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hotdogg's Karma

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5/13/2019Obvious shill is obvious
3/3/2019Sunday Green - Hydra
3/2/2019Dont vaccinate kids with up to 72 shots before adulthood!!!!
2/17/2019Sunday green - Hydra
2/1/2019They have, they've gone completely mad
1/27/2019Greenage. Wedge5th
1/11/2019For actually knowing what is invisible light!!! Kudos! Red Hot Chilean Pepe.
1/6/2019Nice since of humor...beenthruthat.​..
12/16/2018Do some real research!
12/13/2018Good data to support ideas
12/6/2018Labelling people as 'hoaxies' for asking logical questions
12/3/2018Another fool demanding what is tantamount to degrees in aircraft and weather.
12/1/2018For fighting the stupid - Hydra
11/25/2018Animla lover green! Paranoiaaaaa
11/25/2018Bad to allow hiring of illegals - bad bad
11/23/2018Thank you :) Glad your baby is doing better now. Diabolical.
11/22/2018Doesn't understand logic.
11/22/2018Have a great day-sonicknight
11/12/2018Green for your comment on Stan Lee thread - BirdMom
11/4/2018Green for caring for your disabled wife ~ Flashbuzzkill
9/14/2018Agreed Dia
9/1/2018Speaking truth about 9/11 and Chemtrails
9/1/2018It was way more than planes hitting it. watch some eye witness testimony. it sucks but some of our own government had to be involved
8/21/2018How would the pilot know what was deliberately placed in the fuel to alter solar radiation? He wouldn't, fucktard. He wouldn't have a clue or know a thing about chemtrails
8/21/2018Thinks it has an informed opinion. Sigh
7/24/2018For understanding contrails-ES

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