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10/26/2012I don't always agree with your views, but almost always agree that your jokes are funny! Thanks for the laughs bro
10/25/2012Man...you're retarded or something. what's your fucking deal, yo?
10/24/2012The less you post the less you stink up the place.
10/24/2012Good Poster - l3ol3o
10/24/2012How red can it go..cha cha cha..how red will it get..cha cha cha
10/24/2012Obama dick sucker
10/23/2012Here's some grief
10/22/2012Good point u posted on the debate thread pg45 =luckyophelia
10/22/2012You're SHILLTASTIC.
10/22/2012Your fake trolling is lame.
10/22/2012Idiot obama shill -matrix
10/22/2012Obama dick sucker
10/22/2012Red for ignorance
10/22/2012Obama Slobba
10/22/2012Yeah, just your a-hatness
10/22/2012For seeing the truth about the military
10/22/2012Dumb Obama zombie
10/22/2012Douche Bag
10/20/2012Eat ya Own Scrotum Cheese Freak
10/18/2012Karma love from samanthasunflower
10/17/2012Globalization thread>>>MuzzleBreak
10/17/2012Truth teller
10/16/2012Communist sympathizer
10/16/2012Because i dont agree with you
10/16/2012TrueI I got one, simply becasue I think Obama did better. Offensive comments too, baba
10/16/2012Can't give you enough red. ever.
10/16/2012Sorry...your opinion sucked
10/16/2012Nice brain
10/16/2012Good points you made.
10/16/2012Good Saying. Quality of life trumps salary.
10/16/2012Strong and true comments - (cryin wont help ya)
10/15/2012Thank you for your beautiful words regarding caregivers, you are awesome, Blessings!!
10/15/2012Free Karma -- Xannixon
10/15/2012GK for drinking rotten orange juice. That's hella awesome....and deranged.
10/15/2012From THEWISEONE
10/14/2012David Rules!
10/14/2012Good Poster -l3ol3o
10/14/2012Thank you! amywood71605
10/14/2012You make me laugh ~Spaze*Man~
10/14/2012I liked reading your karma's, they made me happy.
10/14/2012Nice/well done...
10/12/2012Interesting topic on Swizerland
10/10/2012God bless you! - LIsa :)
10/10/2012You need some green ;) Iolair
10/7/2012Interesting thread ! From Tiger1.
10/7/2012Whining queen
10/7/2012Butt doom buddy. Watching the world by our butts!
10/7/2012Happy Halloween-BlondeDrama​Queen
10/7/2012You're an idiot...at best.
10/5/2012Yeah, Big Birds Do Shit Big, Don't They, So Here's Some More Shit For Ya! Dickhead Shill!
10/5/2012For tricks, and treats "..."
10/5/2012Its all part of the game...
10/5/2012A little green to keep that shoulder clean, Rocky Endtime Truths
10/4/2012Welcome to my thread! -Who.
10/4/2012Obama shill - open your eyes and get your head out of your ass
10/4/2012Have some green buggedout
10/4/2012Obama's Gerbil
10/4/2012You is dumb
10/4/2012Try to quit posting soon, its best tard.
10/3/2012Good dot connection
10/2/2012For research
10/2/2012Just like that
10/2/2012Don't let these bush worshipping idiots vote you down man, Rumsfield owns the pharm industry and wanted the opium, cheney controls the weapon industry and both made billions from the wars. If the
10/2/2012Stalking again I see!
10/2/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/2/2012Posted a thread that was pinned
10/2/2012Diss Chuck you get bad karma
10/2/2012Crude Rude and Tatooed
10/2/2012Great 911 post -sammie
10/2/2012Here's some green - DarbyDoom
10/2/2012Thanks, i finaly understand fibonacci, and i call msyelf a day tradrer! baba cha
10/1/2012U r braindead, lower than a sewer rat.
10/1/2012For great help, 141
9/28/2012Commie cocksucker.
9/27/2012Ruok? -- karma police
9/27/2012Bump the right post, ok?! MindShaft
9/26/2012Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
9/25/2012I feel you
9/24/2012Have some green!
9/23/2012For your gay ass thread about karma... Good enough explanation?
9/23/2012For being well informed - iron
9/23/2012Michelle's toned and tanned upper arms look like they belong to a man--much bigger than Obama's so you must be gay.
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