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6/24/2018Eat This
12/26/2015You're the best EAT ;$
2/11/2014Because i can! Thank You 4 caring about people!!!
4/29/2013Where are you EAT? Hawk02
3/3/2013You never get tired of yourself?
2/19/2013Brief is a bot! LOL ~ Rraider
2/19/2013For hating BRIEF
2/19/2013Bailing because of Brief?
2/19/2013Leave brief alone, you bully
2/19/2013For being spot on with Balaam's donkey! ~ Gigolo Jesus
2/18/2013Why do you keep doing this?
2/16/2013Stop posting predictions every day and watch your "correct predictions" plummet, i'll have a dozen people give you positive karma if you can tell me your track record. fearmongering att
2/16/2013Cheers... You are fun... TheTruthWorker
2/15/2013More failed predictions than one can count. You are annoying. Stop posting.
2/15/2013Peace from axo az
2/15/2013"Do you remote view your poo?"
2/14/2013Because Eat is Eat!!!! he is who he is and I applaud him....
2/14/2013Fuck your candy bar.
2/14/2013I believe you, It might not be tomorrow, but it will happen soon somewhere.
2/14/2013EAT you are a Canadian Legend! Thee Bob.
2/14/2013People r jerks. Don't let them phase you. :-)
2/14/2013For being so entertaining
2/14/2013Always fear mongering asshole. STFU and hang youself.
2/14/2013Statistically, you're onto something. I don't know how, but it's interesting. DarthShill
2/14/2013Good threads! ~ Beetlejuice!!!
2/14/2013Idk if you really have a way to predit EQ's or are joking and get lucky, haha, either way, good job! amywood71605
2/13/2013Great soh...but dont do that in walmart.tayto :-)
2/13/2013From Artaius
2/13/2013Made me laugh, Paradigm
2/13/2013Keep up the great work. Hawk02
2/11/2013Lighted match test. Haha. ---- Munsoned
2/10/2013Failed Again. as Aways.
2/10/2013Enjoy the laughs. CH
2/9/2013Some Green for you! -Dr. Acula
2/9/2013He needs it, for crying out loud.
2/9/2013Always wrong. False prophet
2/9/2013For the EQ warning
2/8/2013One of the more annoying people that isnt an AC
2/8/2013Idiot Liar
2/8/2013Great Doom.
2/8/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
2/8/2013The LARGEST EARTHQUAKE in the history of the modern world is about to strike! most likely --- ElenaC
2/7/2013I really DON'T FUCKING LIKE YOU
2/7/2013Carry On. RayGun
2/7/2013Arrogant, self delusional, full of shit, and just knows enough to be dangerous
2/6/2013Interesting observation! Ostria
2/6/2013Great quake thread! Earth Cries
2/6/2013Love GFG
2/6/2013For earthquake thread n for taking all the figuring out off my mind - Indymindy
2/6/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
2/5/2013Karma from crossfire
2/4/2013TYVM for your contribution - CoTA
2/4/2013Single, and apparently will stay that way. :)
2/4/2013Piss Off Then Fairy....
2/4/2013And you're the biggest conspiracy doom tard around always failing to predict something
2/3/2013Hi Eat!!! Etta
2/1/2013Violated Posting Rules (Copyright Violation)
1/31/2013Eat this! ~ Artaius
1/31/2013Its not easy being a watchman. Your are appreciated here. Hawk02.
1/31/2013Violating posting rules
1/29/2013Violated Posting Rules (Abusive Post)
1/29/2013Not funny ever..
1/27/2013This weekend's major earthquake... ElenaC
1/25/2013Thanks for the warning! Sean of the Dead
1/25/2013Stop spreading fear! You are being sheepled by the elite, thats exactly what they want you to do!
1/22/2013Constantly lies
1/22/2013If you say it, I believe it!
1/22/2013I wish I could give you this shit all day, dumb ass attention whore
1/19/2013Earthquake statistic over the last 30 days --- ElenaC
1/18/2013I like eat
1/18/2013Thanks for stopping by and posting to my meager little post bro! - MrElectric
1/18/2013Tassie love for you.
1/17/20138. 1 Magnitude Earthquake
1/17/2013Bollocks Asshole
1/17/2013Just cuz...Madigan
1/16/2013The Fandango Rangers award you the FR Earthquake Predictor Badge.
1/15/2013For keepin watch on those EQ, great thread! ...333...
1/15/2013Massive Earthquake on Orthodox New Years Day, January 14!!! - Trickster
1/14/2013For the mistake - Indysmindy
1/13/2013For someone who claims they research earthquakes, you suck cock
1/11/2013HELL YEAH!! Laying down our lives is entirely Biblical Don'tBeAfraid
1/11/2013A legend in your own mind!
1/10/2013Good post
1/10/2013Here's hoping you are right. waitn4end
1/9/2013Thanks for reminding people to take their D! Zenobiaphobia
1/9/2013Because your Cool! :)
1/9/2013Good advice!!
1/9/2013You're great! :-)))))
1/9/2013For promoting goodwill to all. :)
1/9/2013Some good karma for anther long time here
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