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Turtle Flower's Karma

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9/15/2021Green from marooned
9/14/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/7/2021Blessings to you, Turtle Flower - I'm Just Me.
9/3/2021Yep, same here! Sad for sure!
8/31/2021News ~Moniker
8/26/2021Green from marooned
8/20/2021Awesome thread turtle! I’m so mad and tired of all this too. :( God bless you and your family! <3 wait....what?
8/20/2021How they are counting the unvexed in hospitals
8/17/2021Blessing for NOT CONSENTING! - wisconsin
8/16/2021I do not consent
8/16/2021God Bless You...~ Ducimus
8/16/2021Good story, I agree. Your diet solution is similar to mine, Low Carb.
8/16/2021Cajun Karma for Turtle Flower !! Southern Soldier...
8/16/2021Love your post and avatar. ~Beefree1000
8/16/2021Nice! - 1guynAz
8/16/2021LOVE**** ~thinking...
8/16/2021I Do Not Consent
8/16/2021I do not consent. Thanks for posting that. Greenest forest blessings from Happy in Nature
8/14/2021100 yr Old Granny ~bfd
8/13/2021Green from marooned
8/10/2021Thank you. People need to know there are tactics to win!
8/3/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/29/2021Green - grove street
7/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
7/10/2021Reported Abusive Post
6/11/2021Returning the good karma - notinfallible
6/6/2021BBQ Boy was here
6/4/2021Friday Green! ~ ItsMaKa2
6/4/2021Lumber yo. oldcar
6/4/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/23/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
5/4/2021Green for Thee~! TNO
4/25/2021I'm so sorry for your loss. <3
4/11/2021Domo arigato - green pin for pfizer
4/6/2021BBQ Boy was here
3/26/2021Hugs and love! My heart hurts for you! <3 Fossy
3/25/2021Thank you from roadkill bill
3/9/2021I like turtles :) abi ~
2/28/2021BBQ Boy was here
2/14/2021Trey was here...the Republic is rising!
12/29/2020Green from marooned
12/27/2020Thanks - CHL2T
12/26/2020Seasonal Greenage, Lance from BC
12/26/2020Thanks for the free book! - ToSeek
12/26/2020Merry Christmas Carol B.
12/26/2020Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
12/26/2020Thank Viccy
12/26/2020Thank you for the free book! Wil read it this week. Wishing you a beautiful New Year! Happy in Nature
12/26/2020Lovely :) ~ Girl Genius
11/29/2020Brief :)
10/11/2020Green from C-Voyant
10/3/2020Green from C-Voyant
9/24/2020Green from C-Voyant
9/15/2020Alarm about to ring Green! C-Voyant
9/8/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/30/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/23/2020C-Voyant was here!
8/18/2020Green from marooned
8/14/2020Green Day! C-Voyant
8/9/2020Bright green for you. Des
8/6/2020Sharing some green with ya! C-Voyant
7/30/2020Sharing some green with ya! C-Voyant
7/26/2020Sunday green from marooned
7/22/2020C-Voyant was here with some green!
7/14/2020Passing out some green! C-Voyant
7/6/2020Independence Green! C-Voyant
6/28/2020Dropping some green here! C-Voyant
6/20/2020Some silent majority green for ya! C-Voyant
6/15/2020Treey was here
6/12/2020Green coming your way! C-Voyant
6/3/2020Passing on some green for ya! C-Voyant
5/28/2020Green from marooned
5/27/2020Incoming green for ya! C-Voyant
5/26/2020Thanks Turtle Flower! Much appreciated! bigD
5/19/2020Sharing some green with ya!! C-Voyant
5/16/2020Q green---eagle!
5/11/2020Boom week green! C-Voyant
5/9/2020Green blessings from Happy in Nature
5/2/2020Thanks for the Green, here's some for you TF! C-Voyant
5/2/2020Green from marooned
4/19/2020From fred1981
4/19/2020Great summary
4/9/2020TRA post. Have a beautiful day. - Happy in Nature
4/7/2020Full moon green! Isis One
4/5/2020Thanks for the green. ~ Renaissance Woman
3/29/2020Stay strong and safe in the Storm! C-Voyant
3/21/2020Q Thread buddy Green! Stay safe out there! C-Voyant
3/21/2020Green for Thee~! TNO It's Habbening!!!
3/20/2020For the love of quilting.
3/20/2020Quilts and Quarintine! ChiaPet
3/17/2020For the good news
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