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9/28/2012Your avatar shows just how stupid you really are. I bet you like it in the ass too..PEDO
9/28/2012OMG! You rock! Great poem!
9/28/2012Sad but true kudos to you for speaking he truth
9/28/2012Republican Propaganda Machine
9/24/2012Just threw up in my mouth a little is no longer funny
9/23/2012Not funny
9/23/2012From renegade
9/23/2012Karma Sunday!....>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
9/21/2012Fag looking face how many boyfriends do you stick that finger up their asses?
9/21/2012Nice find..Gonviral
9/21/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/19/2012Cunt of an avatar
9/19/2012For your Obama quote in the coal layofff thread....indiandave
9/17/2012Everyone knows Muslims hate pussy... LMAO . Sonic doom
9/16/2012Have no doubt about your the legitimacy of your second hand source. Jedi
9/15/2012Buddy Karma Hugs!....>>>>Settle4i​t<<<<
9/13/2012Thanks for contributing to the thread
9/13/2012Fag avatar want guys to stick finger and other things up their asses
9/13/2012Because i hate your nasty avatar, not cool at all
9/13/2012I like your contributions - renegade
9/12/2012Green for you > Dangerwalt
9/12/2012Cynical much? Or is it cynicle or maybe cynakill, karma for ya YAY! for you
9/10/2012Hey, thanks for your reply. always learning stuff here! --digital mix guy
9/9/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
9/8/2012Back at ya! -Nyte
9/8/2012Lol.. Gonviral
9/8/2012Love from samanthasunflower
9/7/2012Lol, i read the link and you get a thumbs up for this thread. -- davvi
9/7/2012Republican propaganda machine
9/7/20121 for a fellow ZH'er, truth is treason in the kingdom of lies.
9/7/2012Nice find
9/7/2012Just because I frequently find myself agreeing with your comments. Great minds think alike. ~ExoPoliChick
9/7/2012Agreed. However, I would argue we've been in a recession since 08. AmJedi
9/7/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/7/2012You're fucking hilarious (Obama speech beiong horrifically unworldly) Martianprincess
9/6/2012LOL cowgirlk
9/6/2012<3 only me (because of the motorboat comment)
9/6/2012F-n know it all.
9/6/2012Spot on
9/5/2012Braindead Redneck
9/5/2012RON PAUL! - Commando602
9/4/2012You wanna be an asshole then you'll be treated accordingly
9/4/2012Fuck you too
9/3/2012Always appreciate your financial posts! Have great week! Best wishes from Greece! - insertfunnyusername
9/2/2012Thank you for your posting on the Spain bank run.
9/2/2012Time to change your offensive avatar.
9/2/2012Bs artist
9/2/2012Good thread ! - subzero86
9/2/2012Nice try, educating the lumpen, pearls before swine though
9/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
9/2/2012From renegade
9/1/2012Good guy. Strongman likes you
9/1/2012Good comments on peaceful O. Mil man
9/1/2012Go fuck yourself punk
8/29/2012Excellent post in The Truth of our Origins thread. So refreshing to read!! - Eireann~
8/28/2012Good Karma for you!....>>>>Settle4it​<<<<
8/26/2012And holder..watch! Gonviral
8/25/2012You must be a fag
8/25/2012Be prepared! Thanks for quoting me! --So Not a Princess
8/25/2012Lame wife joke
8/25/2012Bad guys and cops = same thing
8/25/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2012What a tough guy :) Have a great weekend ~ Sloane
8/24/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/23/2012God bless judge Sharrett!
8/23/2012This is another step toward totolatarianism
8/23/2012Great statement of complex situation
8/22/2012Being cool!-AA
8/22/2012Fuck you to, lol.
8/22/2012When is Joe Biden ever sober? _ samanthasunflower
8/21/2012Thank you my friend and you couldn't be more right with your analysis unfortunately. Sin
8/20/2012Phyllis was totally hot
8/20/2012One of my top 3 favorite posters. You get it! -Wodensman86
8/18/2012Stay safe, locked and load! AmJedi!
8/17/2012Your an dumb idiot
8/15/2012Good luck fighting the government jerks ! From Tiger1.
8/15/2012WAZ UP A little green from THE INQUISADOR
8/14/2012He is fighting the good fight
8/14/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
8/14/2012For fighting the good fight
8/13/2012Thanks dude wZn :)
8/13/2012Simple, they don't want people getting up! ~Tandym
8/12/2012How does it feel to be the biggest cocksucker on the board, ya fucking homo....
8/11/2012Thanks for the green - Idgits
8/9/2012Lets hope soo ! gonviral
8/6/2012Change your avatar. It's mean.
8/4/2012Xcellent points
8/3/2012Faggot avatar looks like you want to suck cocks
8/3/2012Occasionally it's nice to see flipper. pool
7/28/2012Word! Jedi...
7/27/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
7/21/2012You look the type that would ram that finger up your boyfriends ass and then lick it so clean, faqgoid...
7/21/2012Funny comment on the ugly vag thread -Nem
7/21/2012Hopeful post. thanks. strongman
7/20/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
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