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_M_'s Karma

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6/3/2020Jb love for you! xoxo db
5/31/2020Much greetings _M_ <3 hope all is well where you are. You are missed by the way. Fraust66 : )
5/28/2020Rewind was here fair thee well.. <3
5/28/2020Sports Fix karma from BIG.BILL
5/23/2020Much greetings _M_ <3 Tips hat & sends best wishes down under from Norn Iron. Keep safe friend. Fraust66 : )
5/21/2020Rewind was here .. : )
5/18/2020Some green for you always, Soup
5/17/2020GREEN CATNIP 4 U & CRAZY CAT ! ...(Moses)...
5/17/2020Happy Belated Birthday Greetings Bill. Hope you had a great day. Happy Sunday! Cheers, Mezzo : )
5/16/2020Much greetings _M_ <3 belated happy birthday to you & hope to catch you for some tunes soon. Fraust66 : )
5/16/2020Have a nice weekend man :) - Sir Tim
5/15/2020Happy Day! Love, Bfree
5/14/2020Quarantine green long time.. rewind <3<3
5/14/2020Bday green! ~deafcat
5/14/2020Birthday green for one of my jukebox favorites xoxo db
5/12/2020Grey Eagle was here. Cheers!
5/8/2020Much greetings _M_ <3 & awesome to see you tonight friend. Keep safe & well & always gg. Fraust66 : )
5/8/2020Friday Greenage :)_``````` Nice Boots Billy
5/7/2020Hope all well with you! LTHN.
5/7/2020Rewind was here .. : )
5/4/2020Jukebox greeeen! fractal
4/30/2020Thursday green xoxo sseess
4/29/2020Rewind was here : )
4/29/2020Jb green Soup
4/22/2020Quarantine greeen .. rewind : )
4/19/2020Good times in dark times. Best Green for laugh out loud! Sloane
4/18/2020Jukebox Saturday night :)_```````` Nice Boots Billy
4/17/2020Cheers ~ Sync
4/16/2020Jukebox love xoxo db
4/15/2020Cheers to the music! InTune
4/15/2020Rewind was here .. : )
4/13/2020Pooch stuff
4/13/2020Trade JukeBox GREEN ? [**]D CHEERS -DV
4/11/2020Love the way you roll. Best green, Sloane
4/10/2020Boots at a dinstace :)```````` Stay strong
4/8/2020Quarantine greeen .. rewind <3
4/5/2020Music.. mouse.. thank you for spinning it..
4/4/2020For the music...Toprance
4/3/2020So appreciate your presence on the jb
3/31/2020Green for your energy - sure appreciate :) Sloane
3/31/2020Rewind .. : )
3/30/2020Always great to see you in the JB mate. Stay safe out there down under. Mezzo : )
3/29/2020Not all burnt? Green :) Boots
3/27/2020Stay safe out there. Soup
3/26/2020Love Ellusion :)
3/24/2020<3 be awesome .. rewind : )
3/24/2020DV was here [**]D CHEERS
3/23/2020Music.. mouse..
3/23/2020For the great music you post...Toprance
3/21/2020Love <3bfree
3/20/2020M? is Z dead now baby is Z dead now?
3/17/2020Rewind was here loving you.. :)
3/16/2020Music.. mouse..
3/16/2020Yopu drserve Popoch stuff
3/16/2020I love The Dead Heart. :) Take care our *M*. Sloane
3/15/2020You play some nice early stuff.. Soup
3/15/2020Frosty Mug-O-Corona GREEN for Bill L [**]D CHEERS -DV
3/15/2020Cheers to the music! InTune
3/14/2020S -
3/13/2020Appreciate the jb tunes. <3 ac
3/13/2020Aye :) Boots
3/12/2020For the music...Toprance
3/9/2020Greening the free world .. rewind :)
3/8/2020Heil Hitler...LOLOL..Swear​box
3/8/2020Love Pooch
3/6/2020Kitten pie?
3/5/2020Music.. mouse..
3/4/2020Always love your music (and film clips), dude <3bfree
3/2/2020Rockin it harder! rewind :)
3/1/2020DeploraVision appreciates Bill L for all you post in the JB {**]D CHEERS -DV
2/24/2020Drop by greetings and salutations. LTHN.
2/23/2020Let there be greeeeen .. rewind : )
2/21/2020Thank you for posting the Mike Tyson interview re. Tyson Fury v Wilder.
2/20/2020Thank you.. music.. mouse..
2/18/2020Corona free Jukebox GREEN for Bill L [**]D CHEERS -DV
2/17/2020M from Monday Green to down under Bill mate! Stay safe out there! Cheers, Mezzo : )
2/16/2020Hey, here's to a good week end! rewind :p
2/14/2020Happiest Valentine’s Day, Bill <3bfree
2/13/2020Love Ellusion :)
2/13/2020Karma update! gotta find fight online - Grey Eagle
2/12/2020Always soup
2/11/2020Music.. mouse..
2/10/2020Pooch loves you
2/10/2020DeploraVision Approves Bill L c)=-)--...ooo [**]D CHEERS
2/9/2020Juke some thing lol Boots
2/8/2020Coming in with green for you . rewind :)
2/5/2020Very informative
2/3/2020Hi friend ! green ! Soup
2/3/2020Random green from this Littlepixie because I like to surprise people and bring a smile to their face. Have a wonderful week.
2/2/2020Have a great February. LTHN.
1/31/2020Juke rockin green.. rewind :p
1/30/2020Rock and Roll Greenage :)_``````` Nice Boots Billy
1/26/2020Pooch love
1/24/2020Happy weekend green *M* :) Sloane
1/23/2020Juke green with love .. rewind <3
1/22/2020Been a bit friend Soup
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