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deplorable but adorable davvi's Karma

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8/4/2017Leave the green. Take the cannoli. - Mike Ehrmantraut
8/3/2017Good GREEN for ya! Appreciate your input. -Freckle Face
8/2/2017Awww thx for the green, sweet friend. Love and hugs, Sunshyne
8/2/2017Universal forces! The Pale Horse
8/1/2017Greenie love to you my sweet friend! The Deplorable ScarlettRedfern
7/30/2017Green - Big Daddy D
7/29/2017For the Hillary is fine Bwahahahah! --Tusk :)
7/28/2017Warm fuzzies, love Pete
7/27/2017Green Hugs sent by bicycle courier! M*walk :)
7/27/2017Mountainman 15
7/27/2017Hugs to you ! From Tiger1.
7/27/2017Green from indiandave.
7/26/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love -Ursabruin
7/26/2017Keep posting - Kirk
7/24/2017Grateful for you davvi - jdb
7/24/2017Adults don't resort to name-calling. Coward red is coward~hillbilly
7/24/2017Thank you, Army-of-Souls
7/24/2017Howdy. -Rev
7/23/2017For being reverent to G - d.
7/23/2017Green from Sassy Granny
7/23/2017Have a nice day - Resister
7/22/2017Green - Big Daddy D
7/22/2017Grammar nazi. love Miss Cleo
7/22/2017Have a fantastic and peaceful weekend my friend -Haun-
7/21/2017Hi Sweetness! Fm Patient Grasshopper. <3
7/21/2017A well deserved green s.d.
7/21/2017Cajun Karma for You! Southern Soldier..
7/20/2017Arizona Green....Kitkat
7/19/2017For the fluffy is a fish picture, so funny lol. From ThisWayUp
7/18/2017From Ralph--a house dog
7/18/2017Green for you! Digital Mix Guy
7/18/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love- Ursabruin
7/18/2017No Dhimmi Greenery
7/17/2017Love the new avatar! Esoterica
7/17/2017Green thumbs up from Av19
7/15/2017Luv ya davvi! M*walk :)
7/15/2017Green from Munsoned!
7/15/2017Thanks: PhewToo
7/14/2017U R entitled.... to some green!! hope all is well... scottfree :)
7/13/2017Yep, the EU won't lift a finger to help us, but would kick us once we were down. -Haun-
7/13/2017For the new avatar ! From Tiger1.
7/12/2017Green - Big Daddy d
7/10/2017Always the voice of reason, thanks for all your input~kpm~
7/10/2017Pale Horse Green
7/10/2017Hiya davvi! ;) izzybeth
7/9/2017"A thought would die of loneliness...". Hilarious. Huck Fillary
7/7/2017Reported Abusive Post
7/7/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love- Ursabruin
7/7/2017Thanks for your great posts!!! -Freckle Face
7/6/2017Green from indiandave.
7/6/2017Luv ya Davvi! Green Hugz.,,.,.,M*walk
7/6/2017Have some green my friend. Mabel Kuntzvurth
7/5/2017Hello there! Munsoned
7/5/2017Stay strong Davvi, loveya, Pete
7/5/2017Greenade incoming for my buddy....saved
7/4/2017Happy green for the forth of july...from Sassy Granny
7/4/2017Happy Independence Day! Pray for us all. -Haun-
7/3/2017Thumbs up - Kirk
7/3/2017Tears and prayers for all three of them: PhewToo
7/3/2017Right back at ya KLOWN
7/2/2017Budweiser green! Hugs, Sunshyne
7/2/2017Cool flag dude. pool
7/2/2017Green. love Miss Cleo
7/1/2017Have a great holiday ! From Tiger1
6/30/2017Green - Big Daddy D
6/30/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love- Ursabruin
6/29/2017Oh it's happy green time friend!!!! Kitkat and I love your avatar
6/28/2017Greenie love to a sweet friend! The Deplorable ScarlettRedfern
6/28/2017The faithful can move mountains. May God continue to bless you and yours, Davvi - Nameless the Deplorable
6/28/2017Happy hump day from indiandave.
6/27/2017Love the patriotic kitty! - Kraut
6/27/2017Hey Davvi :))) Great to see you! Vala :)))
6/27/2017Good post dean007
6/27/2017Green from The Pale Horse
6/27/2017Mike Ehrmantraut type green... How are you, man?!
6/26/2017From Ralph--a house dog
6/24/2017Thank you davvi i missed all the fun! :O calx
6/22/2017Green - Big Daddy D
6/21/2017Thanks for the birthday wishes! ~kpm~
6/20/2017Green for a friend indeed... scottfree :)
6/20/2017Mostly adorably, not too deplorable, love ya -Haun-
6/19/2017Have a Blessed Day ! From Tiger1.
6/19/2017Mike Ehrmantraut prescribing you green... and I'm not even a doctor.
6/18/2017Sunday evening Greenage for my favorite Davvi! from Eggcellently Deplorable
6/18/2017Sunday green from indiandave.
6/17/2017Happy weekend! Superduper
6/16/2017Have a blessed weekend. Deplorable Azila_Again
6/15/2017From Ralph--a house dog....hope you are doing well; love your posts
6/15/2017Green love for davvi. Mabel Kuntzvurth
6/15/2017NO Dhimmi Greenery
6/14/2017It's that time again....Kitkat
6/14/2017Reported Abusive Post
6/14/2017Greenest kindness wrapped in Love-Ursabruin
6/12/2017Why not
6/12/2017Kraut :)
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