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3/3/2014Fuck astro n his shills
3/3/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
3/3/2014You rock!
3/3/2014Grow up
3/3/2014No matter what astro says I still like your videos. :)
3/3/2014King of trolls kiddy fiddler fuck off
3/2/2014Youtube spammer
3/2/2014For the always informative and entertaining vids!
2/15/2014Green time_GeoStorm
2/12/2014Shadow beam
2/10/2014United Kingdom is Flooding. Elena.C
2/10/2014Possibly the stupidest person in the world. Ever.
2/10/2014This guys is bad ass genius - Puppet Master
2/10/2014Great flood thread... And follow-up comments! my2centsworth
2/10/2014Another great video. Thanks! SkinnyChic
2/10/2014For great vids & funny voices - Retard
2/9/2014How much does the Gov'e pay you a month .... Fake Ass
2/9/2014Astro arse kisser.
2/9/2014Awesome video! saved
2/9/2014Love the vids NT, keep em comin'
2/9/2014For informative vids! Thanks!
2/8/2014Because who doesn't like positive karma! -PirateMonkey
2/5/2014Asteroids!! good work! - Corkygreenstate -
2/5/2014Funny vids
2/5/2014Namaste. Comperio
2/3/2014Fucking Nut.
2/3/2014Marijuana might have value to someone who habitually smokes the stuff just as alcohol would have value to someone who drinks the stuff.
2/3/2014I think you smoked too much!
2/3/2014Have a great week! ~ ItsMaKa2
2/3/2014Thanks for video love GFG
2/2/2014Where the hell ya been T man? Need some more doom...lol....saved
2/1/2014You were wrong about ISON, but whatevs. :)
1/29/2014My favourite -Steady
1/29/2014Hi from Earth420 :)
1/28/2014Big love for you Thor
1/26/2014Creepy that you pin your own threads - that is karma abuse in my book. And your vids are bad - ceres is not a planet.
1/26/2014I Always enjoy your videos, thanks -- Sea of Holes
1/26/2014Thanks for the work you do ! .. Madgame
1/26/2014Fantastic report on Ceres, Thor. Keep swinging the hammer! mehitable
1/26/2014Wow! Ceres vid!
1/26/2014Cereszly bro- GLAP
1/26/2014Karma for your hard work - FullMoonBlanket
1/26/2014Right on, a new series to look forward to!
1/26/2014=( ^.^ )=
1/25/2014Your the man: shadow beam
1/23/2014Put The Pipe Down Motherfucker.
1/23/2014Heh. No problem :) GeoStorm
1/23/2014Is the Sun Falling Asleep? Elena.C
1/23/2014I hope you get that meth problem taken care of
1/23/2014Thor ur still awsome in my books
1/23/2014Fuck off idiot bullshitter
1/19/2014Not again, please use another voice... and another video editing software , the dumbing down of america is real , and your proof
1/19/2014Thor carries the biggest hammer!
1/17/2014Becouse you are obssesed with red...
1/17/2014For all the vids!!!!
1/17/2014It is just beginning now - do not dispear.
1/17/2014Cause we both Love Austin) M1
1/16/2014Keep on keepin on
1/16/2014No more ison videos please
1/13/2014Green for your "final" ison thread? Wait for it, it isnt over yet, ison itselfmight be, not what came in with it though....saved
1/13/2014Keep the vids comin!
1/13/2014Bullshit artist
1/13/2014Because you rock man! -Klerv
1/13/2014Just 'cause~MoViNgOnUp
1/13/2014I'm glad you're finally admitting to being a paid phony regarding ISON and God knows what else
1/12/2014Keep it up thor! xD
1/12/2014You are ok, man. Don't listen to the losers- Gringo-Crackerº
1/12/2014Back at ya buddy, your favorite Drunk Uncle
1/12/2014Green For You! ~ ItsMaKa2
1/12/2014The best out there, forget the haters and do your thing bro!
1/12/2014You're like the 'unknown comic' from the Gong Show...lmao. I have no idea who the hell you are.... but you make me laugh! thanks thor! -ladyannie
1/12/2014Glad Your Back, Monster
1/7/2014To your vids. Great work, keep on :) Elena.C
1/6/2014No fear man! you rock!!!
1/4/2014Fuck the haters bro, keep it up! Be careful but. New Hollywood.
1/3/2014You rock bud, just ignore the haters - Reinvigorated Being
1/3/2014Thanks for all the great threads! -Steady
1/3/2014Where is our shutup money
1/2/2014Thanks man!! Hope you have a good year.. 4H
1/2/2014Paid to lie. how about you apologize to the so called 'shills'
1/1/2014Just because you are a good soul on a path of truth
1/1/2014Yep ! -corkygreenstate-
1/1/2014For being nice :) and for the best year to come. Sloane
1/1/2014Happy New Year! -Sammie
1/1/2014Loved your Lightning Amendment video -armouredkitten
12/31/2013Keep your chin up, NT. You're appreciated ~ MoViNgOnUp
12/31/2013Happy New Year....Lekker:)
12/30/2013For the hottest looking guy on GLP! don't tell OYE! lol!
12/30/2013For the great videos you make :) Elena.C
12/29/2013Good Karma :) ACM
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