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2/27/2021Greeeeeeen for so many reasons! xoxo db
2/27/2021Have a nice day, latvia
2/23/2021Happy Hearts .. rewind ")
2/23/2021Green green green green green green green green green*** :) -gleich
2/22/2021Best wishes headed down under to the king of RTS. GG & best wishes always mate. Love & peace from Fraust66 : )
2/22/2021Thanks for the tunes and those laughs - Grey Eagle
2/21/2021Lou Czar wuz heere
2/17/2021For pizza and green 'salad', two of my favorite things and for you, one of my favorite jb people. all the best xoxo db
2/17/2021A green filled with fun for a friend. Soup
2/17/2021Cheers :)
2/16/2021Hello M! Sloane
2/16/2021Forever greenz.. rewind :)
2/15/2021Best wishes from the UK heading down under to the imgur king Billy. Keep safe & well & much GG love & peace from Fraust66 : )
2/12/2021Karmic boost and good wishes sent to you. LTHN.
2/8/2021Happy Monday (yeah, right) JB green for you dear Bill, king of comedy on the jb! xoxo db
2/8/2021BON [email protected]@34 LOL LOVE IT Peace~Lou Czar
2/7/2021Best wishes from the UK heading down under to the imgur king. GG & best wishes from the UK finds you. Fraust66 : )
2/7/2021Love Ellusion :)
2/7/2021Lol chasity!
2/6/2021February Greens.... Seekinginformation
2/5/2021Great selection of tunes this morning
2/4/2021Always pleasently odd, but you always make me smile. Soup
2/3/2021Loves and hugs for your loyalty .. rewind :)
2/2/2021Always funny lady. pool
2/2/2021JB green <3 T-man
1/31/2021Hope you are having a great weekend _M_ <3. Best wishes from the UK heading down under to the imgur king. GG & best wishes from Fraust66 : )
1/31/2021Green always finds a way ;D -gleich
1/27/2021Rewind was here :)
1/26/2021For making me laugh xoxo db
1/24/2021Hope you are having a great weekend _M_ <3. Best wishes from the UK heading down under to the king of RTS. GG & best wishes from Fraust66 : )
1/23/2021T-man was here :D
1/23/2021Green for all the great and funny pics you share. And the music too. xoxo antitech
1/23/2021JukeBox DeploraVision GREEN, no choice Bill L [**]D CHEERS 'DV
1/20/2021Enjoy the smiles you share bro, latvia
1/19/2021It's a green thing.. rewind :)
1/18/2021Yay!! so happy to get to post with you this morning xoxo db
1/18/2021Green for music and sent videos/links! - Grey Eagle
1/16/2021Hope you are having a great weekend _M_ <3. Best wishes from the UK heading down under. Fraust66 : )
1/13/2021Some green for a friend. Soup
1/12/2021Man slips LOL -Shawski
1/11/20212021 JukeBox GREEN for Bill L. [**]D CHEERS -DV
1/10/2021Hugs and hearts.. rewind :)
1/10/2021Cheers :)
1/10/2021Bushy love
1/9/2021Hope you mare having a great weekend _M_ <3. GG FTW & Love & peace from Fraust66 ; )
1/9/2021Morning green, latvia
1/8/2021Be the change you want to witness in this New Year. Best to you! LTHN.
1/3/2021Happy 2021 !!!! soup
1/3/2021Rewind <3
1/3/20212021 JukeBox GREEN for Bill L [**]D CHEERS -DV
12/31/2020Jb green - thanks for being one of the good things about 2020 xoxo db
12/31/2020Hope that you have a very happy & prosperous new year ahead of you _M_ <3. love & peace from Fraust66 : )
12/31/2020Happy New Year Bill. Let's make 2021 the best year ever. Stay safe mate! Cheers, Mezzo : )
12/31/2020Glad you were here tonight. Still smiling. xoxo antitech
12/28/2020Best your way Bill - all green - Sloane
12/26/2020HAPPY HOLIDAY WISHES .. rewind :)
12/26/2020Happy New Year! Seekinginformation
12/24/2020Merry Christmas Green to you dear Bill! xoxo db
12/24/2020Hey, mate...Christmas green! Happy Holidays. - Grey Eagle
12/22/2020Hey ! happy holidays! Soup
12/21/2020Green hug for you M/Bill. Happy Solstice Day. xoxo antitech
12/20/2020Pooch stuff
12/20/2020Happy 2020 DeploraVision Holidaze GREEN for Bill L [**]D CHEERS
12/13/2020Green fer the Jukebox and sports scene - Grey Eagle
12/12/2020Green from your bro boots. Stay stong my friend
12/11/2020Always fun. Soup
12/10/2020Green greetings to you M. I am in real life an M M btw. Your name I can remember, and SPELL. xoxo antitech
12/10/2020To _M_ <3 hope that you have a great weekend good buddy. Fraust66 : )
12/7/2020Bill L ~~~ Hollday happy JukeBox CHEERS -DV
12/3/2020Happy Jukebox green :D T-man
11/30/2020Hi Bill! hope all is well. Soup
11/28/2020Happy Weekend Bill. Always a pleasure to see you! Cheers, Mezzo : )
11/27/2020Enjoy yer new Covid-19 'freedom', mate! - Grey Eagle
11/22/2020Just 'cause.... seekinginformation
11/22/2020Always nice to see you. Soup
11/21/2020It's green day M Boots :)_````````
11/20/2020For being one of my most favorite DJ’s!! Love, Bee
11/18/2020Green for the Jukebox tunes n boxing info - Grey Eagle
11/17/2020Good morning _M_ . pool :)
11/13/2020<3 rewind was here :)
11/8/2020Sunday Greetings to down under. Hope you are staying safe out there mate. Cheers, Mezzo : )
11/2/2020Hope all is well ! Soup
11/2/2020I'm L8 for a D8 - keep the JB alive M8 [**]D CHEERS -DV
11/2/2020Green for M .... Seekinginformation
11/1/2020Rewind was here :)
11/1/2020For the music...Toprance
10/31/2020Jukebox karma - Grey Eagle
10/30/2020Thank you!~Fortunabeargirl
10/25/2020Some weekend Green for M... Seekinginformation
10/25/2020Pooch stuff
10/25/2020Slice of heaven green! Lance
10/24/2020Good morning :D T-man
10/24/2020Good Times M :) Boots
10/23/2020Jb green for the awesome Bill xoxo db
10/17/2020Jukebox Greenage :)_``````` Nice Boots Billy
10/15/2020Jukeboxin' green from across aBIG pond - Grey Eagle
10/14/2020Hi bill! hope all is going well for you. Soup
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