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NewThor's Karma

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11/26/2013Another gret vid
11/26/2013Just because you are fucking awesome!
11/26/2013Just because - Caraudiotekk
11/26/2013Keep on keepin on thor,dont let them get you
11/26/2013Great vids!!!
11/26/2013You are a precious human being, Thor :D - Love, dawasatso
11/26/2013Great, timely information
11/26/2013For your videos, even if i dont always agree with your point of view, they take time and effort too make, kudos - king ears
11/26/2013Cuz i gotta dog named Thor.
11/26/2013Thanks for your hard work - FUCK THE SHILLS
11/26/2013Yes sir
11/26/2013Comet ISON's Orbit has changed
11/26/2013Keeping Ison Info Going, Anderson _G
11/26/2013Some green for you from WeRdOOmed
11/26/2013U da man brah - citratox
11/26/2013Thanks for the entertaining vids! mtn mang
11/26/2013Good guy
11/26/2013Thanks for your contribution to humanity :D
11/26/2013You are a man of the coming age my friend - just keep fighthing for truth, and you will win. Namaste.
11/26/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/26/2013Great vid, per usual. I always enjoy them.
11/26/2013Pin as many as you can...Krystal
11/26/2013For keeping the faith...Scarbedazzles​
11/26/2013My head exploded ... BOOM!
11/26/2013Great fucking vids bro
11/26/2013You rock! ~Stormey
11/25/2013PAID SHILL. Admitted to making $3000 from his Youtube account.
11/25/2013Happy Turkey Day & viewing ISON - whiteangel
11/25/2013Your vids at quality. keep it up bro
11/25/2013Keep on keeping on - your videos don't bore me.
11/25/2013Best Moran?
11/25/2013Happy THANKSGIVING! Karma from Gonviral
11/25/2013There is only one King baby. And you ain't him!
11/25/2013Best Of What?
11/25/2013For all the right reasons ;)
11/25/2013Awful videos and now brings out 'the best of'.
11/25/2013You're the best: junkyfungus
11/25/2013My favorite GLPer :) -Tasty THC
11/25/2013Good threads man - krystle ann
11/24/2013Thanks Thor
11/24/2013Oh man, can't you make a normal video, so childish, so american
11/23/2013Hell yeah f**k the shills
11/23/2013Thor is informative and entertaining
11/23/2013Thank you sir for giving me a needed update and laugh at the same time. xo Ozone Baby
11/23/2013Green tumbs up....Lekker:)
11/22/2013Another excellent production.
11/22/2013Ur funni -insomnia
11/22/2013Ison horseshit
11/22/2013A good pin prick in a bullshit of a day
11/22/2013Haha good video - V
11/22/2013Happy Thanksgiving...from saved
11/22/2013Love the video Thor. the quite one
11/22/2013Allways make me smile +i like the way you think ~RAGIII~
11/22/2013Love your videos men. French support Bonnes continuations Moulin
11/22/2013Your so funny ! - Ap girl ! thank you
11/22/2013Green for you>> evilmoney
11/22/2013Wings? Bow Shock? How big is Comet ISON's Nucleus? great vid Elena.C
11/22/2013Thank you very much for what you do! jdb
11/21/2013Much Respect for THE Thor - Spittin'Cesium.
11/21/2013More arrogant than Drastro but without the intelligenceto back it up.
11/21/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
11/20/2013You're a hoot :) - woowoo
11/20/2013Thor is the man!
11/20/2013Head high - /SV/
11/20/2013God Bless you Thor
11/20/2013For being cool, andreidita
11/20/2013God bless you for this reminder.
11/20/2013I love you man. I love what you do and how you stand behind it. 100%.
11/20/2013U are a good person . tmorais
11/20/2013Thanks for your vids.
11/20/2013Keep up the good work, ignore the idiots *<3sugar&spice<3
11/20/2013Dont let the haters get to you Thor. ~Una~
11/20/2013Admitting you were wrong is honorable. Honor is rare these days.
11/20/2013Can't be right 100% of the time. ~Loki (stripper orphanage lol)
11/20/2013Good humour. Good attitude. Good info. Good work
11/20/2013Green for you :) Beso
11/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/20/2013Huckster. and this is for my 2 thumbs down from you jerk.
11/20/2013Attention whore
11/20/2013The closer you get the more they shill. Keep up the great work! SkinnyChic
11/19/2013Another great video
11/19/2013Trippy Vid
11/19/2013Another fine video . 5 *s - DaRtHbAlLeR
11/19/2013Good Job, NewThor, Agent73 : )
11/19/2013Great job as usual....your info is pissin someone off....keep up the good work....Lil
11/19/2013For your courage!
11/19/2013Nevermind the shills and the green c*nts you rock!
11/19/2013I love your updates and sense of humor, not to mention your dedicated research. Thank you!
11/19/2013Love your videos and your talent !! Thanks for all your hard work xo
11/19/2013Keep em coming thor :D
11/19/2013Keep up the awesome work! Ag47
11/19/2013Karma Hug... Cyndexia
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