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NewThor's Karma

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11/19/2013Thanks NewThor ... I do like your sexy voice. lol
11/19/2013Here's your hug~Silvervega
11/19/2013For all the work you put into those videosâ¦.Psy
11/19/2013Nice videos, thanks... Those comets are really amazing!!! 141
11/19/2013Taking time to make something cool - funkbob
11/19/2013Love your videos....thank you! Dakine
11/19/2013Being bullied for questioning science.
11/19/2013For a fellow wower and having neo on ur avatar
11/19/2013Karma for another player
11/19/2013Nice Post! Peace & Love 2U. ..11:11..
11/19/2013The Mad Hatter
11/18/2013Banning people that know more than you
11/18/2013Fuck um all, let god sort the four-headed shill out...
11/18/2013Thanks !!
11/18/2013Great reporting with links
11/18/2013Keep up the good work Thor
11/18/2013Nice one Thor, jase747
11/18/2013Thorn is awesome
11/18/2013I like him
11/18/2013Cool new vid (10008) -ssss :)
11/18/2013Excellent video. NewThor deserves a pat on the back.
11/18/2013Love GFG
11/18/2013Funny stuff - Chrit
11/18/2013Too Dark Park :)
11/18/2013Thanks for all you do...Jazzed
11/18/2013It's cool Thor... i think your hypothesis is valid. Comets coming at us at an increasing volume from all directions something to be aware and concerned about.. Frankenstein
11/18/2013Good work Thor, Drunk Uncle
11/18/2013Thanks for the info. mtn.girl
11/18/2013Excellent videos <3 Harley
11/18/2013Late but good
11/18/2013Always tirelessly working for the truth! Keep healthy and happy! Peace! katballoo
11/18/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/18/2013THor Rocks!!
11/18/2013Good post--- train
11/18/2013Thor rocks!!
11/18/2013For all you do...thanks! -Nemamiah
11/18/2013Wtf, thats it!!!
11/18/2013Dude, you really should have known better...
11/18/2013Thanks For The Videos Mate - BadMoonRisen - Keep Fighting The Shills
11/18/2013For the vids
11/18/2013You are a good person. Aye-aye
11/18/2013Good on ya mate
11/18/2013Thank you for showing what we need to see, even for those of us who don't understand it.
11/18/2013Awesome Thread Thor.
11/18/2013Some positive karma to help balance out the impatient ones -Sammie
11/18/2013Too much waiting for a worthless conclusion
11/18/2013A little green to balance the red....love Scarbedazzles the vid was worth the wait
11/18/2013Nice job on the 1000 comets, Isis One
11/18/2013Thanks for interesting videos...morgan
11/18/2013Sol Neman
11/18/2013Fuck the haters, you ROCK! - Reinvigorated Being
11/18/2013Because it was worth waiting for. Thank you. (Yes I Did !!!)
11/18/2013Nice vid keep us posted!-NNN
11/18/2013Your ISON thread has been entertaining, thank you. :)
11/18/2013Way To Go Fucktard
11/18/2013Post the good news like you always have
11/18/2013I have faith that you will post...
11/18/2013Lying about breaking info on Ison
11/18/2013Nice way of getting Youtube revenues. You shouldn't cry wolf.
11/18/2013Congrats on your social experiment/gay thread bro.
11/17/2013ISON tease
11/17/2013A big purple kiss for my fellow Texan! ~DoomCandy
11/17/2013Bullshit thread.
11/17/2013Many blessings to you! Katharinels
11/17/2013Give us The Dooooom!!!
11/17/2013Hang in there my friend. Best thread ever, win lose, or draw Godfrequency
11/17/2013Doom maybe on
11/17/2013For making us wait for bs
11/17/2013Green karma and five stars for your thread
11/17/2013Thank you :)
11/17/2013For being an ASStro shill backing ass tool
11/17/2013Defrost your fridge (dot) Good Job Good Luck :-)
11/17/2013Good job
11/17/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/17/2013Another entertaining video, thanks ;0
11/16/2013ISON, LOVED IT....AGAIN....grumpi​er
11/16/2013Back at ya Sweetie!....>>>>Settl​e4It<<<<
11/16/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
11/15/2013I Spit On Your Grave.
11/15/2013Check page 11 on your latest page bro :) gift for you :)
11/14/2013Sorry the thread went so sour. :( You're awesome keep up the great work! xo ~Ozone Baby
11/14/2013Green for another ISON video. Keep em comin mang - Nighthawks
11/14/2013Superman Blue. 4thhorseman
11/14/2013Good post!! Green Karma For You From Gonviral
11/14/2013Great video!
11/14/2013Doom Sex Thor< Monster
11/14/2013You're the best bro. ~SarsOnIce
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