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Janine69's Karma

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1/29/2014Beautiful, spiritually rich poems! -dea liminis
11/1/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
10/28/2013Some green from *Haarp Lady* - chin up, gal - Hope all goes well!
10/28/2013Hello fuckface
10/25/2013Still waiting on your Halloween Avatar
10/16/2013Green K from UselessRepeater
10/15/2013Milf ;)
10/8/2013Who gives a shit what you are watching..
10/1/2013Checks out dad's package in the shower
9/29/2013Abusive post
9/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/28/2013Who gives a shit what you are watching...
9/28/2013Some mod must have it in for you! stop and say hi, savcash
9/28/2013To make up for the undeserved reds! Rhombus
9/27/2013Here's another oneâ¦just because
9/27/2013Have a green to off-set a red. Texan Buckeye
9/17/2013Because A. Snowman
9/17/2013No makeup! <melrox>
9/17/2013"Beauty is of the heart, ugliness is of the ego."
9/15/2013My Dad was well built...lets just say EWWWWWWW
9/15/2013Hi From UselessRepeater
9/14/2013I agree!!!
9/13/2013Hope you see a Bigfoot! Ancha!
9/12/2013You're extremely helpful. Thank you! -- EK
9/10/2013Disgusting whore, you look like a horse.
9/8/2013For good food...Chas
9/8/2013The hubble moisaic set to Starry Night is one of my favorites ever... did not know your son created it. Good job! Martianprincess
9/8/2013Because you have such a pretty smile : ) New Heart
9/8/2013Because you are nice a snowman
9/8/2013Perfectly true your hate filled views deserves red
9/7/2013"99.9 percent of the population travel through 'life' oblivious."
9/7/2013Here ~UAP
9/5/2013Love this poster, not gonna lie. Totally fucking off the wall.
9/2/2013Your smart
9/2/2013My 2 cents
8/30/2013You are funny.
8/30/2013Thnx cooking lady.
8/30/2013Great thread....thanks for the laugh...Mr2
8/28/2013Check your post " romancing the stone" so i can get in touch back with you. i can read messages but not write back.. ibd1unv
8/26/2013Squish this
8/26/2013The bitch comber! ~theTruthMonger
8/26/2013For not vaccinating your pet. emerald_glow
8/26/2013This 'lady' has GOT to be a troll. But a damn motherfucking funny one, that is for SURE.
8/22/2013The bottom line
8/21/2013Hello Hawthorn - Willow <3
8/17/2013Howdy. A. Snowman
8/16/2013The sneeze! haha :) All good thoughts your way. Sloane
8/14/2013Heart you* -- super bowl dave
8/12/2013Lol hot pic and a 69 in your name
8/11/2013Great taste in music -malfunkshun
8/11/2013Hi Jan--UselesRepeater
8/10/2013You're so fire sweetheart.. -flameworker
8/6/2013Thank you for understanding
8/3/2013Great response to Mr 'there's another way?'
8/2/2013Thanks for staying, you are funny. A snowman
8/1/2013Smooches, Brief :)
7/31/2013Stay! Ignore the haters. jw
7/31/2013Glp would be so much better without you
7/31/2013Fuck The Haters They Just Jelly of yo Swag
7/31/2013Just because of today
7/31/2013The Heart Shaped Box must stay!!! ~ OYE
7/31/2013You stay. We'll trade out Brief. GLP would be better with THAT absense.
7/31/2013He was right.
7/31/2013Attention whoring again!
7/31/2013Don't go anywhere. GLP effing loves you. Nick@
7/31/2013Karma from ANHEDONIC : )
7/31/2013Good karma just because! - Louve
7/31/2013Green for you....indiandave
7/31/2013God bless - Lisa :)
7/31/2013Aww stay-LunaLove
7/31/2013Stay :) ~ Beetlejuice
7/31/2013I know you gave me red karma. I hope you die poor. Hahahaha.
7/31/2013Good to see your posts always friendly -SteamrolledGobias
7/31/2013Dirty chick...needs a serious spanking!!!!
7/29/2013Reported Abusive Post
7/29/2013Watch out for that noose next to your head
7/29/2013Wise words miss janine :) -ssss
7/29/2013Yay Janine69! Hope your new tan isn't too ouchy 2nite- JinxyMcD
7/28/2013Great Weiner lines...FF
7/28/2013Sex with blacks in high school
7/28/2013For the HAWT story! Yup, you tell a great one! St3v3
7/28/2013Nahh i look at your pic and it goes away lol.. ibd1unv
7/28/2013You clearly don't get attention in the real world. Always starving for it on here. Pathetic
7/26/2013Thanks for the advice :)
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