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7/6/2013For "Hydrostatic Equilibrium" - BoilerBloodline - HOLD YOUR HORSES!!
7/6/2013LOVE YOUR VIDZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ---->>MORE GREEEEEN--->>>> EvilMoney
7/5/2013Good one...Chas
7/5/2013Love GFG
7/5/2013New thor! Much respect, ~theTruthMonger
7/5/2013You are becoming a very good Astronomer, a goto GLP'r... Saddletramp
7/5/2013Have a great weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
7/5/2013For pinning your own thread before a single post. not one person posted.
7/5/2013Funny, refreshing
7/5/2013Bringing to light important space phenomena
7/4/2013Fuck you and ISON
7/3/2013The commentary in that video was some of the stupidest garbage I ever rested my ears on. U R NOT FUNNY
7/3/2013Love your video style! Keep it up <zeroeffect>
7/3/2013Hugs for you waitn4end
7/3/2013ANOTHER excellent VIDDIE! Special place in my heart for vee-ger! Thank you! Silentlyknowing
7/3/2013Don't let them haters getcha. +1 Occasionally Swears
7/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2013Awesome vids
7/3/2013See? Even NASA can be pestered into doing something. Good on ya --- amach
7/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
7/3/2013T counter the douch bag a few lines down! :)
7/3/2013Im down with the funky town! wZn
7/1/2013TY Sweetie!....>>>>Settl​e4It<<<<
6/30/20135 stars and green, its like your the only real sourse out there, keep up te good work and than ks....saved
6/30/2013Good post--- train
6/30/2013Mighty Thor
6/30/2013Because his work is good.
6/28/2013Got your back anytime bro. - Anonymous-User
6/28/2013My favorite of your videos is Be Cool America. I like your style! Ty, reader9
6/28/2013Well done
6/28/2013Pt 14 mang-Nighthawks
6/27/2013Cause I'm ur girlfriend :-)
6/27/2013You are the best!
6/27/2013I liked your Queen voice in #14 ~ Silvervega
6/27/2013Love GFG
6/27/2013Green Knight for you! =) Inerrancia
6/27/2013Love & Blessings! <3 BDE
6/27/2013Because you are the man bro!
6/27/2013Cheers bud, to comet ISON - Dafuq
6/27/2013Simple27 : )
6/27/2013Thanks for the green and the nice compliment! LittleMissDictator
6/27/2013Keep fighting the Good fight! - CoTA
6/26/2013Good job
6/26/2013Nice, more space videos thor! - mhanth4f
6/26/2013Love the vid... El Tiburon
6/26/2013Ur the coolest mofo on GLP....luv the vids bruv!!! sugarman09
6/26/2013Srzly bro, youre awsome
6/26/2013TY for the Gold Doom vid. I like your stuff. Niemand
6/25/2013Points for you bromosexual
6/24/2013Wtf nasa? lmao
6/24/2013O's big mouth really did it this time >CH
6/23/2013Back at ya my fellow Texan....>>>>Settle4i​t<<<<
6/23/2013I was thinking about posting about the binary star just last night and didn't do it. I come back to day and voila! Great job, too.
6/23/2013Great posts! --eekers
6/23/2013Love the great work you do and knowledge I get from it.. 4thhorseman
6/23/2013Supermoon vid <3
6/22/2013Supermoon haas...:))..Chas
6/22/2013You keep me looking up. lionhound
6/22/2013Damn, man, you make some entertaining & informative vids -- EK
6/22/20131 love the videos Barbara. imjustsayin
6/22/2013Nah was here
6/22/2013Green for the win=)'
6/22/2013Do not despair.
6/20/2013Great vids brotha
6/20/2013Yer 2 funny
6/20/2013You seriously are the man! Love your vids! St3v3
6/20/2013Karma Hugs :)AKO
6/19/2013Awesome ~TheSol
6/19/2013Don't do drugs! lol
6/19/2013GLP's greatest....Lekker:)
6/19/2013Another great one in your series....grumpier
6/19/2013Lay out in the fields...
6/19/2013Keep on fighting the good fight broseph! - CoTA
6/18/2013LOVE YOUR VIDZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ---->>MORE GREEEEEN--->>>> EvilMoney
6/18/2013Love your videos .... coco
6/18/2013Tangy :)
6/18/20131 for entertaining me -Dr. Manhatten
6/18/2013Any time my friend - DoorBert
6/17/2013Some love - thowni
6/16/2013Vids are entertaining.
6/16/2013Keep rockin those space rocks!
6/16/2013Good karma is good
6/16/2013Always a good watch.
6/16/2013I like your attitude. -Nighthawks
6/16/2013Awesome karma for u dude, scribbler!
6/15/2013; )
6/15/2013Ba bam for humor ! madmacs
6/14/2013Coool vid
6/14/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
6/12/2013Some green for ya buddy ---ama
6/9/2013Thor man ur vids are friggin funny as hell....sugarman09
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