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Floobarb the Argnorf's Karma

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2/14/2023Looks like you need more green
11/18/2021Reported Abusive Post
9/5/2013Glad to see you posting in the forums.. LP
8/23/2013Lmao fishingnut
8/20/2013Ass sniffer, you stink.
8/7/2013Fuck off
8/7/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/7/2013Cry baby
8/7/2013GLP call outs are a no no... Dumbass
8/5/2013Ppl hav porblum wit u mite make me leave forum agin. wtf?
8/5/2013Sin did not end on the cross. The forgiveness of sin thru Christ's cruicifiction took place on the cross.
7/30/2013LOL, fuck off hater!
7/27/2013No clue
7/15/2013You are one sad little man.
7/13/2013What a dumbass!
7/11/2013Roach joke in the face of adversity
6/21/2013Music! Thanks for that :) Have the best weekend. Sloane
6/18/2013Butthurt about karma. Oyster
6/18/2013Jus cuz
6/12/2013So u know too much about gays, and because why u know??
5/31/2013Welcome to GLP you Stupid Fuck!
5/23/2013Love to you friend ~ Artaius
5/17/2013Liberals are pussies. Of course I didn't need a study to tell me that. - R.P. McMurphy
5/12/2013For inciting hate of a persons sexual identity
5/9/2013Useless spammer
5/9/2013Nice!!! GT500
5/3/2013Loved listening to you talk in chat you have a great voice - Ailithe
5/1/2013Fucking kid!
4/26/2013Keep laughing "It is all we have left"..THE INQUISADOR
4/16/2013You reap what you sow.
4/11/2013Agree with your post in "Save the World."
4/10/2013OMW....Dame KIM!!!! :D -KarinZa
3/16/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/16/2013You gonna go away soon, scrub.
2/24/2013Fuck you brilliant
2/24/2013Offensive jerk.
2/5/2013Birds are gay
1/31/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/28/2013For being uncivilized.
1/17/2013I agree with you 100%...1000% with regard to the chat room talk about making the right choices determining your future. ANYone can afford a community college if they can't afford a university rig
1/3/2013You are so damn wrong there isnt enought words in the english language to help you understand.
1/2/2013This is for your own good. Oh and may the Lord Bless you...
1/2/2013That's what I thought: junkyfungus
12/23/2012Parenting deserves green karma. pool. pass it on. :)
12/13/2012So creative. Softly
12/6/2012Right back at you babe
12/4/2012Full of shit. Find a new sponsor.
11/16/2012To help combat the abusive post karma you're about to get lol ~ The Light Under the Door
10/22/2012You're correct about debates
10/22/2012You are an IDIOT
10/13/2012This man was stirring up trouble with me and entiscing others to make trouble (im am threw with him) glp please keep this man from contacting me...thank you.
10/13/2012Thanks for sticking up for me :)
10/9/2012Smarter than you
10/2/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/2/2012Your gay!
9/22/2012Thanks, shellbe
9/18/2012Love to you!
9/11/2012To counteract the quaketard red.
9/11/2012Read before u comment
8/31/2012I actually laughed out loud at the Michael Jackson comment on my post. Love, from So Not a Princess!
8/14/2012Good karma because I love receiving anal and you're cool with that.
8/13/2012More culture than the yogurt in your fridge - lol
8/7/2012This guy is a commie. Better a commie than a sheep
8/3/2012Ha-- The Inquisador
8/2/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
8/2/2012Inestigation of a smith ---- Bluebeamed
8/2/2012Shut yer trap. Fithy faggot lover.
7/27/2012Insult about drug use
7/27/2012God loves you brother! Love, Pray, Repent and Forgive
7/26/2012You should be very careful about who you ban from vc room, not nice what you just did, will not forget it
7/25/20122nd amendment
7/25/2012Karma for the Dallas bs comment...cowgirlk
7/15/2012Being nice :) DG

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