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NewThor's Karma

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9/16/2013U crazy good
9/16/2013Great vids Thor.. and a big hi from Ireland
9/16/2013Just for being you...
9/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/16/2013Good Job! AKO
9/15/2013Cool shit my man.. you're a huge inspiration.. with your background and all.. i gave up aircraft mechanics to become a glass artist,, HA, who'd a thunk. -FlameW
9/15/2013You rock! another masterpiece! Thank you
9/15/2013Cool vids :) trailingedge
9/15/2013For spreading the love...
9/15/2013Girl with open eyes love your posts very informative keep it up
9/15/2013So uh.. what is a Science Sandwich - exactly ;) - Eireann~
9/15/2013Lol..great post! karma from gonviral
9/15/2013The "13 New" thread is AMAZING!!!! thanks, morgan
9/14/2013Your the man!! thanks for the vid.. 4thhorseman
9/14/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/14/2013Spetember astroid info! :) -sssss
9/13/2013Happy Friday the 13th~Silvervega
9/13/2013HUGS)))) ....>>>>Settle4It<<<<​
9/12/2013Great New Ison video....Dr. Emmett Brown
9/12/2013You are swell. reader9
9/12/2013You sound very, very foolish
9/11/2013Still hoping for my cat flakes of doom wallpaper! Such a catchy animation! Pretty please? :P Great new vid. ~McK
9/11/2013Couldnt stand seeing your Green at 666 - 284dan
9/11/2013You're a retard
9/11/2013Last video was like masturbation... sometimes, its okay to wait until you actually get laid.
9/10/2013Karma for The Almighty Thor - Too Dark Park
9/10/2013Congrats on being King of America ~ Thor_
9/10/2013Green for your much appreciated continued efforts to expose reality....saved
9/10/2013Love your videos! :)
9/10/2013Awesome vids.
9/10/2013Good effort, despite exhaustion
9/10/2013Keeping on keeping on!
9/10/2013Great content
9/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/10/2013NewThor your video's are just so entertaining I can't help but watch. Thanks for all your work!!
9/10/2013You are one in a million.(Or in a Billion i am not sure yet)
9/9/2013King thor!
9/9/2013Love your work, even if your videos are getting a bit long. :) -- EK
9/6/2013Loved the Asteroid Swarm Vid - BreakingAirwaves
9/5/2013Thank you for your efforts Thor,...I look forward to your updates,...and do hope you get one or two, dates that is. :) ~Z
9/5/2013Mighty Thor
9/5/2013"Wolf-pack asteroid storm" RayGun
9/5/2013Asteroid news - amazing - good video too >CH
9/5/2013For the cosmic wolfpack doom! :-) ~Calidruid
9/5/2013King of everything. pool
9/5/2013Wolf-pack astroids...NOW THAT IS A FIRST! lol! Great job! SK
9/4/2013Thanks again for all the videos. You are awesome! :)
9/4/2013Nice! Jedi
9/4/2013Good video many thanks -Steamrolled
9/4/2013Keep the great videos coming!
9/3/2013Thanks for all your videos, we deserve the truth, be blessed!
9/3/2013Admirable focus on getting info from NASA
9/3/2013Great and informative threads
9/3/2013Drive by karma! FooledMeOnce
9/2/2013Good thread :) Vold3mort
9/2/2013Keep the ISON videos coming. :)
9/2/2013Your vidz are awesome :D
9/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/2/2013Forget about Amy... Drunk Uncle
9/2/2013Every1 thinks your cool... NOT IN MY BOOK, imo your a jobless attentionseeker and doomtard... -Fukunova
9/2/2013Another good one, thanks. 4thhorseman
9/2/2013Good videos bro
9/2/2013Dont forget about the Black Holes. I know ISON it #1 on your list though. - Mr. Reality
9/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/2/2013Simple27 : )
9/1/2013Green - from the Freak
9/1/2013Love you Thor. quite one
9/1/2013Great vids...love your work....Lekker:)
9/1/2013New video footage of Comet ISON --- nice vid thx --- ElenaC
8/31/2013U are awesome bro
8/31/2013Random karma drop for ya -- ama
8/30/2013More greeen for more videos - nighthawks
8/29/2013Requiem with Reason
8/28/2013Don't stress too hard brother. Love ya - TruthOverEgo
8/26/2013Have another karma, you deserve it! Thank you for your videos. I look forward to them. :)
8/26/2013For hot bitches in your awesome vids - deathpossum PS, not manning BTW
8/25/2013I love me some thor - Dr. Manhattan
8/25/2013Thor srsly the shizznit bro
8/25/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/25/2013LOVE UR VIDS BRUV....sugarman09
8/25/2013Good job Thor "jase747"
8/25/2013Green for the Joker
8/25/2013Keep up the good work, MONSTER
8/25/2013For the Joker is wild
8/25/2013NT ISON VIDS / Cheers & God Bless / Chrewman
8/25/2013I'd give u all my karma bro but these bastards won't let me
8/25/2013Your videos are boring
8/24/2013Special Needs drooled here!
8/24/2013Such a sweetheart!....((((Hu​gs))))....>>>>Settle4​It<<<<
8/23/2013Way Too Awesome
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