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5/18/2019Supporting very dumb reincarnation theory
2/3/2019Wrong, and you have a faulty memory; bell bottoms did exist before 1968.
1/25/2019Trump bump :) wimp this...
1/11/2019Great post, tranny cycling thread. - NXavier
1/10/2019For Common Sense!
1/9/2019Love the humor
1/8/2019Great comment, thanks! ~~sseess
1/6/2019Blaming the victim
1/6/2019C*nt with no compassion
11/17/2018Bizzaro world.
11/14/2018I agree; so much clickbate, and titles are dishonest.
11/13/2018Very true
11/13/2018I agree--misleading thread title. cheers, jj johns
11/3/2018Have fun in DC, lol! ~thinking...
11/1/2018Sound advice on the troubled youth thread -Brandywine
11/1/2018Intelligent comment
11/1/2018Fuck off - SoberLife
11/1/2018Mother's boyfriend, what a psychotard! good answer
10/30/2018Donkey lips was here
10/7/2018Sparklers and Confetti Green! FlyOver
9/25/2018And to think she still has two more days of driving before she makes it to the confirmation hearings - omg LOL
8/29/2018Very true comment....good point.
8/12/2018Great post, DEEP STATE thread----Terrebonne
7/29/2018For your comment on the Mueller/Trump thread. ~sikhed

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