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7/17/2012Cool videos
7/17/2012Thank you Jedi. Amy A
7/17/2012Looks like you need some green for a change!, interesting thread thx - Jon
7/17/2012Idiot troll
7/17/2012A hater's gonna hate. -1 Karma 4 U
7/17/2012Feral negro
7/17/2012Paid shill
7/17/2012Troll. -Revbo
7/17/2012Shittiest shitbag in shittown. - LunaticFringe
7/17/2012For believing Iran made the flying saucer and want's to share it with the world for there shall be no more bullies
7/17/2012Negroids in Canada prefer the name, get over it.
7/17/2012Your race cards suck
7/14/2012You'r welcome
7/12/2012Wake up already. What is wrong with you?
7/12/2012Must be hard to be sooo fucking stupid consistantly
7/12/2012Grow a brian you moran and invest in a GLP dictionary
7/12/2012Wise mind: Revguard
7/8/2012To make up for all the red ~beth
7/6/2012Ignorant comment asshole.
7/5/2012At least have the balls to sign your karma..white negro. ;)
7/4/2012Don't follow religion, follow your heart! Much love 11.11.11
7/4/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/4/2012Ass wad.
7/4/2012Discouraging anti pedo posters
7/2/2012Good judgement.
6/30/2012Couldn't agree more about the laziness, most just wait for shit to get posted and never look for themselves....
6/28/2012I have no use for a person who can only spell a word one way.
6/28/2012Oh do fuck off
6/25/2012Thanks for your critique!
6/25/2012TopDog THIS!
6/23/2012Wonderful, just wonderful
6/21/2012You are an ignorant piece of shit. ; )
6/21/2012No one caters to me, bitch
6/21/2012WINNER ** GLP "Dumb as Rocks" Contest - 1st place
6/21/2012Catering you some red.
6/21/2012Lol stupid
6/20/2012Haha fuck you pedo!
6/20/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/20/2012Dick head
6/20/2012From Spain with love
6/18/2012Here is my love you hate filled sow
6/16/2012Good watermelon story , from 12.21.12
6/16/2012It does have to do wih God stupid, japanese are largest% atheist
6/15/2012Good point of view!
6/14/2012It seems a bit..."Fabricated." ...Sure does! ...*from CrissCross
6/14/2012You're such a douche bag...
6/13/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
6/11/20124 your NoBody thread
6/10/2012The nobody is nothing, people belive in aliens over the lord..sad- Hagmann
6/8/2012Gd2balive says,you are right about the Nobody False Doctrine...Marty en`eng`ko
6/8/2012The nobody is real. He is out there, watching, waiting, for His time.
6/7/2012Complete lack of humanity, not getting the point, adding fuel to the fire, etc...lack of critical reasoning skills..and so on.
6/6/2012I hate BRIEF too ! Hes a wanker.
6/6/2012WINNER *** GLP COCK SUCKING AWARDS - 1st place
6/6/2012High IQ
6/6/2012Low IQ
6/3/2012From... Nobody.
6/3/2012From the Nobody
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