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5/6/2013Good videos so far.
5/6/2013Love your videos man! You are hilarious, i get the feeling you would be a cool guy to kick it with. - Doom Serenity
5/6/2013I was wrong. Brain smaller than a tree-frog's
5/6/2013Great thread on ISON....Comperio
5/6/2013Thanks for the links
5/6/2013Supergreen ISON part 5 youtube video. TY. :-)
5/6/2013For making m laugh -Sammie :)
5/6/2013Comet ISON --- good info --- ElenaC
5/6/2013As usual, great work. - CoTA
5/6/2013For ISON video thread! Thank you! Niemand
5/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
5/6/2013Awesome Ison Vid series Thor--UselesssRepeate​r
5/5/2013Sunday Karma ((((HUGS))))....>>>>S​ettle4It<<<<
5/5/2013W T F green
5/5/2013ISON vid! I can't believe I haven't watched them before! :O calx
5/5/2013Fuck. Yes. ~TheSol
5/5/2013Wow! awesome work with the ison vids! thanks! :) -ladyannie
5/5/2013For the big beautifuls, how you managed to work that into a comet video, I just dunno. 905
5/5/2013Great ISON videos! ACM :)
5/5/2013Having fun...Chas
5/4/2013Great vids. Thanks for the effort you put in. --- amach.
5/4/2013Enjoy your humor :)
5/4/2013There you go. Enjoy.waitn4end
5/3/2013Some green for ISON and you - whiteangel
5/3/2013Great video again!!
5/3/2013Good vid
4/29/2013Woot woot great videos - zpunk
4/24/2013Green flyby- SpiderJones
4/24/2013Comendy with a tuch of WTF
4/23/2013Part 4 awesome man - KartAnimal29
4/22/2013Love your work
4/22/2013Thank you! I greatly enjoy your thread!....Orion's Wisdom!
4/22/2013Awesome work!
4/22/2013Great videos! nice work sir!
4/22/2013Green love from your buddy moot=)'
4/22/2013Double dusted. -dafuq
4/22/2013Very Creative and Nice --- LBJ
4/22/2013Intelligent, funny and good looking to boot! Great vids.
4/22/2013Comet c/2012 s1 ISON: WTF NASA??? good article :0 --- ElenaC
4/22/2013Great Ison vids... thanks for sharing... my2centsworth
4/22/2013Like your vids...Spiral C
4/22/2013Great Videos_GeoStorm
4/22/2013Bravo!! - CoTA
4/21/2013Hello newthor please keep us informed and tell us when you upload your next video! - mhanth4f
4/21/2013I love your videos.
4/21/2013Good poster! ty 4 accepting constructive criticism :) betty189
4/20/2013Step 'er up -- amach
4/20/2013Your videos just make me laugh - whiteangel
4/20/2013Planet X vid....Hopeless
4/20/2013Brain of a tree-frog
4/20/2013Planet X : It is real
4/20/2013Dug it, thanks!
4/20/2013Good job handling negative responses, scribbler!
4/20/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
4/20/2013Beyond hilarious, beyond awesome!
4/20/2013For your PX video and thread! ~Vesper33~
4/19/2013Clever karma
4/19/2013I enjoy your videos! MissSoulSpark!
4/19/2013Ou make my marshmellow head hurt
4/19/2013Stupid post
4/19/2013Good vid anyway...waitn4end
4/15/2013I like the vids
4/15/2013I like your style
4/15/2013Nice vids - FOTN
4/14/2013Great ISON Video Again. KartAnimal29
4/14/2013To undo the red, Isis One
4/14/2013Here's some green to offset the jealous red. It's crazy isn't it?
4/14/2013Attention whore
4/14/2013You sir, are a fool. Your videos just repeat the same old shit and offer nothing new
4/14/2013Thats really nice video love it and looking forward for next part - mhanth4f
4/14/2013Karma from gonviral
4/13/2013Dude ur awesome and that chic is hot! -- Keep em coming! -- Munsoned
4/12/2013Comet Nudity
4/11/2013I like this video
4/11/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/11/2013Kewl dude - Comedian
4/11/2013Nice job. ~ExoPoliChick
4/11/2013Great videos
4/10/2013Wtf nasa part 2 epix
4/10/2013Serendipitous Green for your sheer awesomeness. Subscribed.
4/10/2013I like your energy :)
4/10/2013Hilarious Video~ParadigmShift
4/10/2013Put that shit out there!=)'
4/10/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
4/10/2013Any time
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