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Zuzu's Petals's Karma

Total: 40 (40  User Votes) and 4

4/13/2013Sending love..
3/17/2013You always offer insightful comments - krystle ann
2/7/2013You are pure of heart. From, Gladio
2/5/2013Exactly! :) Tara
2/4/2013From Billy :)
2/3/2013Your friend. ~Bent
2/3/2013Av pic of hair
2/1/2013Cool tunes ! anotherone
1/30/2013Thanks for posting on the Love Song thread...cowgirlk
1/30/2013Keep the faith & stay on the path! -The Sonic Dreamer
1/29/2013Good Karma to make up for bad karma :) Keep doing good!
1/29/2013Sandy Hook tard.
1/28/2013Good Karma to you for posting on the thread!!! Thanks, Strangela Love your name btw.
1/28/2013For posting Royksopp! <3 Junkyard Lily
1/28/2013Love and appreciation, 141
1/27/2013Play on music girl :) Sloane
1/27/2013True attention seeking comments. Ladydoom
1/27/2013Duckie!! Fuddy Duddy
1/26/2013Love GFG
1/25/2013Everytime a bell rngs, an angel gets its wings...
1/24/2013Nice handle karma from Bowman. : )
1/19/2013You shouldnt work with children, labels are a step forward to get help
1/19/2013Out of all the colors of the rainbow, I bestow green upon you
1/18/2013Like your posts in Help each other :) Sloane
1/16/2013Great advice - 422
1/12/2013Making someone feel better
1/12/2013Thanks for your insightful comments. -From, Gladio
1/12/2013Lol pot pie
1/11/2013Love your posts! Junkyard Lily :-)
1/10/2013Just havin a little fun and havin some laughs~sonic doom:)
1/9/2013Funny comment in dating thread lol...geminilion
1/8/2013Thanks, I enjoy it too. : ) - ANHEDONIC
1/6/2013You'll find him. You're quite a catch, I'm sure of it. Don'tBeAfraid
1/4/2013Agree with you-holldoll
1/1/2013Great reply, HNY, trailingedge
11/25/2012Love your avatar
11/17/2012For love and positive vibes... <3 141

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