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SkinnyChic's Karma

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4/24/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
4/23/2015Thursday Greetings from THE INQUISIDOR
4/23/2015Hey lil mama ~ LittleMIssDictator :D
4/23/2015Hi Skinny i know that photo is just crazy-ZDB i cant stop thinking about i think it is a Sign.
4/21/2015For your posts! :) eV3y
4/15/2015Much love sister. ~TML
4/15/2015Hey Skinnychic :) Thank you for the birthday wishes Love Angelseverywhere
4/15/2015Karma hug from Fire Watch~
4/14/2015Thank you
4/14/2015Settle4It is probably has a smile on her face knowing what to us is unknown, but is sad for those she had to leave behind. Stay Strong.
4/14/2015Big hug and love, Sloane
4/14/2015Karma roLL .C.C
4/8/2015Happy Wednesday -= Travis Bickle =-
4/8/2015Peace & love -snake
4/2/2015On a green roll this morning lol ~ Hi SkinnyChic! LittleMissDictator
3/31/2015Skinny, thanks for the birthday wishes, God bless and love your avatar! Krissyinky
3/29/2015Thank you for your Get Well Wishes for me friend! Hope you are doing well. ~ With Love, Goddess of the Sea 1
3/27/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/23/2015Dangerwalt >> JB ; )
3/20/2015All the best from my 2 cents
3/19/2015Hope you're doing well...Hugs from GuitarJohn
3/16/2015Karma roLL ..C.C
3/13/2015Lil Bird Love
3/10/2015Reported Abusive Post
3/9/2015Love ya girl!....((((HUGS))))​....Electra12
3/6/2015God bless and thank you - WA
3/3/2015Thanks for 5*. -Team Uzi
2/28/2015Thank you for the birthday wishes! ~ Simple27 : )
2/27/2015Sending some love your way! - Daughteroftheking
2/27/2015Hugs and blessings - WA
2/20/2015Hi Skinny, Happy Friday! Cheers! maguyver
2/20/2015Blessings and peace wishes - Aspamce
2/19/2015Many Blessings :-) -Knight Of Chaos-
2/18/2015Karma roLL ...C.C
2/17/2015Earthquaker - Littlebird
2/17/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/17/2015Hi from U.R.
2/17/2015Jazzy green for your karma garden!
2/17/2015Thank-you, SC! Januarywolves
2/15/2015Simple advice - awesome ! -Gomez
2/15/2015AZ hugs - WA
2/15/2015Hay stranger! :D calx
2/15/2015Well Wishes from WOLF : )
2/15/2015DeanoZXT :oP
2/14/2015Happy Valentine's Day Much Love :0) AKO
2/13/2015<3 you!!!! 4h
2/13/2015Green from Mattie:)
2/12/2015Many Blessings! - Knight Of Chaos ;-))
2/11/2015Thanks for the comment. Added you as a buddy. -Revbo
2/10/2015Love you my friend. Hope you are well. Huge hugs! ~ Simple27 : )
2/10/2015Reported Abusive Post
2/7/2015Saturday green-Fire Watch~
2/6/2015Karma roLL ...C.C
2/6/2015Extra shot in your espresso? - tripleh
2/4/2015Knight Of Chaos ;-)
1/31/2015Blessings on you and your family - Aspamce
1/31/2015Right back at ya! - Roobit
1/30/2015Big hugs back! (Life and Love)
1/29/2015I hope your pops is OK....indiandave
1/29/2015Please Believe Him sister - He IS Faithful and He IS with you!
1/29/2015Prayers up. Hang in there. Much love, Maguyver
1/29/2015Positive thoughts and prayers for you and your family. Wash.
1/29/2015God Bless you and Keep you safe and sound - WhiteAngel
1/29/2015A little postive Karma for a brighter future
1/29/2015You are lifted up take hold Love GFG
1/29/2015God bless you and yours! Love Show-Girls x
1/29/2015Praying for you and your family. Keep the strength. Focus on love. Block the negativity. ((((Hugs)))))
1/29/2015Hang in there and stay strong, friend... Thinking of you... - <3 WOLF (ANHEDONIC)
1/29/2015Good thoughts and prayers to you and yours. -= Travis Bickle =-
1/27/2015Karma roLL ....C.C
1/27/2015TrUtH. -snake
1/25/2015Green Karm Sunday--UseLessRepEAT​ER
1/23/2015Knight Of Chaos ;-)
1/21/2015Hard getting used to you without your pins, lol. Vic-chick
1/16/2015Happy Friday!
1/16/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/15/2015Many Blessings ---> Knight Of Chaos :-)
1/15/2015Nice avatar > Dangerwalt ;)
1/13/2015Been a while, good to see you. Michael///KD0WSJ
1/13/2015Pin on good vibes
1/13/2015Good call -kgblol
1/12/2015Love ya! :D calx
1/11/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/10/2015Thank you for the prayers when I needed them.:) AnonymousGirl
1/10/2015Y0 -snake
1/9/2015Reported Abusive Post
1/9/2015Reported Abusive Post
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