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8/20/2013You are No 1....Lekker:)
8/19/2013Thor is GLP's most entertaining video content provider on.
8/19/2013Awesome video :)
8/19/2013Keep it up thor so what if they block you on their youtube alot of us like your work
8/19/2013What a nice cock u have.
8/19/2013Great video as always Thor. :) Thanks!
8/19/2013Dude, Texas power! I have family around Dallas. From Southeast Mercury11
8/18/2013More green for good videos. -Nighthawks
8/18/2013Nice work bud!
8/18/2013Solar Guardian here. May I have some green karma points? :)
8/18/2013Great job as usual! Interesting find!~SK
8/16/2013Dude, we need a video from ThorNews about the new star discovered 2 days ago! WTF is going on. this is pre-karma
8/15/2013Awesome videos!!!!
8/15/2013Cause im ur girlfriend :)
8/13/2013Drive by karma. Happy Monday. FooledMeOnce
8/12/2013Dance man dance....Hey LOOK
8/12/2013Are 100's of Asteroids and Comets headed to the Inner Solar system? ElenaC
8/12/2013Astro backing ass tool
8/12/2013All round awesomeness!
8/12/2013Good Work - CoTA
8/11/2013Love your charming magnetism! ;)
8/11/2013You are a pretty cool dude.
8/11/2013Good as always...waitn4end
8/11/2013You're a good person -- Diluted
8/11/2013Thanks thor for anther good thread, and for the shoyts of Sophia!....saved
8/11/2013Another great vid! reader9
8/11/2013Unc Drunkle
8/11/2013Here is at u again...not that u need...:))...Chas
8/11/2013God Bless you - whiteangel
8/11/2013Nice thread thor sweetheart- rochelle
8/10/2013I love your editing~Silvervega
8/10/2013Fear monger. you and doorbert make a cracking pair
8/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/10/2013Thor strikes again, Isis One
8/10/2013Hope I don't offend with the stober jokes, thanks for your vids. - Speacial kneedz
8/10/2013Part 23
8/9/2013I appreciate your efforts,...thus cosmic joke appears to be on all of us. ~Z
8/9/2013Enter the SUPERDOOM ZONE, awesome awesome awesome job. -Nighthawks
8/9/2013Nice post Thor as always ~ParadigmShift
8/9/2013Excellent work, keep it up
8/9/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
8/9/2013Bless you. The Quiet One.
8/8/2013Thanks New Thor. DD
8/8/2013Here ya go
8/8/2013Well compiled info, 5 stars and a green for u! - Gringo-Cracker
8/8/2013Great stuff sir! :D calx
8/8/2013Alert! Warning! Danger! Video. Thanks, 4thhorseman
8/8/2013Doing us all a favor -Truth
8/8/2013Great video man!
8/8/2013You are the best, bro. i love ALL your videos. Don't ever stop. ~Sars
8/8/2013Awesome as always mate ~TheSol
8/8/2013Excellent video
8/8/2013For making an awesome, consice video!!
8/8/2013Thursday karma hugs!....>>>>Settle4I​t<<<<
8/8/2013Well done dude great vid :)
8/8/2013Check my quesitons out in your audio advice thread. - "LostIGuess"
8/6/2013Still hoping for my cat flakes doom art! :) Nudge nudge, love you forever? ~McK
8/5/2013Thornews presents! xD
8/5/2013I really like your videos. Hope I was useful. :D shyrlymyrly
8/5/2013Lame yo
8/5/2013Like the Ison & Sun vids - DelusionsOfGrandeur
8/4/2013Sun! reader9
8/4/2013No reason whatsoever... -Fukunova
8/4/2013Keeps on keeping on
8/4/2013The Master of the SUN. nice :) ElenaC
8/4/2013FooledMeOnce was here
8/1/2013Principia discordia
8/1/2013Keep 'em coming bro!
7/31/2013Green for you!! HUGS!!....>>>>Settle4​It<<<<
7/31/2013For the dogs...Chas...
7/31/2013Charlie Murphy! AmJedi
7/31/2013I love you .... marry me. lol
7/31/2013Great as always + for the gigs
7/31/2013Cause I'm ur girlfriend! ;-)
7/30/2013I'm in <3 <3 <3
7/30/2013He is champion of thorness
7/30/2013Thanks for the great videos, MONSTER
7/29/2013Good stuff Bro, keep it up :) - Too Dark Park
7/29/2013Keep up the amazing work. - Dr. Neuk
7/29/2013A great update once again
7/29/2013Great post on Comet Ison - 7 Trillion pounds of dust! NICE ~ *Haarp Lady
7/29/2013Always love his videos.
7/29/2013Awesome work friend! keep up the great work! ~devilsadvocatetoday
7/29/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/29/2013Great vids!
7/29/2013Ethuggin' ...gotta love it. 905
7/29/2013Thx! I really enjoy your vids! -ladyannie
7/29/2013Keep up the entertain & teaching! Right on! (ghost)
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