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Turtle Flower's Karma

Total: 1122 (998  User Votes + 70  Thread Reports + 54  Threads Pinned) and 94

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5/17/2019Green Karm from UseLessRepEATER!!
5/3/2019Right On!!!!
4/25/2019Spring GREENERY from UseLessRepEATER!!
4/17/2019Hope all is well from UseLesRepEATER!!
4/7/2019Hope all is well from UseLessRepEATER!
3/23/2019Have an outstanding weekend from UseLessRepEATER!!
3/14/2019Spring for truth--UseLessRepEATE​R!!
2/12/2019Green Hugs from UseLessRepEATER!!
2/3/2019Green from pepperroni
1/31/2019Green from wyn
1/25/2019Hearts to you . Glad u liked it ... mollz
1/24/2019Gray Man
1/22/2019Winter Green from UseLessRepEATER!!
1/19/2019From ralph--a house dog
1/7/2019Cool. pool
1/5/2019Wishing you a great weekend turtle. Spritzer
12/29/2018Shapiing up to be a wild 2019 so stay vigilant from UseLessRepEATER!!
12/24/2018Free book deserves free karma!
12/21/2018Beeches Merry Christmas!
12/21/2018Warm Well Wishes from UseLessRepEATER!!
12/7/2018Green from marooned
12/6/2018Drive By Greenage-Wedge5th
12/6/2018Green for Turtle
12/6/2018Good post regarding christmas music- Exhumer14
11/26/2018Have a fascinating week from UseLessRepEATER!
11/26/2018Drummer answer, thanks. Billy Ringo
11/25/2018Alpacalips was here spreading good cheer
11/24/2018I can't stand you. You're self-righteous and evil.
11/24/2018Healing energies for your mom. ~ Starbird
11/24/2018Health nazi
11/24/2018Green for questioning comment on flat earth thread.
11/24/2018I've never known anyine ti wnd uo in hospital aftet Thanksgiving. If ine us missing most of intestines, yes, that could happen. i hope your mom will be okay.
11/22/2018Bday green - Corkygreenstate
11/20/2018Such nice words, Happy Thanksgiving ~kpm~
11/18/2018Green hugs from Scrump!
11/18/2018Birthday green for you. Wondering Mind. :)
11/18/2018Happy Birthday! beeches
11/18/2018Greenest kindness wrapped in Love Ursabruin
11/18/2018Happy Birthday! ~ Where Eagles Dare
11/18/2018Happy Birthday Love GFG
11/18/2018Happy Birthday!! KipKat :)
11/18/2018Beautiful spirit. Happy birthday! Sloane
11/18/2018Happy Birthday :)
11/18/2018Love you Turtle so like me as I you Xx 53 13 23
11/18/2018Happy Birthday!....love-lov​e, cosmicgypsy
11/18/2018Happy Birthday to a fellow clubber.
11/18/2018Torchie green for today!
11/18/2018Loved your birthday monologue happy 53rd;)
11/18/2018Happy Birthday!
11/18/2018Have a good week! ~ ItsMaKa2
11/14/2018Let's all get in the press box!
11/8/2018Green Thumbs Up from UseLessRepEATER!
11/7/2018Thanks cutie!
10/16/2018Green from marooned
10/9/2018Hello, enjoy your day sacred energy :)
10/8/2018Beautiful soul. Warm Heart. Brave stories. pool
10/8/2018Horsepower from BigBlock
10/8/2018Strongman shelford salutes you
10/8/2018Hope you're well and having fun
10/8/2018HI from Ralph--a house dog
6/12/2018Green from marooned
2/17/2018For Kicking the Goat Silly -- Loved it!!
1/17/2018Green from marooned ;)
12/31/2017No Dhimmi Greenery
12/30/2017I love what you are doing! I miss you too. beeches
12/30/2017Welcome back. Come back soon! Superduper
12/30/2017Thanks for the update!
12/30/2017Good to see ya, Turtle! - TeChNoXiC
12/30/2017You're an inspiration Turtle Dude. I LOVE your avatar~ TheQueenofFrance Pt. 2
12/30/2017Relativity GREEN
12/25/2017Seasonal green from marooned :)
12/9/2017Holiday greenery~kpm~
12/6/2017Goneviral Green
11/26/2017Hope you are enjoying leftovers! beeches
11/25/2017Thanks. Superduper
11/25/2017A turtle named Herman green ~ Where Eagles Dare
11/15/2017Green from marooned ;)
11/14/2017Eagle green ~ Where Eagles Dare
11/12/2017Glad you moved someplace good - Vision Thing
11/11/2017Hi Turtle! from Ralph--a house dog
11/11/2017I'm so glad you've found your home :-) Hotmess
11/11/2017Many talk about it, few ever do. Best wishes --TunedOut
11/11/2017Most people do not have your courage... ~Armchair General~
11/11/2017Love Ellusion :)
11/11/2017Hugs from nutmeg to you....in the middle of nowhere!
11/2/2017The Best Part of Waking up is Karma in Your Cup ~ marooned ;)
10/24/2017Green from marooned :)
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