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2/1/2013For posting constructive, meaningful threads!
2/1/2013Thank you for the Green Karma - G3
2/1/20138-) Melton
1/31/2013Thread on scissors.
1/31/2013Thanks for the karma, from , JUST HERE
1/30/2013For the Reagan childhood home thread. This is sad. :( From Tiger1.
1/30/2013Obama's library my arse! /calx
1/29/2013Watchmen Was Here!
1/28/2013Hey buddy, Philligan
1/28/2013Back at you! Vic-chick13
1/27/2013Once again CtYankee thanks you for your post....been telling people this for many years Peace
1/27/2013Keep preachin' to the choir. They're beginning to sing! ~Buck Zander
1/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2013Gotta gice that karma back ~ Tigershield
1/27/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/27/2013Karma smile from Nika
1/26/2013Thank you from No Dhimmi
1/26/2013You're a total pussy. Someone disagrees with you and you ban them from your thread. What a coward. - Tony Soprano
1/26/2013Good thread --- davvi
1/26/2013Thanks! AlterEgo
1/25/2013Keep the faith, stay on the path & continue to fight the good fight! -The Sonic Dreamer (you are TOP 10 on GLP!)
1/25/2013Have a great week, shellbe
1/25/2013Excellent article about nutritious seaweeds. ~ Torchbearer
1/25/2013Supports censorship by banning individuals who proves him/her wrong. Facts don't mean anything to this person!
1/23/2013Thank you. pool
1/23/2013This person likes having sex with the dead. sick sick sick nasty Person!
1/22/2013Great post, MONSTER
1/22/2013Nicely done with the professor. Karma rebound CalmShock
1/22/2013Yes, it is 9. -Anubis
1/22/2013It's 1 ... Dah
1/22/2013It's 9 you idiot! get over it. W.K.
1/22/2013To counter the 9tards
1/22/2013Wasnt me: Forgotten
1/22/2013For all the red karma of a great math debate
1/22/2013It's fucking 9! Basic math.
1/22/2013Brief :)
1/22/2013Green time! Hope you're well friend! Elemental x
1/22/2013Love the thread on naturally healing teeth - 5 stars - Turtles Voice
1/22/2013Fire Watch
1/22/2013Good info,thank you,from David fap
1/21/2013For the NRA thread. From Tiger1.
1/21/2013Green for you!....indiandave
1/21/2013Pass the Jack and Jumper Cables, its going to be a bumpy ride....
1/20/2013Beets all the way!
1/20/2013Kale! /calx
1/20/2013What are you afraid of, bantard?
1/20/2013Hi..happy Sunday! geminilion
1/20/2013SirFrance'sBeercan :-)
1/20/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/20/2013Ty for the karma , from , JUST HERE :)
1/20/2013Lovce and hugs .... NuckingFutz
1/19/2013KarmaTag Don'tBeAfraid
1/19/2013Back at you Person445....Chop's
1/19/2013Hey, Desert Fox
1/19/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/18/2013Thanks for the green! - msz
1/18/2013Armstrong thread - ANHEDONIC
1/17/2013Thanks for the green! I am returning it. Watching the world
1/16/2013<MyAffliction> :)
1/16/2013Supports censorship by banning individuals who proves him/her wrong. Facts don't mean anything to this person!
1/16/2013The world needs you! Continue to fight for truth, keep the faith, & stay on the path! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/16/2013Good post! Thanks - Nemamiah
1/15/2013Thanks for the Karma, Philligan
1/15/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/12/2013Obsidian says hi!!!! :-)
1/12/2013Green from Tard :)
1/12/2013Propaganda in Hollywood with Crispin Glover == ElenaC
1/12/2013Bad gun that won't make your bed! Kate ;)
1/11/2013For your posts ! From Tiger1.
1/11/2013Gty 4 the karma, from , JUST HERE
1/11/2013Hi Buddy! geminilion
1/11/2013For being so orwellian, fucking noob
1/10/2013Good threads! Bluebird
1/10/2013Lots of Love, NUckingFutz :)
1/9/2013Back at ya Love GFG
1/9/2013Pissed me off, too.
1/9/2013I remember when goerge was busted for that, a guest siad, I sent you questions like you asked.
1/8/2013Thanks, and glad your thread was pinned. this info needs to get out there. --- davvi
1/8/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/7/2013May 2013 suck the big one for an undeserving butt-hurt pussy like you :)
1/7/2013Quite possibly my single most favorite poster on GLP. Your posts are noticed & appreciated! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/7/2013Yawn....get over yourself.
1/7/2013For postiong it like it is! ...333...
1/7/2013Thanks CtYankee
1/6/2013You are a paid shill. Good job.
1/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
1/6/2013I love your avatar and your comments... Deej
1/5/2013Armed man has multiple hostages in AURORA --- ElenaC
1/5/2013For your mumps thread. :) 28m
1/5/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
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