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SteamrolledGobias's Karma

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10/24/2013Truth Seeker ~ Chugiakian
10/24/2013I like your style! IndigoMoon
10/24/2013Star Fhisp says thank you Gobias!
10/20/2013Be happy - aqmah ^-^
10/15/2013Great comments...my 2 cents
10/15/2013Thank you
10/15/2013Green from saved brada!
10/12/2013You got that right - Chrit
10/11/2013Thanks! Got me ban immunity for a month :-) ~K2tC
10/6/2013Karma Thanks! ~ Knowbody Special
10/6/2013Yup, since the 50's---and before
10/2/2013Widespread Franklin
10/1/2013Green from saved thigs are gona ramp up, bank on it, they cant hide anymore by using the media, it has failed....saved
9/30/2013Green for a really funny post in the Obama voter's thread - Hawkesbay
9/27/2013Thank you my friend! :D calx
9/27/2013I agree with you 100%
9/26/2013Just because -- super bowl dave
9/22/2013Glad you liked my thread - Rammstein Fan
9/22/2013Thanks for the Karma - G3
9/20/2013Tandym! :-)
9/18/2013Thank you and back at ya - whiteangel
9/18/2013Lovely person you are SG, thanks for the green (belated) and your generous comment felt so good :D ~DawaS
9/16/2013Thanks for the pos vibe in my thread
9/15/2013Simple questions ~in5d
9/14/2013Green ;Bandit;
9/12/2013Reflecting some of that green back :) Abyss Lady
9/7/2013That's one mean mustache ;)
9/7/2013You seem like a nice person and I love your avatar, lol
9/7/2013Outstanding thread finding many old favs and great new ones - Keep Smiling
9/6/2013You're a lovely person...sweetnsour
9/3/2013Good to see you. pool
9/3/2013Travis Bickle was here=-
9/3/2013For a Never Nuder!! ~ThereRMeds
8/31/2013Well said on Japan thread! GT500
8/30/2013Have a good weekend! :D calx
8/29/2013Returning the green! - thetruthneverlies
8/28/2013Green Thanks from No Dhimmi
8/26/2013Thx for green - Indysmindy
8/20/2013Cheers man! :D calx
8/19/2013Thanks! -DILKe
8/17/2013Thanks DarbyDoom
8/17/2013Green for NSA fun, and love your avatar! -piecesofme
8/16/2013Love GFG
8/16/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
8/13/2013Thank YOU for being an asset to GLP :) -- Pure of Heart
8/12/2013Green for thought...waitn4end
8/11/2013You gave a very well thought out response on the "closed off" thread. AnonG
8/9/2013Thanks for green-LeosOfTheUniver​se
8/8/2013Thanks for the karma and comment - 'MericaAddcit
8/7/2013Thanks man back at ya! :D calx
8/6/2013Thank you so much...sweetnsour
8/6/2013Ur Welcome - Geo777
8/4/2013Thank you ^-^ aqmah
8/3/2013Thanks for the reminder of the feinstein hag on homeland thread s.d. butler
8/3/2013Informative thread thread very informative -pole cat
8/2/2013I have your back Gobias! Thanks for the support! Peace, clovis
7/29/2013You are a gem...thank you so much! ...nutmeg...
7/28/2013Cool link!
7/28/2013Thanks for continuing to bump the ECHO thread and being a fan of TRUTHS also!!!! Nicolemare
7/28/2013Karma drop -truthnow88
7/28/2013Humans not completely out of ideas, thanks. aHEMagain
7/27/2013Its not supposed to be fair, its supposed to be profitable
7/27/2013Green greetings --- davvi :-)
7/26/2013Thanks..we seem to think alike....My 2 Cents
7/25/2013Here's green back atcha ~ Rockarchy
7/24/2013Rare info thread - great idea! thanks >CH
7/23/2013You are so easy to like. Daughter of Nicholas
7/23/2013Green to ya mate....saved
7/22/2013Ty - ancha! ty for bumping my threads sometimes. loved yours on Fed Reserve.
7/19/2013A green thank you....davvi
7/13/2013Cheers again
7/11/2013Metal and Blood come together as one!! ~Fret Wiz
7/10/20134 The Support! Thanks again! -Truthnow88
7/10/2013Green gloved proctological carbon credit from uncle fuck stick
7/10/2013Random Karma DriveBy :D -KarinZa
7/9/2013I'm with you on that one.
7/5/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
7/5/2013Ohwell returning a kind gesture
7/5/2013Back at ya Gobias! Told you before, but I love the Handle/Avatar and the tv show! Peace, clovis
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