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King Triad's Karma

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10/23/2018This cocksucker hates God.
10/22/2018Reported Abusive Post
10/22/2018Mental case stalker
10/21/2018Can I come to Washington too? M son saw two visons of George Washington with the blue Saint Andrew flag flying above him.
10/20/2018Thanks for keeping us safe with your intergalatic space federation.
10/20/2018Thanks for you imput in the war thread....bobman5000
10/17/2018Just because, smile, from savcash
10/14/2018You don't deserve green
10/8/2018Do you larp in real life too? You really are a Fagdango Ranger.
10/1/2018King red
9/30/2018I know you will prevail
9/30/2018King TARDad
9/25/2018King chad
9/24/2018Hey Dipshit... You are a walking Psyop
9/24/2018You're not God, delusional punk
9/19/2018Gratitude green....love-love, cosmicgypsy
9/18/2018Peace too... but the teaching has been determined to be standard to stop war... KAN DAEK
9/16/2018Delusional. You need professional help.
9/15/2018Alternate Dimension 52Z GREEN from THE GRAND INQUISIDOR
9/14/2018I would recognize those eyes anywhere... your silly girl! ~*~
9/12/2018King retard
9/12/2018On God’s side - mkjeep
9/11/2018Got a message from God...make sure you take the time out to leave this piece of crap some red... - he is the one that lures and tries to hunt down particular people...
9/9/2018Your hypocrisy is showin
9/9/2018Stupid gullible chud
9/4/2018It was weird here then...then quess who showed up, fukking Mueller
9/1/2018Thank you for believing in yourself!
9/1/2018My favorite loony tunes role player
8/31/2018Hi king triad. strongman shelford. give me your intel :)
8/30/2018Sense of humor ;)
8/27/2018Green to offset dick pic troll. ~Maiya
8/23/2018Love and Light ~ Cate
8/19/2018Failed prediction regarding iran. as your mother used to tell you: must try harder, failure
8/19/2018The insiders was Isreal, Jews ( Rothchilds, Soros, ETC), and the U.S Government at the time.
8/18/2018Absolute waste of oxygen x2
8/18/2018Absolute waste of oxygen.
8/18/2018Have a good weekend! ~ ItsMaKa2
8/17/2018Hi strongman shelford. tell me how it is your alliance
8/15/2018Trinity is Part of it...
8/13/201872 hours!!! love Miss Cleo
8/13/2018Keep up the good work.
8/12/2018Dumbest shit on glp
8/11/2018Tax a plant in my garden, really? Taxation is theft and leds to corruptoin!~Too old to care, but toke and grow
8/11/2018The party dont stop till the roof collapses or the dj passes out.. lol ~cw
8/10/2018You are the MAN bro. Rock on!!
8/9/2018Karma roLL .C.C
8/9/2018Have some more, fuckwit
8/9/2018Love is the answer-Arabella
8/7/2018Full armour of God - Aurora x
8/6/2018You really believe Trump is behind Jones getting kicked off all the major platforms? Here's some green. Think of it as a potato. Like yourself.
8/6/2018Youre fucking dumb man. jones may make millions off pills but he also spends millions in his operation but you dont mention that because you are a pussy liar
8/6/2018Delusional twat
8/6/2018One Problem, in your statement, not one thing was correct, but you question alex ?? !!
8/6/2018Sharing healing energy, love and light ~ Myst_Wolfsong
8/5/2018Have some more, fucktard.
8/5/2018My weekly red for you
8/3/2018Delusions of grandeur
8/1/2018Sine on! :) ~PSZ
7/30/2018I want to add you to my buddy list
7/28/2018Hit run back up an run over again
7/28/2018Green for your comments here
7/28/2018Some green to even it out ~nuttyb
7/28/2018NoMoreMsNiceGirl :)
7/28/2018Another hit and run:-)
7/27/2018King tard
7/25/2018I always saw ships in ALaska, up close. From New Heart
7/23/2018He’s fighting the good fight
7/23/2018Your honesty is appreciated - Louis in Richmond
7/22/2018Mr. fake
7/22/2018Lost in the abstract, unaware of the sea of existence, a fish swims on obliviously.
7/21/2018Re: thanking the mods. Best comment of the day! : ) NolaAngel
7/21/2018Agreed neither gets into heaven
7/17/2018Have a terrific Tuesday. ~ WyatteSmith
7/16/2018Sometimes you say the stupidest shit.
7/11/2018Fuck the red karma bitches, ash them
7/10/2018Narcisism + mild retardation + psychosis = jester triad
7/10/2018Loves to promote incest with the "federation"
7/10/2018You are loved.
7/10/2018For taking "The Last Starfighter" movie WAY too seriously. I mean, dude. Tone it down a notch or 10.
7/10/2018Will delete his shitty thread in 3 2 1
7/10/2018Why are you still here??? Post threads then delete/ban posts/users you don’t agree with. A true piece of shit unwilling to evolve. Name should be King Echo-chamber. Good luck in life, you by f
7/10/2018You’re a liberal aren’t you?
7/10/2018Posted a thread that was pinned
7/2/2018Weekly earning
7/2/2018You're officially what I call a faggot fiction writer. Nothing you've written is true. It's all bullshit. You pull it out of your ass and weave a web of shit, much like a spider, except
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