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Billy_Sastard's Karma

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7/23/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
11/27/2013Shall i call the wahhhbulance for ya faggot?
9/24/2013Glad to oblige with hippie episode. trek rocks!! :-) --digital mix guy
9/22/2013Courtesy of Spam Killer LOL
9/22/2013Weekly red begins.
9/7/2013Green, red, blue, who gives a fuck... Drunk Uncle
9/7/2013Dumb ass :) lol! just kiddin
8/30/2013Dumb Ass
8/29/2013"Tetris, beautiful women, and awesome accents!" Bold on accents! RayGun
8/13/2013Good find
8/12/2013Christopher Walken! -Fukunova
8/3/20133 for your nakedness
8/3/2013Hey you even have TARD in your name :D
8/2/2013Annunaki business :) i like your style
7/26/2013Thank you for the math lesson. Really! aHEMagain
7/4/2013Assumptuous & Foolish. Think's he knows better than other's - Especially Christian's.
3/27/2013Glad I could make you laugh - Comedian
2/26/2013Damn right -- super bowl dave
1/20/2013Tard Deez Nutz!
10/31/2012For your posts ! From Tiger1.
10/24/2012Great halloween thread. sonic doom
10/23/2012Great vid
10/23/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/19/2012What an epic idiot
10/19/2012Liked Dalai Lama thread - have a super duper weekend :) Sloane
10/17/2012Great post - Leslie Zevo
10/17/2012Excellent post
10/17/2012Great video, Desert Fox
10/17/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/13/2012Go fuck yourself
10/11/2012Happy Daze -- Travis Bickle
10/11/2012The Inquisador Was Here
10/10/2012"in you, in me, in every breath of air you take and beam of sunshine" nice! morgan
10/9/2012I agree, Good point about the rope as well FMGB
10/9/2012God Is Everywhere.
10/5/2012Your comments always make me LOL..;) anarchytype
10/5/2012Live feed from Jerusalem. Good Karma for you! Sledster
10/4/2012Great pic - Ap0c@Lyp5e
10/3/2012Great Thread!!!!
10/3/2012Nice avatar
10/3/2012For finding your soulmate ...and, realizing it!
10/2/2012Thanks for the comment on my avatar, and for your thought provoking post on my meteor thread. *Nika
10/2/2012Republican Propaganda Machine
10/2/2012Oxen karma from Bowman :P
10/1/2012You are stupid beyond all belief!
9/30/2012Fuck you. Muzzies are always evil
9/28/2012Don't cry about karma, only makes it worse...
9/28/2012Republican Propaganda Machine
9/25/2012For a good guy
9/21/2012Dude thanks for coming on the walmart thread.... good thoughts!
9/20/2012Have a nice day. pool
9/20/2012For sticking up for women! SkinnyChic.
9/16/2012Go ahead - pull the trigger
8/16/2012LMAO..."Billy Sastard"...SnakeAirli​nes
8/3/2012ROFL @ Your Avatar - Battlestar Valkyrie
8/3/201299% Right About The 1%
8/3/2012You are stupid beyond all belief!
8/2/2012Luv your avatar. pool

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