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4/23/2013Eugenics, no pot and low fat food
4/23/2013Staind connection... we were both listening! eyedr3
4/23/2013Just because....Rhombus
4/19/2013Funny contributions to The Progressive Dictionary
4/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/16/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/16/2013The new rick rolled. nice. my first time! T-man (ill have fun with that video)
4/16/2013Gonviral karma
4/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/15/2013Thank you Negan for a chance for GLPers to vouice things without the bashing that usually comes after - Septenary Man
4/14/2013Me too. Where's Ronald or John Wayne when you need them?
4/12/2013For being kind. -Tauremini
4/12/2013Friday Green!!! ~Chip
4/12/2013Friday green~sonic doom
4/12/2013Friday beer karma - Resister
4/12/2013Paranormal friend -from notta
4/12/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/12/2013Right back at ya! Rhombus
4/11/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/11/2013Good catch
4/11/2013Yep. The Liberal Agenda isn't victoty, it's annihilation.
4/10/2013You are aware of the horrific effect that the negro has upon Human society. FOTN :-)
4/10/2013Completely agree with you :) Seagal695
4/10/2013Have some karma right meow
4/10/2013Good post in the Racist hate thread. Could not of said it better....indiandave
4/10/2013Good kharma for Negan. Hope all is good in your world. -w_nb
4/9/20131 for bible BS
4/8/2013Thanks for posting on my thread--- train
4/8/2013Drive-by - R.P. McMurphy
4/8/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/8/2013There is no LEFT/RIGHT. It was created to control you, and it is working. SHEEP
4/8/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/8/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/8/2013Reported Abusive Post
4/5/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
4/4/2013The more you post, the more your true colors shine.
4/4/2013Cheers --- davvi
4/4/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/3/2013Golf clap....
4/2/2013Drive by green~sonic doom
4/2/2013Thanks for posting about the &#%@ common core! ~AA
4/2/2013Because he is rick effin grimes
4/2/2013Hey Rick. --- Munsoned
3/29/2013ND babies are FREE to live their lives - Resister
3/29/2013It happens to all guys, it's OK. Call me. - Scientist Dorriss
3/29/2013Always good content!! - T-man
3/28/2013LOL. I do have a hell of a mouth. :-) - Debauchery
3/27/2013Shameless libertarian karma. -Moo!
3/27/2013To Rick: Cupid Karma : ) From: Angelic_Warrior
3/27/2013Libertarian ideals for the win - Damrod
3/27/2013Awwww! Hugs from Janie
3/26/2013From kitkat123
3/26/2013Well said, GT500
3/26/2013The Browning's clean ;) good to see ya Rick. Ayr phorce yuan.
3/22/2013For posting a horse being shot fuck you
3/22/2013Why post something to feed the bottom dwelers.
3/22/2013Eat this
3/22/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/22/2013The Inquisador checks in with GREEN..
3/22/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/22/2013Happy friday~sonic doom:)
3/22/2013Wow - Chrit
3/22/2013Good thread as always. ---- davvi
3/22/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
3/21/2013I am so glad you're one of my sock puppets - Comedian/Xavier/Walke​rs/BRIEF/Carshy/Trin/​Debauch/SG
3/21/2013For sticking to ya guns! Only Potter and Weasly talk like that!! Sir Griffo
3/21/2013You just seem cool! karma for being you! :) luckyophelia
3/21/2013God bless the babies! Nika
3/20/2013Debauchery :-)
3/20/2013Paultard shill
3/20/2013Love you Rick Grimes!
3/19/2013Nice thread on firearms. - We Who Watch
3/19/2013Kids that are taught are very safe with guns :)
3/19/2013Walkers Everywhere, right? - Dr Lecter
3/19/2013Stupid comment
3/19/2013Sup? - AR
3/19/2013Great thread.... yet another reason to delete your facebook accnt.
3/19/2013Thanks....salty1 (saltyone)
3/19/201311 year old w/ m&p 15-22. Doomer1981
3/19/2013Talking to himself.
3/19/2013Thanks! -Lacoste
3/18/2013For being pro 2nd amendment....indianda​ve
3/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/18/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/15/2013Thank you from No Dhimmi
3/15/2013Green for my Bro~~Angelic_Warrior
3/14/2013Intriguing thread..Ayn Rand...abi~
3/14/2013Reported Abusive Post
3/14/2013The ayn rand thread is a good discussion....secretn​inja
3/14/2013Socialism and communism suck!
3/14/2013Ixnay on the opepay - Vision Thing
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