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NewThor's Karma

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5/25/2013Thanks for the info on CERES!
5/25/2013Cant watch ur vid... but interesting food for thought to say the least... -Dr. Acula
5/25/2013Nice find about ceres
5/25/2013Hilarious and infromative vids!
5/25/2013Ceres thread & vid, the killer KO/BODY BLOW combo of info & humor!
5/25/2013Never a dull moment LoL ~ Re_Deek_u_Lus
5/25/2013Interesting video - salty1
5/25/2013Nice thread on CERES ~ p. borealis
5/25/2013Another awesome Thor News! -Serendipitous
5/25/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/25/2013I will smile for you!....>>>>Settle4It​<<<<
5/24/2013ISON awsome...
5/24/2013Folks like you make this site worth it!
5/24/2013Cool: brian8888
5/24/2013Part 8 - Nice job --- amach
5/24/2013Very Gay vids ;)
5/24/2013Fucking awesome dude!! Scribbler.
5/24/2013Part 8 was lovely, -dafuq
5/24/2013Very good vids! :P Hope this negates that bad karma you got! - Ailithe
5/24/2013Haha, love your wacky and highly informative ISON vids... good lord i hope that dust feature gives us all super powers instead of showering us with meteorites
5/24/2013Fantasic work ! and very important....Comperio​
5/24/2013I love your work, man!
5/24/2013LOVE THIS SERIES!! ....>EvilMoney
5/24/2013Best vids on youtube
5/22/2013Love your Asteroid swarm vid! Hilarious - dettol
5/21/2013High production and entertainment value in videos
5/21/2013Making science fun!
5/20/2013Information! Information! Screw the Haters.
5/20/2013Stop spamming your dumbass childish videos in other threads, and grow up FFS
5/20/2013Loving your vids Thor. thanks, you're the greatest -Sammie
5/20/2013You are great
5/20/2013More awesomeness! - CoTA
5/20/2013Cool videos bro, but watch out with that astro shill
5/20/2013For the videos!
5/19/2013Kb asteroid vid - pigsinspace
5/19/2013Great Video!!!
5/19/2013General awesomeness
5/19/2013Excellent MONSTER
5/19/2013LOL! Your commentary on your vids is hilarious! Thank you! - Eireann~
5/19/2013Because Thor is a rockstar!
5/19/2013You rock like a meteor, Mr. Thor. ~ ExoPoliChick
5/19/2013Best one yet... U rock
5/18/2013Gren for you hon!! Missed when the new video came out - great job again! whiteangel
5/18/2013My weekly fix...;))
5/18/2013Love vids
5/18/2013I love these vids great job
5/18/2013Good stff bro! Re_Deek_u_Lus
5/18/2013AAAA+++++ great info!
5/18/2013Good video as usual - mhanth4f
5/18/2013Ison Part7 â¢
5/18/20131 Awesome, thanks!
5/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/17/2013Love your videos .dmore4
5/17/2013This guy makes great vids and just has a good nature to him.
5/16/2013Thor news is awesome
5/15/2013Love your vid's....Lekker:)
5/14/2013I like your stuff , cool
5/14/2013Green for the Pegasii thread ~Suffie /)
5/14/2013Real vid for sure - Chrit
5/14/2013Up'd karma for the BS 1 star on your thread ~Jolago
5/14/2013Can't wait to make your aquaintence. -dafuq :soon1: ;)
5/13/2013Enjoy your vids bud. So heres karma green back atcha.
5/13/2013For sexy voice.
5/13/2013Love your work - wZn
5/13/2013Read up on the sun
5/13/2013Happy Karma Monday!....>>>>Settle​4it<<<<
5/13/2013Videos fuckin videos
5/13/2013Comet ISON --- thx --- ElenaC
5/13/2013Green :) ACM
5/13/2013Have a great week!
5/13/2013I think BIGFOOT is BLURRY. We got a outta focus monster roaming the countryside!!
5/12/20132more pts and I can pin has...
5/12/2013Least I can do â amach.
5/12/2013I like your mind :) Thanks for the videos!
5/12/2013Another good video Thanks~A Heretic
5/11/2013Love your vids man - Kart
5/11/2013Pigpen - DVCMCM
5/9/2013Happy Friday - Little Baby Jesus
5/8/2013Karma from gonviral
5/8/2013Most of us will die in the reset though. Wish it was as easy as chalkboard..but I donta thinka it will go that way :( green 4 u tho!
5/8/2013Loved the Ison series..
5/8/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/8/2013Best youtube vids out there, drunk uncle
5/8/2013You're the funniest astrotard on GLP! Keeps it interesting! (Ghost)
5/7/2013Funny and informative
5/7/2013You post the coolest and funniest videos. Thanks RAKM!
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