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3/9/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/8/2016And u can suck me any time ,for whatever reason...(nocty)
3/8/2016I disagree with your candidate pick, but I respect you and your opinion.
3/8/2016I can see that all the SuperPAC money and anti-Trump ads have worked on you. Here sheepy sheepy.
3/8/2016Reported Abusive Post
3/6/2016Trump sell out
3/6/2016For questioning Trump with common sense - Whiteangle
3/6/2016With you on Trump and well said. ~faint
3/6/2016Only mod with the balls to be objective about Trump. ~Silenced J
3/6/2016Brings balance to the board.
3/6/2016From Mr Trump, you cocksucker.
3/6/2016Thanks for your sincerity and ability to discern -shad
3/5/2016Cruz loving cock sucker.
3/5/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
3/5/2016Trump doesn't need your pathetic vote to win, so go lick your wounds somewhere else. You will change no ones mind here today. All you have done is expose your idiocy. Good day Sir.
3/5/2016Great thread even tho i disagree. abalienari non possu
3/5/2016For standing up for your beliefs. AnonymousGirl
3/5/2016ST-- A+ post.
3/5/2016Disagree, but I do have respect for your opinion Carol B.
3/5/2016Green for speaking up! hoodrats
3/5/2016Disgree on trump, cuz politicians aren't the answer either - Cig Man
3/5/2016Disagree but respect your opinion - Wordsworth
3/5/2016Dont remember what I said, haha maybe to many beers. Have a good day! Joker
3/5/2016Vote for Hillary then :)
3/5/2016Calling outTrumps bs
3/5/2016Awsome post
3/4/2016No one cares
3/4/2016Let me press the 'no likee' button
3/4/2016Thank for creating a constructive thread about Trump - <3 Rubatosis
3/4/2016Wake up n smell the coffee, or just go ahead n support Hillary
3/4/2016For seeing Trump for what he is.
3/4/2016At least someone here has integrity. Thanks, Saddletramp. SKRecluse
3/4/2016For your "Done With Trump" thread. ....nutmeg....
3/4/2016Great post, no pitchfork here! ~FarMore
3/4/2016I value your opinion bro- NML
3/4/2016Prepare for this !!
3/4/2016Applause, applause. The Libertarians were there first, and unlike Trump we are for real.
3/4/2016For your "I'm Done with Trump..." Couldn't agree with what you posted more. Here's some green to offset the red you're getting. Telling It Straight
3/4/2016Oompaloompa hands...bahahaha
3/4/2016Greenday from the toolman
3/4/2016Green Friday! ~ ItsMaKa2
3/3/2016Good to see you around man! calx
3/3/2016Great post on Trump talking about his dick. Larry D. Croc
3/3/2016Loved our talk today! CountryWise
3/2/2016Thank you, brother! FW~
3/1/2016Congrats on being a mod from Bluebird
3/1/2016Your honesty in admirable- Toondock
3/1/2016Trump sucks - just another politician, call others whatever names you want
2/25/2016Spot on comments in Trump vs fed thread. Ag47
2/24/2016Cheers to our 1st year !!!!
2/24/2016KipKat :)
2/22/2016Hey stranger Love GFG
2/21/2016Haha, for using the word FOAMIO! CountryWise
2/21/2016Posted a thread that was pinned
2/19/2016Take a hit off a Jeffery and stroke Trumps furry wall.
2/18/2016"not for that guy" Haha!!! Vala :)))
2/18/2016Lmao, jedi. Kaynyea is musical genius!
2/18/2016Always glad when you chime in-astral goat
2/18/2016Shoot your eye out LOL eekers
2/18/2016Fbho! :)
2/17/2016Pleasantly shocked you can see the possible Trump conspiracy. Kudos sir. why is eveyone else blind? ~Silenced J
2/16/2016Fuckin hilarious! / Use your brian, moran!
2/16/2016For calling the scum out for what they are! BK
2/15/2016Fire Watch~
2/14/2016Sum Ting Wong. Weally.
2/14/2016Bizarre Verewolf
2/12/2016Thanks for the pin bro!
2/11/2016[email protected] better mexican food
2/10/2016Geat post about Deutsche Bank ~ Quantum_Kev
2/9/2016HAHA!! Love your thread and the zombies!!
2/4/2016Faggot is as faggot cries
2/4/2016Hi ST - haha you're having a moment :) Best green from Sloane
2/4/2016Suck this.
2/3/2016<3 om
1/28/2016From Ralph--a house dog
1/25/2016Debauchery karma. :-)
1/13/2016Yes. we sold at the height. so grateful now.
1/7/2016China's pain thread.,.,.,.,.,.M*wa​lk
1/5/2016Hope you have a wonderful year ahead. eekers
1/4/2016Name one significant market that was up in 2015... 0??
1/1/2016Thanks for Everything ST;)
1/1/2016WTF its new years Thanks for the updates SD!
1/1/2016Happy new year man. wish you would post more often! :) calx
12/30/2015Happy New Year green! :-) serkok
12/26/2015Happy new year 2016 - phenn
12/17/2015Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer! haha! Have the best time :)
12/10/2015Thanks for bringing the market thinking- ADEND
12/10/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
12/10/2015For the JP thread ! From Tiger1.
12/6/2015Pre end game speech dripping green from THE INQUISIDOR
12/4/2015BOOM there it is. Good find.
12/4/2015Posted a thread that was pinned
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