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3/2/2021Thinking of you. Hope retirement is treating you good! Paranoiaaaaa
3/1/2021I hope you are well. Ayr
3/1/2021Right back at you my dear. Much love and big hugs! Hope you are staying safe and sane out there. Mezzo : )
2/27/2021Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
2/26/2021Mucho hugs and love back to you friend - zzcat
2/26/2021Green from marooned
2/26/2021Serene green ~ wookiee
2/25/2021Torchie closing up shop. Love you too.
2/25/2021"I know not all that may be coming, but be it what it will, I'll go to it laughing." - Herman Melville, Moby Dick (Happy in Nature)
2/25/2021Bodhi~ <3 <3 <3
2/23/2021Hello CG!, always a pleasure to give you green, hope you are allright and now that the impeachment show is over, that the SCOTUS grows some balls to see the election fraud case. Hugs! Red Hot Chilean
2/23/2021Good catch. Not everyone is aware is alert to scams. - clevercreator
2/23/2021Morning Greens Love! - Louis in Richmond
2/22/2021Green from this Littlepixie comes with a cheeky grin and a hearty giggle to let you know you are being thought of.
2/20/2021Greens for a good week! TrustNoOneKS
2/19/2021Bacon is a staple -Arkansassy
2/19/2021Hoping you are safe and warm.... Crazy times indeed. -= Travis Bickle =-
2/18/2021Angelseverywhere :)
2/18/2021Sea turtle green and dragonflies too. : D NOLAangel
2/18/2021Green greenie ~ wookiee
2/17/2021Cute beaver! xoxo ssess
2/17/2021I like beavers .
2/17/2021Beavers love wood! <3 LittleMe <3
2/17/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
2/17/2021For the Beaver thread.. loved it . Nice beginning of my day. KAN DAEK
2/14/2021Green from this Littlepixie to wish you a marvelous valentines day, stay warm and relaxed.
2/14/2021At least the election thieves lost the impeachment and are really sore losers, that could be a turning point in favor of Trump. Hoping you a great week ahead, CosmicGypsy!!! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
2/12/2021Have a Blessed Day ! From savcash
2/12/2021Better than giving green to moderator whahaha
2/12/2021Green from marooned
2/11/2021For updating the person giving all those free readings - Half Past Midnight
2/10/2021Green nibbles.. ~CosmicFire
2/10/2021Keen green ~ wookiee
2/10/2021Greens for my Fishdom teammate! TrustNoOneKS
2/9/2021Coastie patriot green
2/8/2021"Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain't goin' away." - Elvis Presley (Happy in Nature)
2/7/2021A blast of Sunday green for you. LTHN.
2/6/2021Wishing You Well ...beenthruthat ...
2/6/2021Saturday Green for the soul of GLP, the Cosmic Gipsy!!! Hugs, Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
2/5/2021Love Ellusion :)
2/5/2021Have a great wkend!...Zenobia ;-)
2/1/2021Green from this Littlepixie comes with a gentle hug and a cheeky grin to let you know you are being thought of.
2/1/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/31/2021If words were music, your voice would be the finest symphony... ~CosmicFire
1/31/2021To coffee. To friends. Hugs and prayers. - clevercreator
1/31/2021Some Good Green For You ~ A R K
1/29/2021"Yes: I am a dreamer. For a dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world." - Oscar Wilde (Happy in Nature)
1/29/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/29/2021Friday Green and Hugs for the Cosmic Gipsy from the Red Hot Chilean Pepe. Have a great Weekend most beloved lady!
1/28/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/27/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/26/2021Greenie for a great gal! The Oracle's Cookie
1/26/2021For Frankie - lightchild_uk
1/24/2021Cheers from looking around
1/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/24/2021From Butch DeFeo - Only you can stop the fake pandemic for yourself, no one will ever tell you the pandemic is over. It's time to WIN
1/24/2021TY! -Cebeij
1/24/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/24/2021Awesome post - Thank You! Master Jedi
1/24/2021This guy even knows IT support ... total package I tell ya ... total package.
1/24/2021I.T help and pizza chat lol
1/24/2021BBQ Boy was here
1/24/2021God bless you, thanks for your kind words ;) - ThePassenger
1/23/2021Love ya! Lance XO to yer hubby to.
1/23/2021Awesome thread. We need breaks from doom. Sorry someone else gave you bad karma. Here's some good to counter it. ;) IamSawyer
1/23/2021Great thread ET SF
1/23/2021Lil green to help out w/ upgrades you'll bestow later....Zenobia ;-)
1/23/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021GLP LEGEND - WalkingMiracle
1/22/2021<3 Bodhi
1/22/2021Thx for starting your thread. It's needed! Good luck and have fun! Texan Buckeye
1/22/2021Returning the favor :)
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/22/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2021I don't mind buttin heads with ya, I still luv ya, CJ ! T. Noticer
1/21/2021You're welcome.
1/21/2021Hugs and hearts
1/21/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/21/2021Posted a thread that was pinned
1/21/2021Green from this Littlepixie, so nice to see you on the Mezzo's Thursday rant. Stay safe and well me lovely.
1/21/2021"Fuck that!" Lol - Adytum
1/21/2021Nice write up and response about thr unseen world and our thoughts- Tan
1/21/2021Cosmic! hugs to you- zzcat
1/20/2021"The heart has its own language. The heart knows a hundred thousand ways to speak." - Rumi (Happy in Nature)
1/20/2021Hello Cosmic Gypsy, I am still astonished of how the steal was simply allowed to be consumated. Speechless. Hope you are ok. Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
1/19/2021May the light of love keep you warm and safe. Best to you, LTHN.
1/19/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/19/2021Golden years are here again. pool
1/14/2021Reported Abusive Post
1/13/2021Thanks for the birthday wishes! ~BFD
1/13/2021Hugs for the Cosmic Gipsy from the Red Hot Chilean Pepe. May these troubling times not rob us from our gusto for life!
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