deduction
9/3/2012He is a sheep
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