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9/3/2012I will give you green because I hope you wake up someday. :) -Heisenberg-
9/3/2012Ron Paul WON the GOP Nomination!!!!
9/2/2012Your cool
9/1/2012Go Fuck Yourself!
9/1/2012You are horrible
8/29/2012So much red karma, means your on the right track. So much work yet to be done.
8/29/2012Low IQ
8/28/2012Idiot of GLP
8/27/2012Evolved Retard Ministry The World Would be Better Without You Fucking Cocksucker
8/25/2012Well said, "white guy from Ireland :)"
8/24/2012For reading between the BS ied DHS headline! Thanks!
8/22/2012For your intelligent posts. From Mortal Epiphany
8/22/2012You need to change your name. This one doesn't suit your true self.
8/22/2012New ager!
8/21/2012Thanks Serenity:) Isis7
8/21/2012In the case of Al Roker, you were right on! Fresh green from CuriosityCat1
8/20/2012Stanky, suffers from chronic and severe apocrine bromhidrosis.
8/20/2012As long as there is WATER, there will be LIFE. - AtsuiPanda
8/20/20121 2 whitetys coming for you
8/20/2012Drive-by karma!!! muwahaha!!! - The Trickster -
8/19/2012What is new age? You keep repeating those programmed words. TPTB love you.
8/19/2012Thank you and well said
8/19/2012Who put the cock up your ass?
8/18/2012If you hadn't i would have (Isis7) :) Taralily
8/18/2012Agree on the extermination of the white male threat as an unfortunate reality.
8/17/2012All of your posts suck.
8/17/2012If you don't agree with circumcision you probably do not get sex... I'm saying your a women also if your a guy. lol, Yup don't know who gave you bad karma
8/16/2012All belief in this system MUST BE REMOVED for us to carry on as an INDEPENDENT NATION FREE of this rising world Fascism.
8/16/2012Try this on!
8/16/2012For the post. D'Light :)
8/16/2012Farting in your face
8/15/2012OMW stop shilling
8/15/2012Feral nagger.
8/15/2012Refusing to be part of the race baiting
8/14/2012You really are a fucking dumbass.
8/14/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/14/2012You are an awesome individual - Boudicca
8/12/2012Barrak Hussein Obama is a Kenyan Marxist riding dirty on us.
8/12/2012For being smart enough to know the moon landing is fake
8/12/2012You have to be the most ignorant fuck ever to post. You get your evidence from a MOCKumentary? LMFAO OMG how stupid can you people get!
8/11/2012Calling BS like a tard
8/10/2012Reported Abusive Post
8/10/2012White or black
8/9/2012Well said
8/8/2012Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
8/7/2012Awesome reply in the obama classmate never heard of him thread - CoTA
8/6/2012For being a perpetual dumbass
8/4/2012U deserve it
8/4/2012For a fellow red karma 'truther.'
8/4/2012Added years to my life.
8/4/2012Some green for someone who dares to speak some truth ~Beth
8/3/2012For pissing on something beautiful
8/2/2012Please shut the fuck up! You are embarassing yourself.
8/1/2012A Kiss you butwipe
8/1/2012Serenity you dirty dirty liberal!! Enjoy some red karma from me ;)
7/31/2012Because it's true we the people have enabled this system and were perfectly ok with it when we were doing well. It wasn't until the white middle class started feeling it that it became a pro
7/30/2012Another idiot
7/29/2012I love giving you red
7/27/2012Returning the negro karma from the other day. lol. - Debauchery
7/26/2012Academia = eater/tax sponge
7/26/2012IQ more like 64. You are a completely brianless moran.
7/26/2012IQ 164? not a chance.
7/26/2012Too wise/smart for the racists.
7/26/2012Your comment doesnt explain a little boy victim
7/25/2012Hpoe falls eternal
7/25/2012Read more post less.
7/24/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/23/2012Delusion is your hallmark
7/22/2012Good post , 12.21.12
7/22/2012For some sage advice and words of wisdom you gave. Thank you. - Six Six Six
7/21/2012Fucking retarded, racist piece of shit, liberal.
7/20/2012Racist POS
7/20/2012To spit or swallow...that is your dilemma...thankfully there's plenty of jizz to go around, so you're covered both ways
7/18/2012Your a bitch to the 10th degree
7/18/2012Have more red just because.
7/18/2012Butthurt libtard. :-)
7/18/2012Yes yes yes
7/18/2012What a noob.
7/18/2012You annoy me
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