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5/16/2017Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
10/8/2014Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
7/9/2013Ellusion was here! :)
7/9/2013Karma from eekers
4/7/2013Fun thread, nobody would bite I guess
4/7/2013Ha ha ! PartakeNd...lol
4/5/2013Love. Penultimate.
4/5/2013Friday Green from Bowman. : )
1/25/2013Peace from pi
1/22/2013For you <3
1/13/2013Prayers for you and your family ~ anon
1/11/2013Correct !
1/11/2013For you're loved one you asked vibes for -CeeLite
1/10/2013Thank you for the discussion :-) Rising Son
1/10/2013D from blitz-ss
1/9/2013Penultimate was here. :o)
1/4/2013From the heart!
1/4/2013This is the question on everyone's mind in the US
1/2/2013For good, introspective threads :-) Junkyard Lily
1/1/2013I love you, 141
1/1/2013Now...i will do this....waitn4end
1/1/2013You're awesome!!
1/1/2013For humanity to operate under a better system :) Sloane
1/1/2013Happy birthday! - KonspiracyKitty
12/31/2012Happy Birthday. Penultimate.
12/30/2012Thanks for telling the truth.... not many people have the balls anymore
12/30/2012All the best, -pi
12/29/2012Dumb ass
12/29/2012U will reap as u sow
12/29/2012Thanks for your support and . strongman
12/29/2012Just because...love ya, 2cents
12/29/2012Cause I like You, Frater
12/29/2012For the great threads :) Bea
12/29/20129 over 7 he's boring.... refine your ? specific
12/27/2012Namaste my friend.
12/26/2012Lady of Scars
12/3/2012How you been, fr Who is Blue Fairy
10/23/2012Xoxo~ BooBooKitty
9/29/2012I cant private message I got no moneysss >_< :( -hithereimS
9/29/2012Your name is misleading - Dark Stranger
9/25/2012Back at 'cha! Stay safe in the dangerous times ahead. ~ BooBooKitty
9/23/2012Sending you lots of love, from Raven
9/22/2012Hey there it's all good here. -Blaze
9/22/2012Dont be sorry, be happy /meletos
9/21/2012How are you today? :) -hithereimS
9/21/2012For starting a fucking "nobody" theard!!!
9/20/2012Awesome thread Lucifer green for you :) Love Angels
9/20/2012Enjoyed your Lucifer ask me a question thread, provoking, fr WIBF
9/20/2012Spreading my love
9/17/2012Beautiful poem, thanks :) Bea Nameless
9/13/2012Because you rock more than any, your bro
9/12/2012Green for you! Love Angels
9/11/2012Dont think i have lately
9/10/2012To negat the neg~DH:)
9/10/2012People are Not God stupid
9/9/2012S Carolina, humm, my GMA born Donalds, Abbeville, SC 1890's, You a Martin? Fr Who is Blue Fairy
9/8/2012Its good to just have a 'conversation' sometimes, without fighting. :) Sloane
9/6/2012For challenging me to do so -Blaze
9/6/2012From... Nobody.
9/6/2012So tired of hearing the Nobody crap
8/30/2012I think the nobody would say thank you....
8/26/2012For starting a fucking "nobody" theard!
8/26/2012What you said made a hell of a lot of sense. Thanks :)
8/25/2012Spreading love ;(
8/25/2012Thank you for bringing levity to a conversation full of close minds- acegotflows
8/25/2012Synch up, & spiral out.... con
8/24/2012Nice post on 420
8/24/2012Thanks for the Love Song...CowgirlK
8/23/2012For love, 141
8/21/2012From one music lover to the next
8/20/2012Dont remember if i already did
8/18/2012Spreading the love xxx;)
8/18/2012Karma from me! - AtsuiPanda
8/15/2012Blue bump - Borian.
8/13/2012Awesome thread, dude :) Bea
8/12/2012I have always loved you, i just forgot for a little
8/11/2012For bringing some light!~Luna
8/10/2012For your knowledge and understanding...I see you. Sin

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