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7/2/2013Calm and well constructed posts. ~ LunaticFringe
6/30/2013Right back at ya brada, things are about to abruptly change i feel in this country all te pieces to their puzzle are nearly in place now
6/30/2013For the support! -Truthnow88
6/26/2013Thanks. Here's some right back at ya. MOTO
6/24/2013Thanks for the green- Nighthawks
6/24/2013Bald and likes heavy metal
6/23/2013Thanks, will report back even if no one on GLP gives a rat's ass!
6/22/2013God Bless and Love back at ya! TW:)
6/22/2013Ha! for the answering machine--eekers
6/21/2013Thanks! LOVE A.D. - TeamDub (The NeverNude)
6/21/2013Good post karma for you from Gonviral
6/20/2013Thanks so much...sweetnsour
6/20/2013Steam roll on and be fruitful! - CoTA
6/19/2013Thanks for reading >CH
6/18/2013Hello and thanks.... from nutmeg! :)
6/17/2013Hehe - Chrit
6/17/2013Fire Watch~
6/17/2013Thank you <3 - polaris
6/17/2013Thanks for the good karma~Ryan Cawdor.
6/16/2013Thanks for the green- Anderson_G
6/15/2013Thumbs up to keep your head up -- EK
6/11/2013Signs thread rock on!
6/11/2013Hi there, just sharing some Karma ~ Arcturus
6/11/2013I just adore your posts. I learn so much! - Eireann~
6/9/2013You are so far up TruthNow88 ass on every subject, I am beginning ot think you are his alias.. Seriously, you have a huge hardon for that dude or what????
6/8/2013Giving you +5 for the comment you posted on "make some choices thread". -pole cat
6/8/2013Great comment find
6/8/2013Awesome post from the social media site. spoof
6/8/2013Good post on the privacy rights thread
6/8/2013Great post! doomer
6/7/2013Cause I love Arrested Development! Peace, clovis
6/7/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
6/6/2013Mornin! GT500
6/4/2013Thank you! :) -- Pure of Heart
6/3/2013Rather not clog up threads. (brandonbudz at rogers dot com) -TruthNow88
6/3/20131 for soul past
6/2/2013Thanks for the info! me777
6/2/2013Good research!- Beachbums
5/30/2013Open the other message in your in-box.- Chrit
5/30/2013Fire Watch~
5/29/2013Good karma to you also : ) Simple27
5/29/2013Excellent anthology
5/28/2013Reciprocation from earlier. Love the name and avatar btw. Peace, clovis
5/27/2013Good one thanks
5/26/2013Thnaks - Arrested D- The Worlds Enemy
5/25/2013Karma in kind :) ~theTruthMonger
5/24/2013There you are. Had to wait to find you on the board so I could sent a karma right back at you - Keep Smiling
5/22/2013Thank You. :) AG
5/22/2013A lot of people (In Gov) need to be indicted and arrested for fraud police officers need to do their jobs and arrest the real criminals already
5/22/2013Reported Abusive Post
5/22/2013Thanks for the green!....indiandave
5/21/2013Good timing - Chrit
5/20/2013Good doom attitude
5/19/2013Green for your comment on the US suspends const. thread...saved
5/19/2013Karma love from samanthasunflower
5/19/2013Beautiful point, Lucy ~Jolago
5/19/2013Unconditional Karma Booster Shot -- EK
5/18/2013There are still some good Police but you sure are right about the good ones quitting.
5/18/2013Geminilion :) for your thread
5/18/2013Greetings gobias - mhanth4f
5/16/2013Nearly always, I agree with you! - Louve
5/16/2013Frank Frankson
5/15/2013Thank you very much. :) shyrlymyrly
5/15/2013Green Greetings, Friend....davvi
5/15/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
5/14/2013Thanks how did you find that thread?? beeches
5/14/2013I dig your posts. ~ LunaticFringe
5/14/2013You're mean
5/13/2013Comments on Homeschool threat thread ~Doom Candy
5/13/2013Good comment - nah
5/11/2013Great thread idea - rare informative >CH
5/7/2013Parrty on
5/6/2013For jew hating
5/4/2013Thanks for the karma from, JUST HERE
5/2/2013For being a slayer fan. i like you more. -Anubis
5/2/2013Green for your input friend...saved
4/30/2013McFarlane thread. You're one of the few that uses gray matter. - MagTog
4/29/2013Thanks! nah
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