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Boeing 777's Karma

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5/27/2014Listen cuntbag. You keep karma trolling and I'll yank your ass off the forum! Shut the Fuck up and SIT the fuck down!!!! ~Chip
5/23/2013Undeserving negative karma.
5/22/2013Fuck the shills
5/22/2013Wishing you well for standing up for the majority of sensible Muslim people -- from goodmockingbird
5/22/2013Thank you for making a stand! - Eireann~
5/22/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
4/29/2013Shame on you!
4/29/2013You are a horrible person to prey on Boston victims and you enjoy sniffing your own sweaty asshole while laying on back, ankles crossed behind head. Shithead.
4/28/2013Downvote bandits, time for karma to come up again.
4/28/2013Stop the jeff bauman crap, jerk. the poor guy lost his legs in boston....bad karma for you...
4/28/2013Fucking idiot
4/26/2013And you expect China to roll over?
4/26/2013I think a nice big fk u is in order
4/24/2013You are goofball
4/24/2013Lame. Very lame.
4/24/2013Fuckin idiot..
4/24/2013Your stupid is poking out of your bag
4/20/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/31/2012I like you

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