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6/26/2014At last! A reasonable post! AB
6/26/2014Thetruthmonger good luck w your pup :)
6/26/2014For you and for Lobo! - 3DC
6/25/2014Eggplant Parmesan rocks! ChiaPet!
6/25/2014Hugs! eekers
6/25/2014You are good people....indiandave
6/25/2014I like you lots! :D calx
6/24/2014Green for such a sweet person. Paige:)
6/24/2014Because you said NO(lap)
6/24/2014Tuesday evening GREEN from THE INQUISADOR
6/24/2014A belated Happy Birthday, fellow Gemini! .... from nutmeg :)
6/23/2014Smartest Black Girl I Know ;)
6/23/2014You're a great gal CT :) I love YOU! ~TH
6/21/2014From dori
6/21/2014'Cause you're fuckin' hawt... Saddletramp
6/20/2014Love, Dease
6/20/2014Empathy is a rare quality
6/18/2014My road rage is in remission...until tomorrow morning! --Rantprone
6/17/2014I love your avi and you seem very sweet and rational. ~Donkey Jaw
6/16/2014Why do you put up hideous photos of yourself? Have some class
6/16/2014Hope you have a nice birthday! Paige
6/15/2014Happy Birthday !!! From Tiger1.
6/15/2014Happy birthday!! eekers
6/15/2014Birfday greeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen​nnnnnnnn
6/15/2014Glad you are around and Happy happy day - Chrit
6/15/2014Mwah! :D calx
6/15/2014Happy Birthday Love GFG
6/15/2014Happy Birthday!! Etta
6/15/2014Happy bday
6/15/2014The Old Timer wishes you a life full of love and happiness
6/15/2014Birthday green! From indiandave.
6/15/2014Happy Birthday :) AKO
6/15/2014Happy Birthday CT... Robbiew
6/15/2014Happy birthday...FF
6/15/2014Happy birthday -- filth
6/15/2014For the always gorgeous - aqmah ^-^
6/15/2014Happy Birthday!!! Carol B.
6/15/2014Happy birthday...I love you...Guitarjohn
6/15/2014Thanks for the batman support -RB
6/13/2014Uncle f#*k stick
6/13/2014Cute avatar! :) -Rabid Wolf
6/12/2014Day before WWIII Glowing green form THE INQUISADOR
6/12/2014Best wishes -hugs- Nemamiah
6/12/2014Always pray,, DREAM MAKER :)
6/11/2014Babe don't be a hero. Im here for you with compassion. Be real :-) Vala :-)
6/11/2014You are welcome. cant respond to PMs at the moment (not upgraded) but you are one of my favorite posters. GLP could used more level headed people like you. Traverse
6/11/2014Brief :)
6/10/2014Because you are lovely - emmieaz
6/10/2014For beautiful CT (sprout)
6/8/2014For not ever crying about this fucking racist website, i couldnt do it
6/7/2014For being sweet and beautiful, inside and out. ~Paige
6/7/2014Hey_ ScienceRocket
6/6/2014For one of the best! Maguyver
6/5/2014To make up for the racist ass karma people have given you. Not all blacks are the same just like not all white like me are the same. Have a great day and continue to be a part of GLP--Tripleh31
6/5/2014Eekers :)
6/4/2014Uncle f#*k stick
6/3/2014For the WAT Avatar! Lol! ChiaPet
6/2/2014Thank you. :) AnonymousGirl
6/2/2014I always have a laugh with you. Vala :-)
6/2/2014Great thread. pool
6/2/2014Well you made me blush~Bambi2U
6/1/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
6/1/2014Good thread, good info ... ive always enjoyed your posts - rup
6/1/2014Hey, thanks. Philligan
6/1/2014Post pics haha! (sprout)
5/31/2014Hi CT, some green for you - jw
5/29/2014Karma RoLL ....C.C
5/29/2014Be good! :D calx
5/28/2014GOD bless you sister in Christ! Susie/Christian..:)
5/27/2014Just because :)
5/27/2014Thank you from , DREAM MAKER
5/26/2014Xo Steady
5/26/2014Cool :) _FlameW
5/25/2014Thank you
5/25/2014Karma Hug!! ~ Simple27 : )
5/25/2014I like your threads :) - Mr.R
5/25/2014Posted a thread that was pinned
5/25/2014Happy Sunday - emmieaz
5/25/2014Thanks....the bouncing elephant :)
5/25/2014You are such an angel. Paige.
5/22/2014You're right you know ~tm :chuckle:
5/21/2014Green back to you...davvi
5/20/2014Ditto Cigar. Vala :-)
5/20/2014Hi Chip Green Karma For All you Do From Max Bacon
5/19/2014Xxx ~tell me lies
5/19/2014Green to one of my favorite posters! Cheers! Maguyver
5/18/2014Your very welcome..Philligan
5/18/2014An enlightened individual.
5/18/2014You are a total sweetheart. Paige:)
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