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10/29/2013GeoStorm :)
10/26/2013LMAO Apparently you're a white shill trying to pass as black? Ma'am? Please explain? ;) Martianprincess
10/25/2013Thanks for posting! ~ Bizarre Verewolf
10/24/2013Thank you!! ~ Simple27 : )
10/24/2013Cool, you're still around. pool
10/18/2013Karma 4 U .... CocoPuff
10/7/2013I miss your other avatar
10/5/2013Because I want to see your twat
10/3/2013I hope you're having a great day! :) Aw cute pic! -^Above Rubies*!
9/28/2013LOVE your new photo!! :) FooledMeOnce
9/28/2013Fake person
9/25/2013Drive by karma for ya!~ Maguyver
9/24/2013Wonderful friend / Did the right thing.-HisVessel
9/24/2013You're not even a good troll. You're a boring troll. Stupid BS abuse story.
9/24/2013Geminilion :)
9/24/2013Praying for you -- super bowl dave
9/24/2013Don't let these idiots bring you down! ~ Paige
9/24/2013Great friend
9/24/2013Reported Abusive Post
9/24/2013I've been forgetting your weekly read. Good thing that bs abuse thread reminded me.
9/24/2013You did the right thing
9/23/2013Gross man. ~UAP
9/23/2013Confirmed fake
9/23/2013Because I wanna put my penis in you.
9/23/2013If she takes that baby to the ER and tells them about the shaking, he will be arrested and she will have time to get out.
9/23/2013A green for the red you'll probably be getting from these idiots. TB
9/23/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/23/2013For pointing out Democrap hypocrisy - Cookie
9/20/2013Happy Almost Friday - FooledMeOnce
9/19/2013"Don't get into the Occult" - Occult means 'hidden', so you are promoting ignorance. Wake up.
9/19/2013Hey sexxxy chocolate
9/17/2013Smart + Pretty = Rare
9/17/2013You are afraid of the unknown. Sad you will never be free.
9/16/2013Thanks - have a great day! Geo777
9/13/2013Dumb thread.
9/13/2013For Lobo! :) MisterHouston
9/12/2013FK U Detroit Hater
9/12/2013Wow! Very pretty picture:) You're a cutie. -- John Kocktosen
9/12/2013Why not...karma time
9/12/2013Fake person
9/11/2013Building 7!!! ~ Beetlejuice
9/11/2013Thanks, trying. DF
9/11/2013All is not lost , Or should I say we are not all lost.
9/10/2013Hahaha oh yeaah on hype machine - aqmah ^-^
9/10/2013Agreed kids are injocents, regardless of color...nrgisforever
9/6/2013For posting on my thread thanks - Lamplite
9/5/2013For thinking you have the right to determine how and why human beings should die in your "proposition", even if they ARE in fact monsters. ~ The Mad Hatter
9/5/2013Because I can....indiandave
9/5/2013GOD Bless you friend! May GOD's light shine on you always! Susie....
9/5/2013Because you're you. stay positive. much love - Blag
9/5/2013Thanks! Brief :)
9/5/2013You rock - Comedian
9/4/2013Haha -brado32003
9/4/2013LOL, you're cool
9/3/2013Great Post (Usmc0369)
9/3/2013Good job.
9/3/2013You made a post about a farting dog? Really?
9/3/2013Dog farts, very funny....grumpier
9/3/2013Great thread about the military. Kate
9/3/2013Good find
9/3/2013Great posts! and i love your attitude, always--eekers
9/3/2013Hope all is well with you and yours! Thanks for sharing about the military! katballoo
9/3/2013Stay safe while away ... coco
9/3/2013Hi from Earth420 :)
9/3/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/3/2013Stay Safe-ClappaGuy!
9/3/2013Drive by karma! FooledMeOnce
9/2/2013Hi there! We've never met : ) ~~ Angelic_Warrior
9/2/2013Good news story " hitman killed news story"
9/2/2013Ughhhh such an attention whore. Take your avatar off and lets see how many replies you get lol
9/2/2013You are beautiful!
9/2/2013Good thread! geminilion And cute headband, reminds me of the 60's
9/2/2013Enough already, you ugly cow
9/2/2013Posted a thread that was pinned
9/1/2013Just because :)
9/1/2013Back at ya! -The Guy
9/1/2013Prayers sent for you and all our troops, jw
9/1/2013Be careful, hon. praying for all of you. Texan Buckeye
9/1/2013Hiya from trailingedge :-)
8/31/2013Hey sexxxy - Frank rizzo
8/30/2013Just say no to rollar coasters! nah :)
8/30/2013You are very pretty. Dont listen to the AC's comments.
8/30/2013Stay safe!
8/28/2013This thumbs for you! Shoveler.
8/27/2013Stay safe
8/27/2013I agree,so much hate,not enough love..God Bless--Tripleh31
8/27/2013I like your most current picture. You look really cute. :) John Kocktosen
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