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NewThor's Karma

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6/9/2013For your videos....grumpier
6/9/2013Keep em comming Thor...=)'
6/9/2013Don't you worry what the bitter hearts..are gonna' say :)
6/9/2013This is obvious, yet, do not all contribute towards the truth in the comments in some form regardless of the data they present?
6/9/2013Entertaining AND informative!
6/9/2013You are annoying
6/8/2013Sir Griffo
6/7/2013Keep looking up waitn4end
6/7/20135 STARS AND A KARMA! LOVE YOUR STUFF! Silentlyknowing (hugs)
6/7/2013Awesome new vid Thor- wtf NASA..
6/5/2013Hooters & Horses!
6/5/2013Your videos are brilliantly hilarious, that give a good message, and pass information around successfully. Thank you for all that you do. - Anonymous_User
6/5/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/5/2013Thor is awesome
6/5/2013LOVE YOUR VIDZZZZZZZZZZZ!!! ---->> EvilMoney
6/4/2013Simple27 : )
6/4/2013Not funny.
6/4/2013Needed a good laugh. +1
6/3/2013ISON 9 code 744
6/3/2013Good vids, keep em comin-SpiderJones
6/2/2013Love your vids dude, making science addicting
6/2/2013For Truth,Justice,and the American way... ya Im ur girlfriend!
6/2/2013Inquisitive mind... I like!
6/2/2013U are amazing!....Comperio
6/2/2013Thanks for spending the time splicing and making such good vids!
6/1/2013Love the info very entertaining. ProPain
6/1/2013For the pain of the Hooters experience,lol, Drunk Uncle
6/1/2013Great catch, thank you
5/31/2013You rock, scribbler!
5/31/2013I love your vids - you have a great sense of humor. :-)
5/31/2013Excellent work!! ~Naga
5/30/2013Nice Job.
5/30/2013Not only are you intelligent, you have a provocative voice. :)
5/30/2013The asteroid moon thread. -Moo!
5/30/2013Greast info, very entertaining also
5/30/2013Super cool yo-Mr Pasta's Magic Wishboat
5/30/2013Nice Find.
5/30/2013For all the informative and fun videos!!
5/30/2013For being a fabulous 'Moon-a-tic' reporter! - Imajicatus :-)))
5/30/2013Karma lovin
5/30/2013Thors Videos are entertaining atleast.
5/30/20131 love your videos imjustsayin barbara
5/30/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/30/2013Karma thread. Karma-tard
5/30/2013Stop making good, infromative videos. You are scaring the childish trolls.
5/30/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
5/30/2013Quit crying about your karma
5/30/2013I love your videos! Signed, faithful New Thor groupie :-)
5/30/2013Karma for your shill problem .... brother love
5/30/2013Here, have some karma. Now quit whining about karma. Sheesh.
5/30/2013Keep making your kickass videos! -Kick
5/30/2013Fuck 'em - Baconhead
5/30/2013SRZLY BRO. Stop the kiddy vids.
5/30/2013For your dumbass childish videos, grow up FFS
5/29/2013For being entertaining as all hell!
5/29/2013Keep people thinking
5/29/2013Good thread.. QE2 Mia41
5/29/2013Thanks for the karma for honesty - very classy ~ QuantumKev
5/29/2013Quantitative Easing vid...God Bless! <3 BDE
5/29/2013Great video, thanks for sharing! Katharinels :-)
5/29/2013Shilling for idiocy
5/29/2013Thanks much! ~ ItsMaKa2
5/29/2013You're alright man! :D calx
5/29/2013Educating the masses thanks
5/28/2013Posting the same shit over and over to get doomtard reactions.
5/28/2013Best vids ever- El Tiburon
5/28/2013Good Stuff- KartAnimal29
5/28/2013Just like his vids
5/28/2013Honest human
5/28/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/28/2013Nice vid bro: and I also like the one about Nibs; Little Baby Jesus
5/28/2013King thor rulz!
5/28/2013Love your video! You're absolutely adorable! ctruth333~
5/27/2013Simple27 : )
5/27/2013Awesome vid on Ceres Vesta etc. InCogNeatOh
5/27/2013Luv your vid, whats disrupting 5 star and karma sacred energy :)
5/27/2013Ceres, Vesta, Funny Story...always learning and entertained...Weeping​ Angel : )
5/27/2013Another great vid - pigsinspace
5/27/2013Out of the box!!!green
5/27/2013Look Into New Revolution Radio , i Once Had a Show .. u Are Ready
5/27/2013Lol, your reports are so informative and amusing. 5
5/27/2013This is a great vid.
5/26/2013Best EVER. -- EK
5/26/2013ISON 8 code 744
5/26/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
5/26/2013Here you go buddy - mhanth4f
5/26/2013It's not a planet you self-deluded over-reaching ego-starved delusional ignoramus.
5/26/2013Keep at it!
5/26/2013Cool green-SpiderJones
5/26/2013Thanks for the great original content. hard to come by these days. -floobarb the argnorf
5/26/2013Woah. -High Perception
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