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UMadBrah?'s Karma

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4/6/2023The only thing that angers me is your obsession with todlers and rape. How are you allowed to post here?
12/7/2022Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/29/2022Moranus vaxtardus
8/28/2022Blood of Jesus
8/28/2022Sad little sheep.
7/9/2022Total ignorance..left-wing.​. sick'o
5/5/2022CLOT SHOT shilling
1/17/2022Sex with children is RAPE. Theres no such thing as consensual sex with a 4 year old u sick bastard
1/7/2022Stupid fucking pedo.
12/29/2021For the comment "I like giving todlers creampies" sicko
10/20/2021You're a lost cause. I'm sorry.
10/17/2021Retarded post
10/17/2021Pedo vaxxer.
10/17/2021Stand up for yourself
10/17/2021I took it too, had the chills, otherwise fine. We will be OK
10/17/2021Your Suffering Will Be Legendary- Even in Hell
10/16/2021Red For Promoting the covid-vaccines. You will be dead within 6 months to 5 years, because you knowingly took a vaccine that is not even a vaccine
10/16/2021I took it too in late March. Still fine (and I'm 75). LindaE
10/16/20211 for receiving the prick
3/25/2021Complete moron
3/25/2021Your nuts !!!!
1/16/2021Have some more red
1/14/2021Once a demented fuck, always a demented fuck
9/9/2020Pedo scum
3/20/2020Age is just a number. So true. I met mature 11 year olds that can really
3/7/2020Mad? No. Just horrified and disgusted by your sexual attraction to 3 year old girls
2/22/2020Yeah brah. Im mad. Mad at your obsession with dog knots and Mexican donkey shows.
2/11/2020Cheese pizza lover
1/20/2020“So who has any links or vids of 13-14 year olds getting fuckedâ€
12/23/2019It’s illegal to let a dog knot in you. That’s gross. Stop forcing your poor dog scumbag
5/20/2019For that link to the child porn.
2/21/2019Child rapists deserve a special place in Hell u pedo sympathizer
8/19/2018Who the fuck eats pizza with walnut sauce? Thats a weird combination bro.
7/22/2018I dont believe that you fuck 8 year old children. Youre trolling right?
11/26/2017Sick pedophile!
6/2/2017Race Traitor
5/5/2017Keep your opinions to yourself, brah
4/26/2017Sick fuck.
12/19/2016Drug offenses should pardoned. idiot if you are against~:) Too Old To Care
12/14/2016If you're going to be shill, at least be consistent. Go back to Trolling 101.
12/14/2016Unfortunately, im one of them. Im a millenial and the only thing i know ...
11/8/2016I call BS. No way have you ever been invited to Jeffery Epstiens pedo island. Who the fuck ARE you brah? You always condone pedophilia..WTF bro?
10/4/2016"Muslim child rape is nothing more than their expression of love, we should all be so open and loving" GTFO of here you shilling fuckface
8/17/2016Sick shill
8/12/2016Why are you trolling with your pedophilia comments? I know you don't really rape children. What's wrong with you? Looking for attention? You're pathetic.
6/1/2016Here's your honor...dickstain
6/1/2016You are a fucking waste of skin.
6/1/2016Obvious moran troll is obvious
5/15/2016I'm sorry if you were really abused as a child. But how can you condone sexual relations with a 11 year old boy? That's just wrong dude. Hope you're joking.
5/3/2016For your retarded beastiality festish thread.
4/19/2016Even incest between brothers isn't right bro. How can you not see that? You need professional help son.
2/19/2016Wait...What? "swordfight with our dicks, whoever cums first is the winner" WTF bro? I'm gonna have to pass
1/25/2016For the Homo sexual harassment.
1/14/2016Eew Gross! NO!! I do not want to watch popeye the sailor fist your prolapsing asshole! You need help son
12/10/2015Im Always Mad, Especially at Your Stupidity Brah
5/3/2015This is the last time I'm going to tell you, I do NOT want to see your prolapsed anus shoot ping pong balls into your mouth you sick fuck!
7/20/2014Shill trying to rewrite history
1/25/2014Cervical cancer is more than an irritating ailment, Nastyass! Get that dirty dick cleaned up.
1/1/2014What's your felony conviction? Why YOU mad, brah?
12/29/2013I got a good chuckle out of it myself..pale
12/3/2013Lol astral G

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